2/26/02†† St. Catherine of Siena


Child, thank you for testing.

I have been sent to ask (teach) you to open your heart to the Religious who will come here (Yahweh Shalom).

Child, they are struggling with the world and the problems in the Church.Just as in the time I lived upon the earth, the Church is in confusion, with no clear leadership from the hierarchy.This is allowing schism to spread even into the Religious houses.

Pray for them and make them feel welcome here.

I bless you.


NOTE:St. Catherine came wearing a dark robe and veil with a white cloth-piece that covered her hair, both sides of her face, and neck.



3/21/02St. Catherine of Siena


Child, today I come to ask you to pray for all Religious.A time of trial is upon the Church and many will flee from her, but only the strong will take up Her banner and defend her.The Lord is asking great sacrifice from His consecrated souls.Pray for them and help them by supporting them with your love.

I bless you.



2/6/07St. Catherine of Sienna


Child of God, it is I, Catherine of Sienna.

Child of God, it is a privilege for me to be sent by the Most Blessed Trinity to speak to you.You have claimed me as your patroness and I have watched over you and prayed for you all these years.

My child, you live in a time of spiritual renewal.The Lord has asked you and your spouse to help bring this renewal about.You gather around you many who are the foundation for a new day when God will once again be the center of peopleís lives.

In my day, the Lord asked me to gather people, especially priests, and show them the way to the Lord.It was not I, but the Lord Who worked through me that brought spiritual and physical peace about in the Church and in my city and those around us.

Today, once again, the Church is threatened and peace between peoples is lost.God again is raising His own to bring peace, justice and love back into the world and in the Church.

Many have heard the cries of our Most Blessed Mother, Mary ever Virgin, and are responding to Her appeals and teachings.Blessed are you to live in this Day and to be a part of Godís Salvation Plan.

Be not afraid to witness to Godís Love and Mercy for His children.Have courage and stand firm against Satan and the world.The Victory is the Lordís and you will rejoice forever that you stood with the Lord and His Holy Mother in this hour of battle.

I ask all who read these words to stand strong for Truth, Justice and witness your love for God and His Ways.

Child of God, I bless you.



10/9/07St. Catherine of Sienna


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, I come to give you encouragement and to tell you that the Lord is having a spiritual renewal spreading all across the world.

Child of God, you wonder at the words Ďis havingí; it does sound strange, but it is what is happening.The Lord is the Creator of this spiritual renewal and He is guiding it as He pleases.The whole earth is in the middle of this renewal; all the children of God and the very planet is partaking in it.

I know it does not seem as if a renewal is occurring, but it is.Mankind has reached the limit of what God will allow.Mankind has made of himself a little god, and each person believes he or she can choose to disregard God and His Commandments.This behavior would lead to the destruction of the very planet you live on, but most importantly, it would lead to vast numbers living for all eternity without the presence of God.

When this limit was reached, Our Jesus began to drive back Satan and to gather His Flock from their own destruction.He, along with the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, have been gathering everywhere the little ones who had lost their way.With each apparition, larger and larger groups of people were touched and taught how to return to God; how to be obedient children of God.

The children of God and the very earth struggle yet, but the victory belongs to God.Be at peace and do what is possible to aid the Lord in reaching those still lost in the values of the world. Rejoice, for you are an important part in Godís plan; each and every person has a part to play in the Fatherís Plan of Salvation.Pray and live holy lives, all you who read these messages, and you will see a great change in the hearts and lives of those around you.

I, Catherine, bless you.


2/6/08St. Catherine of Sienna


Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, your generation lives in turbulent times as my generation did.Wars being fought because of pride, greed, social dominance; it is the same today as yesterday.How little man has truly advanced in what is good for him.Without God and His Commandments being followed, mankind will only do more harm to himself until there is no place that will be safe.

Today I wish to encourage all those who read these messages to pray and work for true change within the hearts of all peoples.God is pouring out great graces on you all and giving you warnings through the weather and by allowing you to see the results of living apart from Godís Law.Pray for those who are blind spiritually and do not see that the path your generation is on will lead to a time of great suffering.Change what has been your course and reach for God with love and humility.It is not too late to alleviate the consequences of what you have put into motion. Be humble before God and your neighbor.Seek peace with God and your neighbor and then many trials, sufferings and deaths can be avoided.

For those who seek God with all their heart, will and strength, God will be your Fortress, Defender and Provider of all that is good.

Children of God, hear the pleas from Heaven through the messages of Holy Mary and Jesus throughout the world. Be attentive to the warnings and signs being given and repent and change now while much can be avoided.A New Day will rise, but at what cost if you do not listen and heed.

I, Catherine, bless you.