A Teaching on The Way, the Truth and the Life

Given by Child on 5/10/07 at Yahweh Shalom


The Teaching given pertains to the message for today.


The message for today was given on 12/3/05.

It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and ask you to offer all in this day for the conversion of souls and the opening of hearts to Me.

Child, I ask you and little one to bring peace, joy, and trust in the Lord to everyone I bring into your day.  My children need to learn that trusting in Me will give them the peace and joy that surpasses all understanding.  There is no other way to acquire what their hearts long for.  I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Those who follow Me in trust find their heart’s desires.

Man has settled for sand when he could have Me and all I possess.

Materialism has led to greed, blindness, and mistrust.

Lift your eyes and your hearts, My children, and see Me in My Glory and come follow Me.

I bless those with ears to hear.

I bless you.


The Teaching from Child:


The first time I read this it touched my heart, because all week He has been teaching me what materialism does. 


Over the last three years in particular, but in the last six months, definitely, the messages have been, one after the other, that the world, and by this I mean people, through the way they are living their lives, through the sins that are being committed, big and little, we are destroying our lives; first ourselves, because everything in excess affects us both physically and spiritually.


Excesses of all kinds are destroying our families.  On PBS they were doing a program about children and how parents have them so involved in so many things; they have to belong to band, they have to play three sports, they’ve got to belong to Cub scouts, Boy scouts, Girl scouts, you name it.  They’re running constantly; there is no family life left.  They’re substituting things and activities for parental care and guidance.  They don’t even realize they’re doing this, and they’re breaking up the family.  When the family isn’t in the car running, then they go off into different rooms, and the kids are on their computers and Ipods.  The parents really don’t know who their children are talking to anymore, who their friends are, or who they’re seeing, because the children don’t come to the house anymore like when we were growing up, or our children were growing up.  You knew who your children were seeing because they were in your backyard, but now there is no contact, and it has affected our nation, because in this having to have the newest and the best, we have isolated ourselves from our neighbors.  We have, at work, cubicles that we sit in so you can’t even talk to the person next to you.


You are in your little cars running back and forth, and you are on your telephones, or you are distracted with this, that, or the other thing, or even if you are praying the Rosary, you lose contact with what’s going on around you.  There are many times I’ve been going down the road praying the Rosary, and I will have missed a semi truck parked on the side of the road (said laughingly.)!  I’ll look back in the mirror and there’s a semi truck and I don’t remember passing it!  We just disconnect with the world around us.  We pray the best we can, because we are busy people, but we need time to pray in quiet, because you can’t concentrate fully in prayer if you are busy doing other things.  When it is the Lord’s time the telephone doesn’t get answered.  If the computer starts beeping because somebody is sending us an e-mail or whatever it does, it doesn’t get answered.  That time belongs to the Lord.  Even if it is only five minutes, make it the Lord’s.  Let nothing else enter into it, barring if somebody comes in dripping blood (said kiddingly), but set a time and keep it.  It can be any time.  You may have to change the time from day to day, that’s alright, but give the Lord what time you can give Him and make it His – don’t make Him an afterthought. 


He says, ‘My children need to learn that trusting in Me will give them the peace and joy that surpasses all understanding.’  I think all of us want that peace within us that cannot be disturbed by circumstances.  We want that trust and joy that we find only in the Lord and whatever happens in our day doesn’t shake us.  We want to be able to just say, ‘Lord, this happened.  I give this to You.  I lay it at your Feet,’ and go on.  This is what we all want.  We don’t want things to drive us.  We want to be able to stay in that peace, and the only way to do it is that connection with the Lord.  That’s the only way. 


When He says, ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life,’ He means it.  In Scripture He layed out very clearly what it takes to follow Him, to belong to Him, to have the peace and the joy.  It is first putting God before ourselves, before material things and worldly things.  It is making God the center of our life, our day; then we stay focused.  When we’re focused like that, we don’t wander off on sidetracks anymore.


When He says He is the Life, He is the Life.  Who else gives us everything in our day.  He provides for every need that we have.  It is a fallacy to think that other people provide.  He makes sure that the food grows, that we have air to breathe, the rain to make things grow.  He keeps the whole universe running.  So, He is Life.


