3/13/02St. Mary Magdalene


Child, we rejoice with you over the soul of your mother.

I have been sent to teach you how to share with others the beauty of death.It is the birth of the soul into Eternal Life.Joy, peace, God awaits the soul of His faithful children.

Thank you for comforting those who suffer this day.Your peace and joy offered in this time of trial is being used to strengthen them.

I bless you.


NOTE:St. Mary Magdalene is most lovely with a fair complexion.She has a strong face, but is most gentle.She was wearing a veil of Mary blue, which had gold edging.Her hair is a very light blonde.



2/20/08St. Mary Magdalene


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come to ask all the children of God to examine their consciences and to repent of their sins.

To love God is the greatest gift a person can give to God.He desires our love above all else.Our Father in Heaven loves us infinitely; can we not at least love Him with all our will, mind and strength?When we choose to sin, we are saying that we love ourselves or something else above God our Father.

Children of God, I know that no one or anything can bring us happiness except God.I had to learn this truth the hard way, but my heart will ever sing hymns of gratitude to Jesus that He freed me from my sins and showed me the path into the Fatherís Arms.Worldly pleasures are at best dust; know true freedom and happiness by renouncing the world and sin.With a contrite heart, ask the Fatherís forgiveness and begin anew to live in His Light and Love.Bring peace and joy to others by reforming your life and showing others the way to true happiness.

Hear the call of our Father and leave behind everything that separates you from Him.

I, Mary, bless you.