10/1/04St. Therese of the Child Jesus


It is I, Therese.Child, write.

Today I come by Godís request on this my Feast Day to encourage you in the work that has been given you.You are a missionary of your day.God has granted that you and your sisters are being sent to those who have forgotten their God or have not known Him as He is.

Child, you will one day understand what a great era, time, you are living in.It is the time we all waited for, prayed for.It is the time of the Great Renewal when Faith and Love will reign on the earth.

I pray for your work and for you.

I bless you.


St. Therese extended a white rose to me.I asked her what the white rose signified, and she said ĎLoveí.



6/18/05In the afternoon after finishing putting mulch on the prayer trail.


It is I, Therese.Child, write.

Today I come by order of the Most High.

Little children, your love, devotion, humility, and generosity has touched the Most Holy Trinity deeply.By your work you have prepared the way for many souls to come here to find peace, joy, and their God.This place is dedicated to the Most Blessed Trinity and it will be a Eucharistic site.

St. Michael was given as special protection for this place and for child.He will always be with you, little children, and with your families because of your work and dedication to this place.

I, Therese, will intercede for each of you and for your families.This has been assigned to me and it is a great joy.

I bless and thank you for your love for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I bless you.


NOTE:Those present were Jerry and Mary Lou Dettmer, Ed Seaton, his daughter, Tess, and grandson, Caleb.



9/6/053:00 P M


It is I, Therese*.Child, write.

Today I have been sent by the Most High to share with you a long held secret.The Lord has chosen you to be a missionary to the world.

There are many ways to serve the Lord.I was and am a missionary that never set foot in a foreign land, but by Godís grace and Will many souls were converted.

You have struggled for a long time to understand what the Lord wanted from you.So much has been said and, yet, at every door that seemed to open an obstacle has been placed.

You have understood that the messages that you and your spouse sent out by Godís command have borne fruit, but even these have been hampered by others through fear and a false belief that prudence must always be maintained.

Prudence is often an excuse to do nothing when a thing seems too difficult or may draw criticism from those in authority.If a thing is good and serves the Lord, and does not violate Teaching or morals, then one must be a warrior for God.

Today I have been sent to actively help you in your mission.I will intercede for you in all matters, especially the Work given you.

Be at peace, no more will the Lord allow obstacles placed by others to stop His Work from being done in full.Trust your Father.(Which Father, St. Therese?)In Heaven and your Fr. Francis.

Stand firm in what you know is right and defend Godís little ones and gather with Jesus souls for the Kingdom.

Child, call upon the Angels and Saints assigned to you to intercede and be instrumental in what is opening for you.

I bless you.


*St. Theresa of the Child Jesus.



5/1/07St. Theresa of the Child Jesus


Child of God, I come today by the Will of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, today you serve our Lord and our Most Blessed Lady by serving others in peace and joy.

Some days you are called to stand before the people and speak the Lordís Words; today you serve by cooking and seeing to those who come to work here for Godís Glory.You have learned that both serve the Lord and the merit is not in what you do, but how you do it.Love is what pleases the Lord.Working with patience and joy pleases the Lord and serving those who He brings here pleases the Lord.

This is the lesson I wish to share with all those who read these messages.It does not matter if you are Cardinal or King, or a farmer or tradesman, what matters is that whatever your work, it must be done with love and a meek and humble heart.Only this matters.

Please, my brothers and sisters, do not lord it over one another, but seek to serve your God by serving those around you.The Kingdom belongs to the meek and humble and the generous.

Child of God, I bless you.


6/19/07  St. Therese of Lisieux 

Child of God, I come today by the request of the Most Holy Trinity.

Child of God, I come to encourage you and all those who read these messages.  This day we begin to raise our voices to the Most High in supplication for those on earth.  (Dear Saint, who is Ďweí?)  All the Saints and Angels in Heaven.

Child of God, the earth has begun to undergo a great purification.  This purification is an act of mercy by the Father for all His children on earth.  This purification will be, and is, a spiritual purification, for mankind was created not only physically, but spiritually in form.

There is growing a great shaking that will manifest itself both spiritually and physically.  Man will not change unless God makes evident the need to return to Him and His Ways.  This purification will lead to a renewal of the spirituality of mankind and will also begin a renewal in creation especially upon this planet.

I come today to ask those who love God to be missionaries to those God sends to you.  First pray and work on your own conversion.  Then pray for those entrusted to you and witness by your life and Faith to those around you.  Bring the Light of Faith to others.  Teach them to know, love and serve their God.  Help them to believe in the promises of Jesus, and help them, thirdly, to seek true peace, the peace that no one can take from them.  If you do this, the world will change quickly and there will be true peace and justice for all.

I, Therese, pray for you all.

I bless you.