Child’s Teaching Regarding Peace in the World

Given to the pilgrims on August 24, 2006, at Yahweh Shalom


“Mother has been talking now since February of 2000 about peace, joy, and trust in the Lord, basically these three things.  She’s always said that man’s happiness depends on those three things.  To have peace we first have to have peace with God, and all around us we see the world exploding; we see it in hand-to-hand combat, in car bombings, we see it in our streets.  Even in Missouri, which is basically, if you go around from the Eastern to Western states, a pretty quiet state.  Every Monday morning on the news there is a body count or the number of robberies that have happened, and it escalates and escalates, and we keep asking, ‘What’s wrong?  What’s wrong?’  Mother always ends Her messages, ‘I bless those with ears to hear.’  She is talking about spiritual ears.  It’s being able to hear the Word of God and understand what He is saying.  In many of Her messages She’s talked about this time of great spiritual blindness; it’s also a time of great spiritual deafness.


I wanted to start our talk today with a message that Mother gave on the 11th, which many of you have already got in the mail within the last day or two, but may not have had time to really sit down and meditate on, which is what Mother asks.  Read the messages, but then go back and go over them slowly, quietly, reflectively, asking the Holy Spirit to guide.  The August 11, 2006, message is as follows:


It is I, your Mother.  Child, write.

Today I come and ask you to bring hope into the world.

My children, you see evil escalating in the world.  It is escalating at such a rate that you are becoming numb to its effects.

My children, you put up with behavior that was never tolerated before.  You allow innocent children to be indoctrinated with information that is far beyond their years and their capacity to understand.  They do not see what is wrong with being actively involved in sexual relationships before they even reach their teens because they are taught the mechanics of it even before they can even understand the consequences.  Sexually contracted diseases are accepted as the norm and people go on putting other people at risk for their self-gratification and everyone remains silent.  At most they are encouraged to take a pill that does not work in the long run, but no one addresses the immoral behavior that has brought about the epidemic.  You watch on your televisions as people die from bombings and no one really hurries to stop the murder of innocent men, women and children. 

            You are now standing in long lines in order to travel, being searched and screened in order to reach your destination safely, but no one asks why your world resembles more a police state than a world where people work, travel and relax in peace and security.

When, children, are you going to address the injustice among people that has brought you to this state?  You have used war and that has failed.  You have tried negotiations with price tags.  When are you going to try true justice with all sides being heard and all nations taking responsibility for the needs of all the people with no price tags attached, no one given the upper hand, but all seeing each other as brothers and sisters, all with the same needs, the same hopes and the same desire for peace, work and the security to grow old? 

This will not be easy at first, for you have generations of people who have used violence as their only recourse.  There will be mistrust at first, but be patient with one another.  Is it not worth patience, humility and acts of kindness in order never again to see children blown apart or entire families destroyed over land or natural resources that do not belong to you, but to God?  They are gifts given to you by God for the good of all and not for the profit of a few.

Children, listen to My Words before you find yourselves wrapped in grief and sorrow.  There is a limit to what God will permit and you have reached it.  Begin, each one of you, to act with justice towards those around you and avoid the correction that God will give in order to save His people.  Demand justice for all, from the youngest to the oldest, for yourself and for your furthest neighbor in the world, and destroy the evil that is blinding you and holding you captive.

I bless those with ears to hear.

I bless you.


What I’m going to speak about is so hard for us to understand, because we’re so conditioned to react rather than act.  Whenever Mother has spoken of finding the common ground from which to start to build peace, the first reaction of all of us, including me, is, ‘But look what the other guy is doing,’ but Mother has said, and we know from experience, that there is two sides to every question.  No one is ever absolutely right or absolutely wrong.  We have learned it from our own experiences. When we have been able to sit calmly with someone we have been disputing with, we find that there is usually hurt, confusion, misinterpretation, misunderstanding, or one believes they are so right that they make demands on the other one that cannot be met.  It is the way our world functions.  It is the way our world probably functioned shortly after Adam and Eve were driven from the Garden of Eden, but never was the cost so high as it has become, because we can do so much more damage now than we could do before.  Mother, in this set of messages (first half of August) and in the set of messages that you are going to get at the end of the month, talks about this destruction of the balance of peace in the world. 

