5/27/08  St. John Vianney – Cure’ of Ars


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.  I come this day to speak to you and all who read these messages about humility.

In your generation humility has become synonymous with weakness.  Your generation is so ego-centered that you do not understand that a truly humble person is a very strong person.  To be able to see one’s self as you truly are, faults and gifts, takes courage and strength.  To give recognition to others for their gifts and allow them to use them while you stand aside for the good of others takes courage and it takes intelligent acceptance of truth.

A humble person is never afraid of the truth, not about himself and others, or about circumstances.  A humble person evaluates everything and then does what most pleases God and helps others.  Only those who are blind to themselves, or are greedy emotionally, physically and materially, set themselves before God and those around them.  They are the weak and they are the ones not grounded in reality.

Too many in their pride are destroying themselves, those around them and the very world you live on.  They sell their souls for a moment’s vain glory and wonder why they are never happy and feel fulfilled.

My children reading these messages, look to Holy Mary and emulate Her.  You want glory; live humbly and let God raise you up.  You will find happiness while on earth and you will be happy and fulfilled forever in Heaven.

I, John, bless you.