4/20/02  St. Padre Pio


Child, write.

Today I have been sent to teach you and all those gathered that serving the Lord is full of joy, but there are trials.  You learn through the trials.  You rest in the joy.  There are many stumbling blocks in the path to holiness placed by the world, by Satan and by yourself, but God will lift (‘raise’) you over each if you trust in Him.

Rejoice, O children of the Lord.  You have been chosen from among the remnant to give love, to serve, to share all that is given to you.

Be at peace, my child.  You are attacked, but God is present.  Prepare these little ones for their walk with the Lord.  It is a joyful walk, but you must persevere to the end.

I bless you.



9/23/04  After Mass at Holly Oaks for those present on the Feast of St. Pio of Pietrelcina


It is I, Pio.  Child, write.

Child, I come to speak to God’s children and my brothers and sisters about loving God with all your hearts. 

This day the Church honors me, but it is not me they honor, but God Who is All and Who had mercy on me, a sinner.  Our Lord used me, a simple monk with no qualifications other than a willing spirit of obedience, to touch many souls and bring them back to Him.  This He did, not me.  I was only an instrument through which graces flowed to His children.

Today I have been sent to encourage those present to persevere as God’s instruments.

I bless you.