3/20/07St. Bernadette Soubrious and Sr. Lucia Dos Santos


Child of God, I Bernadette, along with our sister Lucia, come this day by the Will of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, we come to thank you for persevering in your walk with our Jesus and our Most Blessed Mother Mary.Just as we before you had the privilege of seeing and hearing the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, you, too, have been given this grace.

Today I wish to speak to those who read these messages.When Heaven condescends to open itself through apparitions it is for a most important reason.Heaven through Our Ladyís appearances is trying to awaken Faith in those whose love and belief in God has grown cold.

At Massabielle and at Fatima, the Most Blessed Virgin asked for repentance, prayer and greater love of God.Also here on this mountain Our Lady has asked and is asking for the same because so few listened and responded to Her request.

The world must change and move toward God or a terrible price will be paid by all.Hear Heavenís plea and see the Tears of Our Holy Mother and take seriously Her Words.Do not wait to see if this place or that is approved, but begin today to do what is asked.From the beginning of the Church these things have been ruled as vital, so hurry toward Our God with rosary in hand and prayer on your lips.

Child, of God, we* bless you.


*St. Bernadette and Lucia of Fatima came together, but St. Bernadette alone spoke.