5/15/07  St. Sophia*

Child of God, I have come by the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.  It is a privilege to serve our God both on earth and in Heaven.

Few who read these words know much about my life or death, but I have come to share with all who read these messages a great truth.  You were created for Heaven and there is no price to high to arrive at your true home. 

Whether you were born into riches or poverty, it does not matter.  It does not matter if you are called to positions of authority or if you remain in obscurity, it only matters that you understand that your time on earth is a time of preparation for your true life with God for all eternity. 

How you live your life is most important.  Do not waste time accumulating wealth and material things.  Seek after true wealth which is knowledge and love for God.  Seek Wisdom and you will find joy and peace.  Seek holiness and you will build a treasure that awaits you in Heaven.  Few are the days of man on this earth, but endless is Eternity.

Child, this I say to you; you have chosen the better part and you will never regret it.

Children of God, heed my words and find true Wisdom, Joy, Peace and your destiny.

Child of God, I bless you.


*Sophia, according to Roman Martyrology, was the mother of three daughters who were martyred in the Second Century.  She died three days after their deaths while praying at their graves.  Sophia means Wisdom.