Childís Teaching on the Angels

Given on September 7, 2006, at Yahweh Shalom


ďI believe that we all know that there are nine choirs of Angels.We have the Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, and theyíre in the first three groups and those are the three groups closest to the throne of God.Then you have Virtues, Powers, and Dominions, and they basically deal with cities, countries, and large problems which affect Church and State.Thatís what they do.Then you have Principalities, Archangels, Angels, and they deal principally with men.Guardian Angels, as I understand it, basically come from the choir of Angels, but not necessarily so.Most priests will have an Angel from of the choir of Dominions, and they can also be from higher choirs. According to St. Thomas Acquinas, the Holy Fatherís Angel would probably come out of Seraphim and Cherubim or Thrones.


You have a Guardian Angel assigned to you at conception.That Angel is with you all the way until you enter Heaven, or if you donít make it and youíre in warmer regions, then they leave you. Theyíre even with you and will take care of you while youíre in Purgatory.So your Guardian Angel is your good friend.He can deliver you safely into Heaven.

We have with us, at different times, more than one Angel and most of us donít realize that, but whenever there is a crisis in our lives, or something that is going to be a life changing event for good or what we perceive as not being good, the Lord very often sends another Angel to help us.This Angelís duty is to see you through this time and to teach you what you need to know.So our Angels are with us and they teach us, they guide us, they protect us, and they intercede for us.One of the great tragedies of the 20th Century is that people have forgotten about the Angels, or they have made them like you see on television Ė running around with all kinds of problems, trying to be more human than Angel Ė well, that doesnít happen.They would not want to be human except on two accounts:one, we can suffer like Jesus, and to them that is a most special grace.The other is that we can receive Jesus in the Eucharist.Iíve told the people I always try to remember every day to pray and ask the Lord to bless my Angel.Every time I make a spiritual communion or receive Jesus in the Eucharist I ask the Lord to bless my Angel because I know my Guardian Angel is walking with me up to receive Jesus and she has to stand there.


St. Michael, as you know, was assigned to this place.The Lord says the Seven who stand before the Throne of God also represent one of the Sacraments.St. Michael is entrusted with the Eucharist and St. Gabriel is associated with Baptism.When St. Gabriel came last week, you know the Lord said, ĎIíll tell you later why heís come.íWell, I asked the Lord and He told me that we had been through a baptism of fire.Thatís how he put it.Now this Archangel is going to remain permanently on this place.I had not known that we were going to be given both of these Angels as very special intercessors.


Now, as you know, you can pray to any of the Angels and Saints and they intercede for us, but when the Lord does appoint an Angel or a Saint as a special intercessor they become like a friend counselor and you become very personal to them in a very different way, because to be asked by the Lord to do anything is such a great gift and joy to the Angels and Saints.They take very seriously this task that has been given to them.So weíve been entrusted to them.We become like very special children that they watch over and they teach.Angels that have been given to all of us who come here take it very seriously and we should ask their intercession and ask them to teach us what we may need to know.


Prayer truly is communication, so we have to learn to understand we are communicating with real Beings and we can express ourselves to them; ask them for their intercessory help and we receive it.We may not get from the Lord exactly what we ask for, because remember there are three answers to every prayer -- yes, no, and wait Ė and I find I get wait most often (said laughingly).That seems to be His favorite answer, ĎWait!í (said laughingly).A lot of times what weíre waiting for is knowledge, maturity, and as Mother said today, timing.So often we think weíre ready for something and weíre not, and if we got it, we would either waste it or abuse it, and either way weíre going to be held responsible for it.So you always want to ask your Guardian Angel to pray for you, for your needs, and to teach you what you need to know in your spiritual journey so, when you receive graces and favors, that you use them correctly and that you can recognize them.My prayer lately has been to one of the Angels the Lord has assigned to me and to St. Anthony to help me to know Godís Will and to stay in it, because, first of all, itís sometimes hard to know what His Will is.It takes prayer, it takes discernment, because the obvious, as Fr. Francis said this morning, may not be the way Godís going.So first youíve got to find what His Will is and then you have to be able to ask for the perseverance and the knowledge to stay in it.This is what our Angels and Saints do for us.


Angels are not the fluffy little creatures that theyíre sometimes portrayed in paintings.Theyíre pure spirits.The best way I can describe what I was shown is this: if we were like smidgens of the smallest bit of dust hidden under the smallest pebble on the beach of the ocean -- they are the ocean.They are huge not in the physical sense, but the immensity of their power, although when I have seen the Seraphim, they are extremely tall.Thatís how the Lord shows us the magnitude of their importance.Their intellect is so beyond us, and because they stand before God, their understanding of everything is beyond anything that we can approach.So when we ask them to teach us, weíre getting very good teachers, and they know exactly what pleases God and the safest way to acquire what we need spiritually, physically, materially.This is one of the jobs that they do.