We have to understand that peace can never be negotiated.  Has there ever been a treaty made after a war that has brought us peace – ever?!  She said, ‘Do you not learn from history?  Do you not understand that you cannot keep repeating the same mistakes and expect a different result?’  When She says that, it’s like, ‘Oh!  Well, yes that’s true,’ but when someone says, ‘We must find a way to negotiate peace, we have to find a way to settle this’, we say ‘Well, we will – just as soon as they stop doing what they’re doing.’  Rather it’s a personal thing between individuals or nations, that’s our first response.  It’s never worked.  The Lord said in Scripture, ‘If he strikes you on the right cheek, turn the left,’ and everybody thinks, ‘Oh, such beautiful profound words.’  Under their breath they’re saying, ‘It’ll never work.  It won’t work.  He’s God, He’s Lord, I believe it, but this won’t work.’  So, immediately we set ourselves up in the attitude of Pride; we believe we know more than God and we won’t even try.  That’s what Mother has been saying gently to us.  She uses every opportunity and way to show us that our own Pride is causing our own downfall.  We will not take the words of God and believe them and live them.


I told you, several times, that all of you who come here are called because you are the light that’s going to be special in the world to help others to come to God, but if we cannot understand the Lord’s words and incorporate them in our lives, how would we be a light to anyone.  They will look at us as they have looked for centuries at those who called themselves Christians and they say, ‘They can’t be real because they don’t live what they say.’  Mother has said, ‘It is what you do, not what you say, that changes the world.’


The Peace that the Lord is asking of us, at first glance, has a very heavy price, but so did the Crucifixion -- it cost the Lord dearly.  Your God, the Man-God, was taken and crucified.  In spite of the lies told about Him as He was being tried and the humiliation He endured, He believed what the Father said He would do, and so Jesus did all that was asked of Him.  The good that came out of it we have benefited from.  Now He’s asking us to walk in that same faith -- to take His word of living peace and being peacemakers and do it.  It means swallowing your pride, it means listening to another person that you are so sure is wrong and turning around and looking at the problem from their point of view.  We have to listen to what they’re saying.  You may have to, time and time again, approach the person, or we as a nation approach another nation, in a humbler attitude in order to try to open conversation, but we have to keep trying.  One more bomb, one more person dead isn’t going to solve anything, but a humble approach might open one heart, open one mind listening, to find a way to peace.


Mother says in another message that you’re going to get in the next section, ‘There are basic things that every man and nation must have and every man and nation desires.  One is freedom to live, to grow old, to work, to worship according to the way they believe, to be able to raise a family in security, to be able to reach their full potential as a person and as a nation.  All of us want this.  I want it, you want it, the United States wants it, Iran wants it, Iraq wants it, the people of Russia want it, because, in the end, a nation is nothing but a group of people, and if a group of people decide they’re going to go in a particular direction, where does the nation have to go?  This is what Mother says, ‘Stand up!  Take the first step within yourself to make peace with God,’ because your not going to make peace with anyone else if you are at odds with God.  When people come to you and say, ‘I haven’t prayed in a long time….my life is a mess….my family is fighting….there seems to be no way to bridge the differences.’  Tell them, ‘The first step is to go to God and ask Him to show you where you’re at fault.’  We have to look there first.  Where am I at fault?  Where is my nation at fault?  How are we going to change this?  When you do that, all of a sudden what seemed so complicated really isn’t. 


I don’t want my brother’s life.  I want to see their children educated, their children grow old, be able to marry, become doctors, lawyers.  I want for them, if I’m really honest, what I want for my own family, but how are we going to get it?


First, Mother says, ‘Go honestly, with no other agenda.  How many times in our own life have we said, ‘I’m going to make peace with that person, and I’m going to get them to do what I think they should’ and right away it fails.  You can’t make another person do anything.  You must draw them to want to do it.  You have to give them a reason to want to do it.  It may mean that you’re going to have to give up some of your ideas of how life should go and live according to the Word of the Lord.  In seeking the welfare of your brothers, you seek the welfare of yourself, and give more than you really wanted to give, be it of love, because sometimes we can be very stingy with love, or be it really hearing what they’re saying, which means pushing down our own ideas and opinions and listening to see what good is there that could be incorporated.  Ask them, ‘You tell me what I need to do that we can start on the first step, and I want nothing from you.  Just tell me what I can do.’  Just as certain things in our country changed because people did speak up and speak up and speak up, we can change what is happening if we speak up.  If you sit there silent hoping God is going to do it, it may be a long wait.  I told you we are the children of God and we are made to be the light of the world and God is not going to do it for us.  This is where we start.  We demand nothing but true justice for both sides, and if you do this long enough and loud enough, guess what happens. 


