A Teaching given by Child on The Three Holy Loves

Given to the pilgrims at Yahweh Shalom on October 5, 2006


Today Father asked me to speak about love, and the Lord asked me at Communion to speak about the Three Holy Loves.


As we know, God is Love.He is the Alpha and the Omega.So if you can kind of put this into your mind:God is Love.He is the beginning and the end of all things; He is.We love because we are created in His image and likeness.The Lord has spoken about the key to Heaven, and the only key to Heaven is love.No one goes to Heaven who has not the capacity to love.


The first love is to love the Lord thy God with all they heart, mind, will, strength.

The second is like unto the first, love your neighbor as yourself.

The third is the Holy Love of Self.

You canít do any of them, unless you do all of them.


Iím going to start with the one that people donít look at most often Ė the Holy Love of Self.

If we do not love ourselves in a Holy way, we cannot really love God with all our heart, mind, will, and strength, nor can we love our neighbor.Holy Love of Self is loving our self in right order.We are children of God.We are not perfect.We will never be perfect, but God created us because He loved us, because He saw in us something that delighted and pleased Him.He gave us a part in His salvation plan, and that part belongs to us alone, and if we fail to accomplish it, it is a real failure.He gives us everything that we need because He loves us.For us not to return this love to Him would be selfish, but we cannot love anyone if we donít love ourselves in a healthy way.If we do not look at ourselves and say, ĎYes, I have these faults, but God has given me gifts, He has given me blessings, He has given me people to love, He has given me people that love me, and in this I see God working. I see the reflection of God, and because I can see what God is doing in me and through others or what he is accomplishing for others through me, I can be grateful to Him for my very being, for being His child, for all the things that He gives to me.íThis is a healthy Love.Itís just really a form of humility.God so loves me that I have to respect myself, I have to respect who I am, and I have to use this for Godís Glory and for my good and the good of others.


The first duty of every person is your own salvation.Thatís your first duty.You were created to be with God forever, and if you donít work on your own salvation -- you fail, and you canít really help anybody else, and you have failed to love God.Salvation is a gift.We donít merit it, but we have to cooperate with Grace and work toward it.

If you can remember when you were children in school, for those who went to Catholic school, the good Sisters would say, ĎIn order to ensure salvation you must keep the Commandments; you must be sharing and caring people; you must go to the Sacraments often, because this is where we get grace,í and, in short, you are taking care of yourself; you are taking care of your soul.So this is our first duty; we work towards our own salvation.This is also showing love for God, because it is gratitude.We say, ĎWe thank you for this gift, although we canít merit it, we want to strive for it.íSo thatís the first love.


When you love yourself in a holy way, then you are open and able to love someone else.You know through your own experiences the times that you have felt very negative about yourself, really down on yourself, could you really open up to anybody else because youíre so locked in yourself that you canít reach out to help anybody else?So when we have a healthy attitude towards ourselves, then we are open for God to use us to help others.


When we love other people, God is asking for unconditional love, not the romantic mushy love that you see on television and the movies.He is asking for something much larger.Unconditional love is loving a person because they are a child of God, and not passing judgment.I donít know about you, but I catch myself at least several times a day passing judgment about something or someone, and itís not all right.We never condone sin, but the person belongs to God.They are His children, and we donít know what goes on in their lives, in their souls, what God is doing with them, what Grace He has given them.All we are supposed to do is love them and accept them for who they are, because we want to be accepted for who we are.When we do this, then people can open up to Grace that God has given to them. They donít draw back; they donít close in on themselves.How do we demonstrate it?We demonstrate by coming to their aid when people are in need spiritually or physically.They are our sisters and brothers.We donít wait for people to beg for things and we donít expect to be repaid, just as we would want to be helped unconditionally without something demanded of us that possibly we couldnít give back.Also, others want to freely receive, and if we did this, there would be no wars; there would be no fights in families if there was this open love.People are going to make mistakes and people are going to hurt one another, thatís our human nature, but when you are really open you can build the bridges that are needed.


Every time that we love unconditionally it is how we show God our love.There is nothing that He needs from us.The world - everything that is created - is His.There is nothing that we own that is ours; it is His.Every breath that we take He gives to us.There is nothing that we really can do for Him Ė except to love Ė because thatís our choice.So when we love God unconditionally by loving others unconditionally then we show honor to Our Father; we give Him glory in what we do.


I think I was supposed to speak about this today because Father said the Mass of Padre Pio because of the healing.Mother has talked about the healing of the Cross, but all healing is a gift from God.Healing is multiple layered.To be healed, even physically, we have to have Faith, Hope, and Love.You can have the best surgeon in the world and he can do his very best, he can do everything right, and still the patient will die.And if they track it back, it usually comes because the patient wasnít ready to accept healing.You can be in such a depressed state that you interfere with your very own healing.We know it medically.Thatís the first thing that the doctor will come in cheerfully and ask you before surgery, ĎHow do you feel?You feel optimistic about this?íIt works in our physical life; it works in our spiritual life - we ask for healing.Mother said first seek salvation.Seek your spiritual healing first, then healing flows down through the body.How we feel about ourselves is very, very important, and how we see ourselves is very, very important.So thatís why I believe that the Lord wanted me to speak about this.


All love, as I said in the beginning, comes from God, and since He is the Alpha and the Omega.No matter where you start with loving God with all your heart you are going to come down to loving yourself, because then you see yourself as He sees you.If you start with being appreciative for who you are and how God made you and where He has put you and who He has put you with, then it goes back the other way - it goes back to being love of God.So itís a circle that just keeps going around and around, and the more you love, the more youíre able to love, the more freely you can give love, the more love He pours on you, the more you get to share.


We speak of love and we flip the word around as if itís not very important any more, but we need to really meditate on what love is, and then first look at ourselves and be grateful for who we are and love ourselves in the Light of God.