Their other job is protector.I was telling the group outside that we have lost the fear of evil.Through all the movies and all the hype, and on television, this idea is being ingrained in us:there is no devil, there is no hell.They try to convince you that you make your own hell, man is evil enough; you donít need Satan.The truth is there are demons around us everywhere.Satan is real and active, and his whole purpose is to snatch souls from God.As I said in one talk, it isnít because he thinks weíre worth anything, itís only because he can strike at God through us, because God loves us and He claims us as His children, and so we need protection.We often fall into traps without realizing it because we donít ask for the help to see clearly.Something may look so good, yet for us it may not be good.It could be a good for 99 people out of 100, but for me this day it is not good, and so I need help to discern what to do on any given day, or what to do regarding any given problem.


They also defend us from the attacks of the demons.Demons not only suggest things to us to lead us astray, they will put problems in our paths and they can physically attack.If you really sat down and thought about it, every one of you has an experience where you should have been hurt, you should have been killed and, against all logic, you were not -- itís Divine intervention.Itís your Guardian Angel that has been with you, pulled you out, helped you.In the same manner, there have been times when Satan has plotted against you because through injury or illness we become very vulnerable.When we donít feel well we tend to become depressed, self-centered; we donít mean to be, but itís just our nature to do that, and then the Evil One has a little more access to us.So, if he can throw obstacles in our path, he does.At these times our Angels help us.They protect us


The Angels, both Mother and Jesus have said, are so very, very important to us that we must become accustomed each day to seeking their intercession.You never know how many Angels you have with you at any given time, so I always thank the Lord for my Guardian Angel and for any other Angels that may be with me at the time.I do this with the Saints.I thank the Lord for all the intercession of the Saints, because the Lord will assign Saints to us too, but without our knowledge.Often when we may be going through a trying time or there is something weíve asked the Lord, He will assign a particular Saint to us, and sometimes we get clues, if we pay attention.For example, when all of a sudden you find a holy card of a Saint and you think, ĎI really donít know anything about this Saint.Iíd better go look this Saint up,í and when you do, youíll find that this Saint is the patron of some particular illness that you may be dealing with now, or you may be having trouble with a son or daughter and you may end up with St. Monica as an intercessor.These things come to us, God shows us these to help us get a clue on how to pray, what to ask for in particular, and so we must become very attentive, open up our spiritual ears and eyes and see who God is moving around in front of us.


But most of all what I want to share with you is, because Iíve had the privilege of seeing many Angels and Iíve seen the Seven before the Throne, that the one thing that is common to them all is such an intense love for us and such a desire for us to reach God.Thatís why they will do everything that is in their power to help us.The saddest thing that can happen to a Guardian Angel is to have a soul that refuses God, because they have been entrusted with this soul and they do everything that they can, but we can push our Angels away Ė and often we do.When they are trying to inspire us, they lead people into our lives to help us and we wonít have any of it.†† We may say ĎIím going to have my way, Iím going to do what I want to do, I donít care.íWeíve shoved this Angel away and weíve got to be very careful that we donít do that.So each morning I invite my Angel to be with me in every moment of the day so that she knows she is welcome to intervene in any way necessary.Sometimes it has been interesting how she has intervened (said laughingly).Iíll have things worked out and it should go one way, and Iíll just see doors start slamming and my day gets totally turned around and I know that my Guardian Angel has intervened; the best thing for that day was something totally different than I had planned.


The Lord wants me to share with you their great love, their great accessibility.We belong to the Communion of Saints.We canít stand without the help of Heaven.The Saints joy is to be able to help us, because they walked our path.They understand what weíre going through and they can help.The souls in Purgatory canít pray for themselves, but they can pray for us, and thatís a joy for them.The Angels, because they stand before God and know Him better than any other created creature can know Him, they know what awaits us.They know the joy that the Lord receives from us, and so they want that joy for us and for Him.There is nothing they will not do for us, if itís for our good.


The first Angel that the Lord let me see was actually St. Raphael, and it was probably a few months later before I heard the voice of my Guardian Angel and saw her.The Lord had sent St. Raphael because he is the Angel of Healing; not just physical healing, but spiritual healing also, and we have to go through spiritual healing, at times, to reach physical healing.The two go together; they are never separated.As we grow older, physical deterioration is going to happen because itís just the by-product of Original Sin:we grow old, illnesses come, bones ache, itís just going to be that way, but sometimes there are things that we donít have to go through, so we pray to the Lord for healing.Our Angels will pray for us, and the Lord grants us healing.If itís not going to be beneficial to our souls, the Lord doesnít ask for suffering for the sake of suffering; He didnít create us to suffer.He just asks that what we have to endure be endured with peace and trust in Him.Other than that, He responds to us and He brings cures to us in many ways.As one doctor said, ĎPeople can be sick with many serious diseases in their lifetime and never know they had them.íSo we need to keep the Angels very much involved in our lives.