Someone has to step out first.  That’s usually how you get to be a martyr (said laughingly).  The Lord has said that the Kingdom of God is yours if you go that route (said laughingly).  Somebody has to start first, and we as Christians are called to be the first.  If we have been given so much of grace, if we have been given the teachings of the Lord, are we not the ones that must step first – even if we think we are going to step into a pit.  We have to believe that if we will take this step, then the Lord will finish it, because He said, ‘Of yourselves, with your negotiations you will not do it, but I, the Lord, can do anything!  I can do what seems impossible.’  What He asks of us is believe Him and take the first step. 


If you think that you will leave yourself vulnerable, the answer is yes, but is not God stronger than any person or any Angel?  Will He not help the person who takes that step?  This is what Mother and Jesus have been saying in the messages, especially in the last three months:  to take one step backward, get out of the word game, even get out of the visual images that are being given to us, and start asking the question – How did we get here?  Ask yourself; is the way they have devised to bring this war to an end working?  Then what is necessary to make it work?  What would we need changed?  What would my brother need, or want, in order to work with me for the betterment of my family, myself, my nation?  Begin there.  People are going to tell you, ‘Oh, you’re just another pacifist.  You don’t understand’, but war did not work.  Are we truly so stupid we don’t get it? 


This is what the Lord is asking of us – have faith in Him, trust in Him, live what He says, and believe His Words.  We’ve tried everything else.  Could we not try it at least once? 


I’ve had to spend months struggling with this because I, too, was raised in a generation where we thought each one should look out for himself or herself and we thought we didn’t need anyone else. We thought we had all that we needed, but in one of the messages Mother said the Father put upon this earth everything that every man, woman, and child would need until the world ends.  No one group has got it all, and for all to have what God wants for them, we have to come together and share.  She has said in these last three months over and over, ‘Children, God gave you the earth to use for your benefit, but it is God’s earth:  it is His minerals, it is His water, it is His Sun, all are His children.  Quit thinking of it as yours.’  That’s what I’ll end with today.”





“First thing that you must do is Go to God and ask Him, with a sincere heart, to show you where you need to change to make peace within yourself (first) and those immediately around you.  Mother says, ‘Every act of kindness, every act of bringing two together in unity has a ripple effect that you see only right in front of you, but extends to the farthest ends of the earth, because each act of kindness is blessed by God and God’s blessing is infinite.


First you look inside yourself; where am I not at peace with God. If you’re in confusion, depression, you’re praying and praying and praying and nothing is happening and there’s no peace in it, then you have to stop and say, okay, there is something wrong.  It’s not wrong with God, so it must be me.  If there is peace with God, then you go to step number Two.


Step Two:  Is there peace in my family?  If there’s not peace in my family, where do I find the common ground, so at least we are not pulling apart, but we can at least stand and talk and begin to build.  Will things change overnight?  No, because we don’t change overnight, and we’re dealing with our brothers and sisters, with our children, but we begin.  Once we’ve begun there with prayer, and kindness, example, and patience it begins to improve.  These steps apply to nations as well as individuals.


There are many people that are out there truly trying to bring peace with no price tag.  They’re the little groups that are bringing the supplies in.  The nations say, ‘We can’t go down those roads.  We’ve got to sit here’ -- while who comes driving down the roads but little groups of people with medical supplies and food supplies.  Just like when Yugoslavia was at war, who arrived -- the people who believed that the Lord would protect them because they needed to help a brother or sister, even if the brother or sister was not of their race, not of their faith, and did not politically believe what they thought.  These brothers and sisters were hungry, starving, wounded people we loved, and God protected.  Mother showed us in Medjugorje -- it works.”