10/16/07Sarah, Wife of Abraham


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Holy Trinity.

Child of God, I come to share with you the joy that comes from believing when all seems impossible.

Abraham is called the Father of many Nations and is called a man of Faith because he trusted the words of the Lord, but I, also, believed and trusted and I did not hear the Lord as Abraham did.I loved Abraham because he was, and is, a good man.I loved him for his belief and trust in God.I shared the struggles, heartaches and disappointments with my husband.I saw us both grow old and our dreams melt before us.Together we encouraged one another to be patient and to believe in the Lordís promises.When at last I conceived and Isaac was born. My joy was so great, not only because I had the son that I had longed for all my married life, but because my Lord and God had fulfilled His word and by so doing proved to the world that our trust and faith in Him was vindicated.

Also, my joy was for my husband who had longed for a son born from our union, as we loved each other.And joy came also from seeing how great was the love of God for my husband and me.

Be patient and wait upon the Lord.He will fulfill His promises at the right time for His Glory and your good.A Mystery is His Ways, but, also, glorious is His Ways.

I, Sarah, bless you.