4/10/0710:30 A MSt. Margaret Mary Alacoque


Child of God, I have come by the Will of the Most Holy Trinity.I come today to thank you for persevering on your walk with the Lord.We have entered the Easter Season and we all celebrate the victory of Life over Death.

The Lord has been showing you how the soul conquers Death, sin, by total abandoning of self to God and His Commandments.This requires more than following rules; it requires loving God above self and all other things.This is a long and difficult walk that few are willing to make.Everyone can make this walk and succeed, but few are willing to persevere.

Love is the driving force that helps you, with Godís grace, to reach your goal which is unity with God and to be with Him forever.Today there are few who unselfishly love anyone much less love God Who they cannot see.

Child of God, the Lord has asked you and your spouse to be living witnesses of how to love God and neighbor.Those who come here are being taught by Jesus and His Mother, our Mother Mary, to know, love and serve, not only God, but each other.They are learning the true meaning of belonging to the Mystical Body of Christ.

Do not weary or let the world and Satan discourage you.Keep before you the Lamp of Love and the Holy Spirit will guide your way.

Love is the key to the Heart of Jesus Who is the Way to the Father and unity with the Holy Trinity forever.

Child of God, I bless you.