Teaching given by Child on Fullest Love of God

Given to the pilgrims on October 19, 2006, at Yahweh Shalom


In Mother’s message today She says that we are to love the Lord thy God with all our hearts, all our will, all our strength, and She says the second is to bow humbly before the will of the Father and follow the Commandments that He has given you.  You cannot fulfill the first if you do not the second.


This week in our Bible Study Class we have been studying Exodus.  We are at the part where they have left Egypt and they are headed toward Sinai, and already the grumbling has begun:  ‘we don’t have food, we don’t have water, we don’t have bread’ -- and how patient God is with them.  We’re going to see at Sinai that they’re going to receive the Commandments, and the first thing they’re going to do is break the Commandments.  Then Moses goes back up the hill to get the second set of Commandments and God isn’t frustrated with him; He rewrites the Commandments again.  It’s Moses who loses his temper.  We see that they’re going to leave Sinai and they’re going to head into the wilderness toward Canaan.  Now, any of you who have ever been to the Holy Land, you know that by car it’s got to be less than an hours drive, but it’s going to take them a long time to get to the promised land, and in the process there is going to be a lot of grumbling, a lot of things are going to unfold.  I want to read this passage to you, because this has to do with our own spiritual growth and what we are going to encounter with God, and where we usually stop growing, or we really fall hard.  It deals with the water famine at Cadish:


            As the community had no water, they held a consul against Moses and Aaron.  The people contended with Moses explaining, ‘Would that we too had perished with our kinsman in the Lord’s presence.  Why have you brought the Lord’s community into the desert where we and our livestock are dying?  Why did you lead us out of Egypt only to bring us to this wretched place which has neither grain, nor figs, nor vines, nor pomegranates?  Here there is not even water to drink,’ but Moses and Aaron went away from the assembly to the entrance of the meeting tent where they fell prostrate.  Then the glory of the Lord appeared to them and the Lord said to Moses, ‘Take the staff and assemble the community, you, and your brother Aaron and in their presence order the rock to yield its water.  From the rock you shall bring forth water for the community and their livestock to drink.’  So Moses took the staff from its place before the Lord as he was ordered.  He and Aaron assembled the community in front of the rock where he said to them, ‘Listen to me you rebels.  Are we to bring water for you out of this rock?’  Then, raising his hand, Moses struck the rock twice with his staff and the water gushed out in abundance for the community and their livestock to drink.  But the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, ‘Because you were not faithful to me in showing forth My Sanctity before the Israelites, you shall not lead this community into the land I will give them.  These are the waters of Meribah where the Israelites contended against the Lord and where He revealed His Sanctity among them.’


The sin of Moses in the footnote says:  He hit it twice (the rock) because he had not sufficient faith to work the miracle the first blow.  The sin of Moses and Aaron consisted in doubting God’s mercy toward the ever-rebellious people.  But the Lord gave me a teaching on that.


The Lord said the sin of Moses and Aaron was lack of trust in God’s Power and His Goodness.  From the time God spoke to Moses at the Burning Bush to the time they get to Meribah (Meribah means Place of Contention) sign after sign was given to Moses and to the people to prove the Power and Goodness of God.  God has fed them quail and manna when they were hungry and had provided water before for them when they complained.  The Lord said the problem this time was that Moses was angry with the people and Moses was struggling within himself.  He is over one hundred years old and he has been leading these stiff-necked people and they have done nothing but bellyache the whole time.  The people would say to him ‘Why are you and Aaron doing this to us?’  Moses warned them over and over that ‘It is not me that you’re grumbling against, you are grumbling against God,’ but the people couldn’t understand and he was fed up.  Moses had already complained himself to the Lord of the weight of the people upon him and asked to be free of the responsibility God had given to him.  Therefore, in a moment of anger and weakness, he lost trust and struck the rock twice; then the water came.


Why the Lord is so hard on Moses and Aaron is because they had been given everything to believe and trust in the Lord.  The Lord is also teaching you.  There is a difference between believing that God can do all things and knowing (trusting) He will do what He says.


Almost everyone passes through this.  I ask you, ‘Do you believe that God can do all things?’  (The pilgrims all answered ‘Yes!’)  ‘Do you believe He is going to do them for you?’  (Only a couple of pilgrims said a definite yes.)  ‘Do you?’  How many times have you prayed for something and in your mind you’re going, ‘I know He can do this, but will He do it for me?’  The Lord told me at one time that there were so few miracles being worked on the earth now because people truly do not believe that God will do it for them.  Why don’t we believe?  One of the reasons is we don’t know Him very well.  God was so patient with the Hebrews and He is so patient with us, because we don’t really know Him as a person.  We know Him as God.  We know He created all things.  We know He sustains all things.  We rationally know that what we have, the food we have, the air we breathe all comes from Him, but when it comes down to will He do this for me if I ask Him, there’s always this reservation in the back of our minds.  We know from our Catechisms that the answer to all prayers are ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ and ‘wait,’ but we always figure if we go to Him, we’re probably going to end up in the ‘wait’ category and probably the answer is ‘no.’  We may not verbalize it, but it’s there.  We don’t run to Him like little children – loving, little children to a Father -- and know that if we truly need it it’s going to come, maybe not the way we expect it or want it, but it will come.  The older we get the harder it is to go to God that way.


