Teaching on ‘Prayer from the heart’

Given on May 12, 2005 at Holly Oaks


God created us out of infinite love and He set us on a journey.  We are pilgrims.  On our pilgrimage we are going from place to place in our lives for the purpose to know, love and serve God.  That’s why we are created.  Prayer is the key to knowing, to loving and to serving our God.

In 1992, I was confused about prayer.  I was reading a lot about prayer, raising a family, and receiving messages from Mary and Jesus.  I was trying to do all the things I thought I needed to do; pray fifteen decades of the rosary daily, make the morning offering, go to daily Mass, pray St. Bridget’s prayer and a number of other prayers because I thought this was what I needed to do.  All are good, but prayers are only good if done with love and if you have peace.  You only have peace if you are doing them in a way, as Mother* says, is efficacious.  Mother said to me one day ‘Do you not understand about prayer?”  I said no, that I was confused about what I should be doing.  Mother told me that I was created by God, created out of love and created to be in union with God and to come to that union through prayer (the simplest way), but that prayer is not words.  Prayer comes from the heart.  It is what you give to the Lord.  You give to the Lord and He reciprocates to you.  It’s a circle.  You can’t have prayer unless God gives you the grace to pray, but your intention is a love offering which gives you the grace to pray.  I asked what I should do on the days I can’t say fifteen decades.  Mother said ‘Make your day a prayer.  When you open your eyes in the morning, offer to Jesus and the Blessed Trinity your day, your life, every thought, word and action.  Offer all for the conversion of souls and the opening of hearts to Jesus.’  Do this first thing in the morning.  Remember you belong to God.  He is bringing people into your day for you to help; He has sent you to work in a particular place.  Things do not happen by accident.  You are where you are because God is using you in this place or situation.  Even the severely ill have a mandate from God to work.  Work is an act of love; it is a prayer when done in peace and spiritual joy.  Being satisfied with what God gave to you becomes a prayer of powerful magnitude.  Mother told me ‘Go through your day doing what God puts in that day.  Do it in peace; do it for love of God.  Don’t worry about anything else.’  There may be times in your day when you can say your formal prayers.  Some days you will have a lot of time to pray.  Some days God will bring so many hurting souls to you, you will have no time to say formal prayers.

The greatest prayer, the greatest act of love is charity toward your neighbor.  That is a powerful prayer which brings back to you grace for your own life, strength to keep working for God, and it brings down graces for those you’re working with and for the whole world.  It brings down graces for the poor souls in Purgatory.  God uses graces where most needed, unbeknownst to you, both in time and eternity.  Offer each day for true love of Him in your heart and all this happens without you having to worry about it.  It is very simple and uncomplicated.  When you understand that, you will feel joy.  You will not always be joyful because you are tied to a physical body, when you hurt, you hurt, but you will get on your spiritual feet quickly because you offer to the Lord consciously and unconsciously.  You want to do what pleases Him.  You form a habit, according to Mother, that becomes natural.  All situations of your day become your prayer life.

Some of the things we do out of love for the Lord that have the greatest impact on the lives of others and on our souls and our place in Heaven, you would never recognize.  Mother and Jesus have said we will be so surprised when we go to Heaven because we think of those highest in Heaven as the canonized Saints.  We will find souls in Heaven that so far outshine these Saints.  They were never known to man, never praised, but each day they got up, did what was in their day trusting in the Lord, not complaining to Him constantly, accepting all with a willing heart, which made their life a beautiful prayer, a bouquet, a fragrance before the Throne of God.  These souls will shine like stars in Heaven.

We look at things so differently than God does and we put ourselves through such hoops that we don’t have to.  You begin living virtuously by living simply.  It grows; it becomes habit.  Pray the rosary to bind Satan, but don’t get hung up having to do particular things which cause frustration.  God doesn’t give you frustration or ask for it; you cause you own frustration.  Some days you may only have the strength to say ‘Jesus, I love you.’  If it comes from the heart, that is enough.  You have no idea what that means to the Lord.  In that simple statement is Faith, Hope and Love.

Mother has told me to love the Lord with all my heart, which simply means PUT HIM FIRST.  You won’t do it all the time, only God is Perfect, just be at peace – that is what God wants for His children.


*The Blessed Virgin Mary