5/28/02Mother Teresa of Avila*


Child, I have been sent to teach you how to govern those seeking God in contemplation.You have spent much time grumbling this day over Godís Ways.You must learn to be at peace so you may be directed by the Holy Spirit.

Child, much is asked of you, but much more is given to you.Praise God for His mercy toward you.Listen to the Holy Spirit.

I bless you.


  • Mother Teresa of Avila is how St. Teresa introduced herself.Her voice was very firm and she was not pleased with my behavior today.


9/19/07St. Teresa of Avila


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come to speak of spiritual maturity.

Child of God, so few reach spiritual maturity because it means setting aside oneís own ego and embracing with all your heart, will and strength the Will of God.This maturity is not reached in a day, month, or even several years.It is a life-long walk, for you must always be on guard against your own desires which may conflict with Godís desires, even if your desires seem good.

Child of God, you help others to see beyond themselves and search for God where He is found, within ourselves and our neighbor.Be patient and teach others to be patient as God helps you to divest yourselves of all that holds you back from running into the Heart of God.

Your generation wants everything, including perfection, to happen immediately, without effort or perseverance, but this is not how life is and certainly not Supernatural Life.Humility and Perseverance are your anchors and your help; pray for these virtues and rejoice, for God will not fail to respond to your prayers.

I, Teresa, bless you.



1/15/08St. Teresa of Avila


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come today to speak of prayer from the heart.Today, as in my day, many want to experience deep union with God.They read all they can about how to pray, how many times a day they should set aside for prayer.They even take courses on prayer from supposed experts.

My children, all of this is unnecessary.All of you who read these messages, I wish to share with you truth.The way to pray is to speak to God from your heart.There is no magic formula; no special way to sit or kneel.There are no special words to say and there is no set time to pray.Prayer is conversation between you and God.God wishes for you to pray with love and sincerity.He wishes to hear from you words of love that come from your heart.It does not matter what you say, or how long it takes you to say it, it only matters that you mean what you say and act accordingly.

Conversation is between two persons who want to communicate, and so God wants to respond to you, but you must listen with your heart and accept Godís response to your prayer.

Children, many books have been written about prayer, but if you love, you need no instruction to express yourself to the one you love.Come often to be with the One Who loves you and speak with confidence and sincerity.

I, Teresa, bless you.