3/25/08  St. Simeon, Zealot – Apostle


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.  Today I come to speak of perseverance during trials and sufferings.

This generation no longer sees trials as a way to grow spiritually and mentally.  The quick fix is what everyone looks for from government leaders to children who have reached the age of reason.

It is through trials and sufferings that people find out what they are made of.  Those who look at obstacles, and even sufferings, as a way to learn about themselves and to expand their knowledge are able to persevere and to overcome.  They do not give up.  They do not try to find a way out that could be detrimental to themselves physically or spiritually.

I speak of this today because most of the troubles plaguing mankind are the result of taking shortcuts or by covering over problems that needed correcting, but everyone hoped they would just disappear.

The lack of true spirituality in the majority of people is because God’s Ways seem too difficult and the world promises shortcuts to happiness.  This lack of love, belief and following God’s Commandments has caused an ever widening ripple through your lives.  Greed is causing people to lose their homes, jobs and even national security.  Lies have been used to cover the problems until they grew so great that they could no longer be hidden.

Remember what Jesus warned; ‘what is hidden will be revealed’.  This applies to all sin; nothing is hidden forever.  So persevere in loving God, believing and living according to His Commandments.

I, Simeon, bless you.


NOTE: Simon is the Greek form of the Hebrew Simeon.