He says ‘Those who follow Me in trust find their heart’s desires,’ because really, at the end of the day, it isn’t a new car, a better house, that we want; it isn’t unrealistic romance.  We want what is solid, what we can trust, what we can depend on.  That’s what we really want. We want to know that we are loved, that our love is returned.  We want to know that at the end of our days we have not left something, but we have begun something.  Our true life begins when we draw our last breath.  We want to know it in our heart, we want to know it in our mind, so that when the time comes, we just take a step through a door in peace to find a great celebration.  This is what each and every human being wants.


He said, ‘Man has settled for sand.…,’ and we have, because we chase our own tails trying to get things that amount to nothing – that don’t even last a year!  How we have fought and struggled and worked to acquire money for a house, money for boats, money for this or that, and they’re things that just go away, they quit working.  But what have we built up that is treasure, that is permanent?  That is what He wants us to seek; build for what is everlasting.


He says, ‘Materialism has led to greed, blindness, and mistrust.’  Every time we get the thing that we think we just have to have to be happy forever and ever, we’ll never ask for another thing; as soon as we get it, we’re off to the next thing.  Materialism breeds greed upon greed, and then it becomes blindness.  We don’t even see we are taking from other people to get what we want, that we push the people we love aside to get what we want.  I’ve said it over and over again to young mothers; if there is a financial crisis and you have to work, that is the way it is, you have to do what you have to do, but when it comes to the point that you are comfortable, you have food on the table, your bills are being paid, you’ve got clothing, and you’re still working, because now you decided that you’ve got to go to Disney Land, get a bigger boat, it’s time to rethink your priorities.  You think you need the newest thing.  Your children come to you at night and say, ‘Mama, I’ve got to tell you this,’ but you are so tired you say, ‘Can you wait?  Can you go away?  Can you just wait until Mama has time?’  Even with our friends, we’re the same.  We’re doing a lot of things, and friends call and say, ‘I really need somebody to talk to’ our reply is often  ‘Oh, yes, I’ll talk to you, but I’m late for the next parish meeting.  Can I call you back?’  There may not be any time to call back.  We’ve got to stop chasing our own tails and pay attention to people, because that’s what is important.  He said, ‘Lift your eyes and your hearts, My children, and see Me in My Glory…,’ and you can’t do that until you push things away.  Things are not bad in themselves, but they can control us.. 


This morning on television there was a young man.  He and his wife and child are doing an experiment.  They live in New York, and for one year they are going to try to live in a way that they are not doing violence to the environment.  One of the things they said is that the average American, every time they go to the bathroom, uses three feet of toilet paper.  Okay, that’s ridiculous, but people do it because they don’t think.  Do you know how many trees that is?  Without trees you are not going to breathe.  The couple are not buying anything that is not locally grown, preferably within 150 miles, like in the old days you bought what came in to the grocers, the green grocers, the pork shops, the beef shops, the markets.  It was grown locally.  They’re trying to see if they can cut costs by doing this.  They’re walking to the places that they can walk.  They are making one less trip into town.  He said that even if you cut back by 10 per cent the time that you are in the car traveling, if every person cut back 10 per cent, what a change in the environment there would be.  It is said that New York has more children with asthma and lung related diseases.  California is next, and it’s all because of the amount of carbon dioxide in the air.  So, the man said, you don’t have to do fantastic things, but be prudent.  Watch what you’re doing.  Cut back that one trip.  Do all of your errands in one day or two days instead of making a trip to town every time you think you need something.  That’s what the Lord has been telling us – that we are destroying our environment and we’re responsible for it.


When God gave to Adam and Eve dominion over the animals and all the things that grew, He didn’t give them license to destroy it.  We took that license and now we’re going to pay.  All the scientists are telling us we have to make changes by 2020.  What the Lord is telling us is we don’t have until 2020.


This is what the Lord has been showing me this week.  This is what I want to share with you so that you can share with others.  How do we share?  Our grandchildren are becoming very aware of the environment, because they’re beginning to teach it in school, so when they’re with you, say, ‘When you go into the bathroom use less.’  All of us here are on septic systems of one kind or another; that should have been the rule to begin with.  Don’t allow them to just throw things out in the yard like their soda cans and things.  Collect these items, recycle them, or if you don’t want to do that, tell them, ‘For the environment’s sake, you don’t throw things out.’  At the lake, look at our roads, what people are doing!  When others leave your house, if they’re visiting, say, ‘Okay, if you have any trash, leave it here or take it with you, but please don’t throw it out on the road.’  Remind the grandkids when they’re in the car with you.  There are millions of little things that we can do, and that’s part of our responsibility as children of God.