10/1/08  St. Joseph Copertino


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God and all those who read these messages, I come to speak of peace and simplicity.

The way to God is found when the mind is quiet and the heart is open.  Today so few know how to be still and commune with God.  Your minds run in all directions and you feel guilty if you just sit and open your hearts to the Father.  This generation has been told that every moment must be filled with activity or you are not producing as you should.  The stress that mind and body are constantly under undermines you spiritually, physically and emotionally.  You know this is true, but you feel pressured and so you do not change your behavior. 

Live life simply by doing what you can in each day without tiring yourself out needlessly.  Learn that you need time with God each day.  You need to replenish your soul more than you need food and drink.  Take time to enjoy those God puts in your day.  And if you slow down, you will even enjoy your work more.

Prayer, work and rest must be equally balanced for spiritual health, mental well-being and physical health and productivity.

I, Joseph, bless you.