Teaching on Hope

given by Child on 5/1/03



Let us begin with a prayer.

Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved Spouse.

Our message from Mother today is one that weíve had before, but it deals with the hope that we have in Jesus and it also deals with His Sacred Heart and how we can place our trust in His Heart.It begins;


††††††††† It is I, Jesus.Child, write.

††††††††† Today I come to speak of trust.

Child, from time to time youíve wrestled with this virtue.Today you are asked to share with others the message and the Scripture for the group tomorrow.This I desire.I will protect this work and see to its needs.I am pleased that you abandoned to me the guilt you felt when you realized that some that wished to come were prevented from receiving the graces I had awaiting them.You trusted in My Mercy and in My Heart.I thank you and I will give to each of them the blessings and graces that they would have received.

Child, I will call many to this Thursday gathering.Be always ready to serve with love and share all that is given to you.(At this time I heard ĎPraise be!í and I asked who it was and the Lord replied.)The Angels.

Child, all Heaven rejoices because of My Mercy and for the benefit that My children will receive in these gatherings.

I bless you.


We talked about the Resurrection.That it was the fulfillment of all that Jesus had promised.It was the supreme sign that He was God, yet not everybody saw Him.I pondered on this for a long time, but Godís Ways and not our ways.If we were going to do this, we would pop up in Jerusalem at high noon and say ĎHere I amí, but the Lord didnít do this because this is truly a walk of faith, of trust, of love.I told you that Peter is so dear to my heart because he is all of us.His struggles in believing, his failings after he had just told the Lord that he would defend Him to the death, he would never deny Him, and he doesnít even get nine hours down the road and everything that he said he wouldnít do, he did, and thatís all of us.With best intentions we sometimes do things that after weíve done them we say ĎI knew better than thatí.Well, the Lordís message about this was the same.Just like Peter, I started out with a good intention, and realized after I had done it that I didnít trust in the Lord to bring about what He wanted to do.I only needed to leave the way open and then let the Lord open and close the doors, and very often we all do this.We pray because we want guidance for something, and then when we say ĎI abandon it to youí, then we immediately begin to maneuver instead of just taking our hands off of it and letting Him open and close the doors and then His Will would be so obvious, but we donít do that.We always have to say ĎI can help, I can doí and with the best intentions, we get in His way.Yet when this happens, because it is done out of love, and we go to Him and we tell Him that we really goofed up, that we meant to do what was right, but didnít trust Him enough to handle it, immediately His reaction is ĎGive it all to Meí.He always looks at the intent of our heart and His Mercy is so great.I think of Him sometimes as a doting mother.You know your children sometimes do the oddest things, not meaning to do whatís wrong.As their mother you know that they were truly trying to help; they were just so excited about doing everything that they donít think ahead, they donít listen.We do the same thing and Jesus is just like this with us.Our hope is that His Heart is so loving, so meek, so humble, so merciful, so wanting to see the best in us that He bends over backwards, just like the doting mother.He cleans up our messes a lot of times when we donít even realize He has done it.You stop later and think ĎThat could have turned out so badí.It didnít turn out so bad because you are getting a lot of Heavenly Help.Your intent was good, so God makes up the difference.

I wanted to share this with you because as our Thursday groups grow, and more and more people want to come, there are going to be times when you are not going to know what to do.All you can do is offer and then let God open and close the doors and then be at peace with whatever walks out because God knows the perfect timing for everything.We think we do.We want to share.We want people to experience the joy of being together and the praying and the sharing, to be able to go to the Sacraments and have the counseling of the priests, but sometimes we have to be patient because itís Godís timing for each soul.Itíll come at the right time; we just have to trust Him.

It is a joy to share, and share what you can.Share the joy you find here; that is the way to share the Gospel generally.In the Gospel is Trust, is Peace, is Joy, is the fulfillment of everything we desire, and when you truly know it and believe it, itís easy to share because you always want to share with your friends, and those that are in trouble, good things.Sometimes our hesitancy in not evangelizing comes more from our being unsure than any other difficulty.Jesus is the Person Who can give to us everything that our heart desires.Weíre like little children.We think we want this or that, but what we truly want is peace, to know what truth is, to have joy, and Heís the only One that can give it to us.If our sharing doesnít work out so well, just go back to Jesus and say ĎLetís begin again.Show me how to do it better.í And Heíll always help.

Thatís our lesson for today.In all things in your life there is no separation; God here, work there; friends here, social life there.God is everything to us and if He is not, we need to ask Him to make it so.All the other things will work out if He is the center.That is the hardest thing to learn, the hardest thing for Christians to share.It is the great fallacy of our society, that there is a separation.They took the clause about separation of Church and state to mean the separation of God and government, God and work, God and school, God and socializing anywhere.

There is no separating God.If God is not with us, we arenít.Thatís the bottom line.So thatís what we share from here - that God is.He is with us, and He is our joy and He is our life.