10/30/07  St. Antony of the Desert


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.  I come this day to speak of the need for privacy and peace to hear the Voice of God in your hearts.

My children who read these messages, your lives are filled with clutter and constant noise.  Satan uses well these distractions to keep you from prayer.  Your days are filled with so much activity that you are always tired and off balance.  The human body was not created to be on the go twenty hours a day.  Most of you retire late and because you are tense and overtired, you cannot sleep well and so you awake unrested.  Sometimes it takes you hours to even fall asleep; then you are up early and begin this destructive pattern all over again.

As far as noise, you know it is constant.  Traffic noises, radios, television, music piped in to the work place and where you shop.  When is there time for prayer?  Where is the quiet and peace needed to open your hearts to God?  Where is the place set aside just for prayer?  And how can you pray if you are so tired that your thoughts wander and you are worrying about the next thing to do?

You do not need to fill your days and your nights with all these activities.  It has been drummed into you that the more you do, the more value you have as a person.  Media and Satan has used this tactic to get you to give up what is truly important; your family, your God and time to interact with people for the good of all.

Slow down and evaluate your life.  If you are tired and unhappy, change your life style and put God, family and people before money.  Stop running in circles and see the beauty and goodness of God all around you and appreciate the gift of life and those in your life.

Thank God for all He does for you and spend time with Him in order to know your Heavenly Father and love Him.

Hear my words and take control of your days and nights.  Life is short; do not waste time and energy on what is not important.

I, Antony, bless you.