7/22/08St. Patrick Ė Apostle of Ireland


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Holy Trinity.

Child of God, I come to speak of the paganism that flourishes in your country.On Sundays, most who call themselves followers of Jesus Christ donít bother to go to Church.There is no thought to the obligation that each has to set aside time to worship God and give Him thanks for His goodness and mercy toward all people.

There is time to go to work, sports events, or sit and watch TV, but no thought is given to the Heavenly Father.Shopping, work and pleasure are your gods.You find time for these; you think endlessly of these.

Where is your love for God, Thrice Holy?When are you going to think about Him and live by His Commandments?If you do not want Him now, you most likely will find yourself without Him for all Eternity.

Your nation needs, and will receive, a strong wake-up call from God.He does not want His children separated from Him for all Eternity, but He will not force you to choose Him.

My children gathered here, evangelize and speak of God and His love to all who will listen.Tell them that God must come first and to follow the Commandments.Invite others to Mass, both on Sunday and during the week.Pray for those who have forgotten their God, or never knew Him.Be not afraid of what others will think about you, but rather be disciples that lead others to God.

I, Patrick, bless you.