Child’s Teaching regarding the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

Given on March 30, 2006, at Yahweh Shalom.


“This morning Mother asked that I talk to you about the Holy Souls in Purgatory. 


            This building (the new addition next to the chapel) is going to be dedicated under the name “Holy Peace.”  And all who come here to use this building -- whether it be on Thursdays, or for retreats, or private prayer -- Mother and Jesus are asking that they consider dedicating their prayers and taking up a special devotion to the Holy Souls in Purgatory.


            Mother said that today most souls go to Purgatory.  There was a time when a great many souls went straight to Heaven, but in our generation most have to go to Purgatory.  There are so many who do not pray for their loved ones when they pass.  They simply assume they go to Heaven and they never pray for those who have passed, and so Mother is asking that those who come here to develop a special devotion to these souls.


            Abba says that praying for souls in Purgatory is the greatest Act of Mercy that you can give.  Because these souls are the ones who cannot help themselves; they cannot pray for themselves.


            And so I want to share this with you:  There are many times when souls will come to me and ask for prayers.  They may have been in Purgatory for a long time, maybe they have been there a short time, but maybe they are only one prayer away or one Mass away, and I have permission to ask them what they need in order to go on to Heaven, and then I do that for them.  And so just remember that there are some who are so close to going and that even one prayer will get them to Heaven.  There are some souls that Mother says will be in Purgatory to the very last day.  But you can give them comfort and they can increase in light if you pray for them.


And the reward of this devotion is that they pray for us.  And Jesus has said that on the day we stand before Him for our personal judgment those souls ask forgiveness for us….So we are asked to concentrate our devotion on them and not to forget them.


You can make up your own prayer.  They don’t have to be long and specialized prayers.  But a little prayer that I say each morning is:  I ask our Heavenly Father to bless the souls in Purgatory, especially those souls suffering and those forgotten, and to please take home that day the soul or souls closest to going to Heaven.  He says, when the prayer is said, you have no idea how many souls are released.  And it is so simple – just make up your own.


….Every soul, even the souls deep in Purgatory, are so joyful because they are saved and they know they are saved….Part of Purgatory is that once they see Him, the Lord, and know that they have been saved by His mercy, they so long for Him!  That is probably the bulk of the purgation.  If you have ever longed for anyone with all your heart – that  can’t even describe what it’s like -- once you get a glimpse of God, how the soul wants to rush toward God.  It is a joy, and a delight, and a great pain because you can’t get to Him.  And this is what I was to share with you.”