Childís Teaching on The Cross

Given to the pilgrims in front of The Shrine of the Cross

at Yahweh Shalom on September 21, 2006


Today the Lord has asked that I speak to you a little more about the Cross.


Last week in Motherís message She said that we did not understand the power of the Cross.So I prayed about this and I prayed about another thing that St. Michael had said about ĎGo to the foot of the Cross,í and I knew it had double meaning.One was that I was last week to come to the Cross, venerate the Cross as an example for people to know what to do, but I also knew that it had another meaning that I was hoping that the Lord would enlighten me about.Yesterday a very good friend of mine who lives in Denver, Colorado, he also is a mystic and a visionary, called saying that the Lord had asked him to call me.He said, ĎWell, as we pray together and discuss, maybe the Lord will enlighten us to why we were speaking to each other.íSo I told him about last week, the message that Mother gave about the blessing of the Cross, how the Lord promised that through the Cross, this Cross, He would grant healings of Soul and Body, and that everyone was to wear a Cross or keep a Crucifix with them on their being, and when they came to the Cross in prayer and wanting healing, that Mother asked that they meditate upon the meaning of the Cross, and to give thanks to the Father for the gift of the Cross.As I was discussing this with him he began to laugh, and he said, ĎLory, the Lord has just spent two weeks teaching me about the power of the Cross.íSo we said, ĎWell, I guess this is another one of those Lord things.íSo he gave me several pointers of what he had been given by the Lord and I shared what the Lord had given me through the week about the great power of the Cross.


From the beginning, after the Crucifixion, this sign of the Cross was a powerful symbol in Christianity, not just to be carried, but there was real healing through the Cross.St. Helen, who found the true Cross in Jerusalem, I donít know how many of you know the story of how she did this, she was the mother of Constantine.She felt it was her calling to go to Jerusalem and to find where the true Cross was buried.She felt that God was showing her that it was there.So she went to Jerusalem.They went to where Skull Hill was, where the Crucifixion was, Golgotha, and they dug and they found three crosses.To find out which was the true Cross, she had a leper brought who touched the cross and was healed.There was a healing; so she knew which cross was then the true Cross.So from the very beginning there has been this healing that comes through the Cross.


What the Lord showed to my friend Gary was that when we can meditate upon the Cross, upon the Crucifixion, upon the Passion and Death of the Lord we release Redemptive power through this meditation.A flood of graces is opened up to us and to the whole world through this meditation.The very reverencing of the Cross opens graces to us that normally we would not be in contact with.


Everything that the Lord uses in symbols has great, great meaning, but we have begun to take things so much for granted.When you look at the Cross, our Jesus on the Cross, the Body of Jesus, we remember His death, we remember His love for us, that He redeemed us, but there was so much more going on that we donít think about.


The Lord did not have to die on the Cross to redeem us.He is God.Jesus is God.He could have chosen any number of ways to redeem us.He could have scratched His Finger and redeemed us by His Blood, but He chose the Cross.The Father chose the Cross for many reasons, and one of them is that it was the sign in Jesusí time of the greatest humiliation, because only criminals, the very lowest, were crucified.Roman citizens were not crucified, they were beheaded; but criminals and what we would call terrorists, zealots, they were crucified.It was the most humiliating and extremely painful death that you could undergo.Jesus chose to accept this way to show us how much He loved us, but also to show us what a terrible evil Sin is and what a destructive thing Sin is, because it breaks the union between us and God.So the Man-God surrenders His life into the hands of men in order to bridge this gulf between us and God caused by Original Sin, but also to bridge the gulf between us and God with every sin that we commit.


Jesus says, ĎListen, listen to My cry from the Cross.íWhen we look at Him hanging on the Cross, think about the words that He said, think of what force it took from Him, what courage to even speak as He was dying.When He said, ĎFather, forgive them.They know not what they do,í He was talking about those who crucified Him.He was talking about each one of us.We donít understand what weíre doing when we sin.If we did, we would not sin.To offend such a perfect, loving, merciful God is so horrendous, but we donít understand the affect of sin within ourselves and upon those around us.So He says, ĎListen to My cry from the Cross,í because it is a cry of love, it is a cry of forgiveness, it is His pleading for us to open our hearts and our minds to what He has done for us through the Cross.


He says, ĎListen to the Holy Spirit,í and when He says this He means listen in silence.Sit before the Cross.Just sitÖ.and look at your God, your Savior, your Redeemer, your Brother, and let the Holy Spirit teach you.He will teach you more in a few moments when you are in this contemplative silence than you will learn from years of reading and studying from books.He can bring to your heart things that just reading cannot do.The intellect may understand, but the heart doesnít understand.The Holy Spirit will speak to the soul and teach.


Gary said that he had been asked to read the works of St. Elizabeth of the Cross, and three points that she made as the Lord had taught her about His Crucifixion was that we meet the Cross first, foremost, and in the most complete way in the Mass, because, truly, Calvary is present at each Mass.We meet our Lord there.We join as a community, with those in Heaven, with those in Purgatory, with those all over the world, at each Mass.We are united at Calvary.


She (St. Elizabeth) said the second place that we commune with our God in silence is before the Tabernacle.Scott Hahn has a book called The Lambís Supper and it goes over the meaning of Passover, what Jesus did at His last Passover with the Apostles, and it speaks of the ceremonial drinking of the cups of wine.Jesus didnít drink the last cup at the Passover Supper.The last cup was drunk from the Cross.Remember the sponge was lifted with the gall, the vinegar.He wouldnít take the wine to soothe His pain, but they offered this to quench His thirst and the bitterness of the vinegar it is symbolic of the fourth Cup and it was the completion of the Passover, and He is the Paschal Lamb.He is our Lamb hanging on the Cross, surrendering His life to buy our freedom.He is the one that is paying the price for our bondage to sin.