Father (Francis) and I were talking this morning and he told you that he talked to his children yesterday and he struck out, and I told him, ‘They don’t know Him.’  He looked at me and said, ‘but if you pray….’  I said, ‘How can you pray to somebody you don’t know?  How do you believe that person loves you, finds you precious, wants so much for you to be happy that you’re going to get what is good for you  --  unless you know Him?  I told him to use this; it’s simple, but it works with the little children.  Say to the teenagers, ‘When you call up your best friend you don’t see them.  You begin telling them about your day.  You know that they are there listening to you.  Do you believe that they’re hearing all that you say?’  And they’ll answer, ‘Yes.’  ‘Do you believe they’re your best friends, that they want you to feel good, better about things?’  ‘Yes.’  ‘So does God.’  You don’t have to see Him, you don’t have to hear Him, but He’s there.  He’s there in a way that another human being can’t be.  We have to begin picturing our Father not only in our minds, but in our hearts as a real person, a real caring person. He is all the things the theologians tell us, but unless we can make them true to ourselves they don’t mean a lot if we can’t get over that barrier that’s between the two of us, between our Father and ourselves.


You know, for all of you who are married, that if you cannot trust your spouse, the day that you cannot trust them is the day your marriage is over.  Correct?  It’s done.  If we cannot trust God, we can’t ever expect to have the type of relationship that Jesus has promised us that we can have.  We have to know that what God tell us is so.  The Lord kept telling me over and over again, ‘When I speak something it does not come back until it is fulfilled.’  Every word of God is fulfilled.  It cannot be any other way, because God cannot lie.  Since He is all-powerful, what’s going to stop it?  So if He promises us certain things….and it’s not a promise….I want to take it out of the realm of promise….with God it’s not what we would call a promise….it’s a statement of fact.  He says to us, ‘You obey My commandments, you obey them out of love for Me, I will give you Heaven, and I will give you more than Heaven;  I will give you love that you can feel in your life now; I will give you comfort now; I will give you peace now.’  It’s a statement of fact.  But we have to believe it, and we not only have to believe it -- we have to know it.


There are times in our married lives when all of us have run into a circumstance where someone will say, ‘Well, I saw your husband or wife with so and so,’ and it’s said in kind of a snide way, or it could be anything that has to do with you personally, and your first reaction is, ‘Oh!’ but then you stop and go, ‘No.  I don’t care what they’re insinuating.  I know the one I love.  I know from our years together.  I’ll just ask,’ and there is always a simple explanation.  That’s the kind of trust that we need with God.  When you truly know someone you don’t jump to conclusions.  You don’t make a rash judgment.  You go, ‘No.  I know this person.  This doesn’t sound right.’  We need that same love, that same trust, that same knowing in our relationship with God.  This is what I wanted to tell you today. 


Mother says in the message, ‘You are the light of the world, the hope of the world.’  What is wrong with the world today?  If you ask the majority of people they will say they believe in God, but yet the whole world is going away from God at a very rapid rate.  Why?  It’s because they don’t know Him.  You are the ones that are to teach them.  It’s like starting with little children all over again.  You need to do it with patience, with love, with courage, with conviction, gentleness, but you have to stand up for what is true.


I once told you that our society has gotten so warped that if a person stands on the street corner and says the world is flat, people will stand there and say, ‘Well, they have a right to believe whatever they want.  I won’t tell them they’re wrong.’  This is what we have done with God.  I’m not talking about judging them.  I’m not talking about browbeating them with theology.  We witness by our love, by how we live, and as Mother said, ‘By what you do.’  If they see that we truly love one another, that we truly love God, if they see what God gives back to us -- the peace, the joy, the comfort when things aren’t going right – that draws them.  This is what Mother’s lessons have been about week after week after week -- but it first has to be in here (pointed to heart); you can’t give what you don’t possess.  That’s why Christianity is more of a shell for most people than it is their life.  It isn’t a faith.  It’s not a religion.  The teachings of the Lord are Life.  He said, ‘I am the Way, the Truth, the Life.  It is a whole way of being, of thinking, of acting, and this is what we have to show.  So this is why the Lord has asked me to bring this to you today, because you’re so important, because He loves each of you with an infinite love, and He loves each person in the world with that same infinite love.  No matter the circumstances, His love doesn’t change.  We need to witness to it, but we can’t witness until we know and practice it.  So we’ll end today on that note.


And we’ll just thank God for the gift of Mother and for the gift of the teachings that He is permitting Her to give, to be able to sit at the feet of Mother and to learn.  All the people for all these centuries would have given anything to have what we have here.  So be thankful and please remember to thank the Father often.