3/4/08  St. Thomas, Apostle


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come today to encourage you to trust in the words of Jesus, no matter how things may look. 

I have been called ‘Doubting Thomas’ because I could not accept the words of Jesus about His Resurrection anymore than I could accept as fact that He would die on the cross for us all.  For me it was love that had not elevated to the Supernatural level that kept me from believing that the Lord’s Death was asked for by the Father.  Then rationalism, fear and depression kept me from believing what my brother Apostles said about Jesus’ Resurrection.  I would not believe until I saw for myself.

Today the Lord again is saying that change is coming for mankind and difficult days are ahead.  So many will not accept this because they want the Lord to act as they want Him to.  Again, rationalism, fear and blindness spiritually are keeping people from rejoicing in the Time of the Holy Spirit which has been promised.  The time of renewal spiritually and of all that is around you is here.

Child of God, hold tight to the promises God has given to you and be at peace. 

All those who read these messages, be at peace and rejoice, for God is with you.

I, Thomas, bless you.