The third place that we meet the Lord is at the foot of the Cross, and this is what struck me so much when Gary was talking.He said at the foot of the Cross stood Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Mary Clovis, who was an aunt, and Mary Magdalene.It is Mary Magdalene that we focus on, because Mary Magdalene is representing us at the foot of the Cross.She is the sinner, the repentant sinner, who followed her Lord to Calvary.The Apostles, other than John, ran.The other followers of Jesus ran, but Mary Magdalene went with our Holy Mother Mary, with the other women, with John, and they were at the foot of the Cross.Mary Magdalene represents us in a very special way because she was there at the foot of the Cross to witness the Lordís love for us, His dying for all sinners.We need, when we meditate, to join Mary Magdalene at the foot of the Cross and ask the Lord to help us see what is in our lives that is keeping us from benefiting from the full power of the Cross, from the full power of His Redemptive act, because there are things in each and every one of us that hinders the Lordís Grace, and if we donít ask Him to show us, then we are short changing ourselves and we are short changing those around us.Until we can clear away all the rubble, even the tiniest stones, that are in our souls that keep us from having total unity with God, from totally benefiting from all that He gives to us, we are just like people that have handicaps.You can function, but you canít do your best, you canít run full speed, you canít work long hours, thereís always an impediment.At the foot of the Cross we ask the Lord to show us what hinders us, whatís blocking us from abiding fully in Him and Him abiding fully in us.


Also, the Lord had taught me, and I gave a Teaching once, on the Gift of Tears.Also to Gary He gave this lesson on the Gift of Tears.When we meditate, very often the Holy Spirit will give us tears.They will just flow, and itís not necessarily because weíre happy or sad.It is something that has stirred our souls; that has touched us in a place that normally is inaccessible to us.Heís opened a window, for a better description of it.These tears are cleansing and healing.You donít have to experience it to receive the healing and the cleansing, but when it happens it is a great gift, and when we offer those tears, it releases a great flood of grace throughout the whole earth.When we read about prayer and meditation, sometimes the books make it so complicated.Itís like thereís got to be rules for everything, but there are no rules.All you need to do is sit down before the Crucifix.Ask the Lord to guide your thoughts, to open your heart and your mind to the Holy Spirit, and He will do it, and that which comes to you is His way of teaching you.If tears come, offer them, but your very meditation upon His Passion and Death puts you into the Redemptive act. Itís uniting your thoughts and heart with Jesus on the Cross.


The other benefit that comes from being before the Cross, before the Crucifix, and meditating, is we learn to surrender - To place all of our trust in the Lord.Of all the things that I have had to learn in my spiritual walk, trust in the Lord has been the most difficult, and I think itís probably difficult for almost everybody.Weíre raised to think that we have to be independent and take care of ourselves, to take care of everybody around us, that we have to fulfill the desires and needs of everybody around us, and the truth is we canít.There is nobody strong enough to do that.Only God can do it.Yet, Ďturn it over to Himí is so hard for us.We know we canít solve all of our own problems, and we know we canít solve the problems of other people, physically, spiritually, emotionally.We can support them, we can pray for them, we can love them, but we canít cure them.He can cure them; but in order for us to be cured, for someone else to be cured, to be helped, we have to give it all to the Lord, which means taking our hands off of things.It means surrendering our ideas of how things should go, when things should happen, how people should respond, how we should respond.I came quickly to not worrying so much about how other people respond to the Lord, what direction the Lord is taking them, but I always worried that I was not doing the right thing.I tied myself into spiritual knots, and I still do it every once in awhile.In a way, the Lord has said, itís a form of pride, because we know in our hearts that we canít change by ourselves, that only He can do it; but yet we just canít quite let go and truly believe that He is going to take us, hold us in the palm of His Hands, and grant us what we need.Would God not give us what we need?Yet itís hard to just let go and let Him do it, and to accept the way He wants to do it and when He wants to do it.But if we meditate upon Jesus on the Cross, we see someone who truly, totally abandoned to the Father, because everything looked as if it failed.By manís standards Jesus failed.His ministry looked like it had been totally wiped out.He was totally abandoned except for a few faithful souls, and even among them there had to be doubts at the foot of the Cross, except for Mother.They were there because they loved Him, they believed in Him, but how dark it looked for Jesus Himself.How He must have felt looking down from the Cross and seeing the hatred, hearing the cries, the derision, not seeing His Apostles, but He totally abandoned to the will of the Father, and, because He could take His Hands off and go the way of the Will of the Father, we were redeemed.The Church grew out of the Blood of the Savior, martyrs had the courage to lay down their lives, the world changed.The world is changing; we are changing, because He could take His Hands off and give all to the Father.This is what I wanted to share with you today.


When you come here, come to the foot of the Cross.Spend a little time meditating on what it means to you and ask for what you need.Believe that you will get what you need.Trust in Him.And come with joy!Thatís the last thing I will share with you.Both Gary and I have had lessons from the Lord recently upon joy.There is a spiritual joy that is within each of us when we can let go, and that joy is a gift to God.I saw the Heavens begin to twinkle with great lights and it was just a way that the Lord showed me how He was touched, how we touch and influence others through joy.He created us to be happy, and when we, His children, are happy we light up the Heavens and we light up the darkness of the earth.So, when youíre happy, tell Him youíre happy.Express the joy that you feel and share it with others, and donít let them put out your joy.Joy is contagious, but youíre always going to have the naysayer, and you just go on being joyful!


So weíll end our talk this day, and Iíd like to offer a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord for the gift of the Cross, for the gift of His love, for the forgiveness that He has brought to us, for the beauty that we can appreciate with new eyes, because we can now see through His eyes because of the gift of the Cross.We thank you, Lord.Amen.