11/20/07St. Peter, Apostle


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Holy Trinity.I, Peter, come to give you and all Christians encouragement.Those who belong to the one, holy, Catholic Church, I tell you remain faithful to the Teachings of Jesus and the Church.Remain obedient to the one who holds the Keys in his hands.For those who are Christian, but separated from the one in Rome, I ask you to pray for unification of all Christians.There is only one Lord and He has only one people who should be united in heart and in Truth.


Satan has been able to separate so many from God and from the Teachings of Jesus because of the lack of love and unity between Christians.For the world to change and accept Jesus as the Son of God and follow His Way into the Kingdom, all Christians must unite in love, charity toward all and persevere in the Truth.Peace and the Kingdom of God will reign in menís hearts when pride, ego and lack of charity are banished from the hearts of those who say they follow Jesus.

Jesus taught His Apostles and Disciples to keep the Commandments and to love all men and women in His Name.Jesus taught us to act as one in His Name with none lording it over his neighbor or companion.Where is it written that the Lord said to divide and separate in His Name!That is the way of Satan, not God!


My brothers and sisters, return to the simple loving ways of Jesus and be one in His Name.


I, Peter, bless you.