2/17/09  St. Stephen  - First Martyr


Child of God, I come at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, today many are being martyred for their belief in God.  Martyrs can come from all Faiths because a person who lays down his life to stay faithful to God and His Laws is seen by God as equal to all who die for love of God and neighbor.  Today, to love God and His Commandments takes great courage.  Everywhere Satan has turned people away from God and His Law.  Satan uses individuals, worldly greed and even religion to spread hate of neighbor and for the Commandments, which leads to hatred of God and pushing Him away from His children.

Everyone understands that a martyr is one who dies for love of God and the good of others; few realize that the hardest martyrdom comes from having to struggle day by day to stay faithful to God, to obey the Commandments and practice virtue in a world that revels in doing evil.

Children of God, stay faithful to God.  Love Him and your neighbor no matter how difficult it is to do so.  God will be your strength and He will give you victory.

I, Stephen, bless you.