Teaching on the Holy Spirit

Given during a retreat on 5/18/02

Part Two


When we can believe, when we can trust, when we can abandon, we have peace.We have the peace that the Lord promised that the world could not take away from us.It is a peace that there is nothing on this earth that is worth trading it for.When you have that peace you can be wopped back and forth by the things of the earth, but you are never off your feet.It is a gift of the Holy Spirit that is priceless, and I told each of the groups in the beginning every day to pray for peace.With peace, interior peace, you are very in tune with what the Holy Spirit is doing.If you are not in peace, He can be sitting there with a gong next to your ear and you are not going to hear Him, so pray for peace and Peace is God Himself.

When we were talking about how to know what is of God and what is of Satan and what is of ourself, the first criteria is, if there is no peace, it is not from God.Sometimes a person will telephone and say ĎWell, I believe the Lord told me this, but I am so confusedí and I say ĎDo you really believe itís from God?íThey say ĎYes, He gave me this sign, then I asked for that sign and He gave me that sign, then I asked for this sign and He gave me that signí and I ask ĎWell, could it be that you are not at peace because itís not the answer you want to hear?íIf you truly have prayed and have trusted and God has answered you, then the lack of peace is coming because you really do not want to do Godís Will; youíve got a better plan, you think.(A member of the group commented that if you are at peace, then you can know that it is of God without all the signs and confirmations.)Yes, and as youíre going along you will ask for less and less signs because itís like little children asking for directions all the time.If youíve been to your fatherís house many times, how many times do you have to ask for directions?

Most of the things that we pray for, the Holy Spirit guides us by using holy common sense.You know, this is a gift of the Spirit.If your car is broken down, donít sit there and pray for three weeks ĎShould I fix the car?í

You know you have to take things one step at a time.God is not going to say here is the plan from A to Z.God doesnít work that way. You pray, and if you are in the process of deciding to sell a car, have a baby, whatever, you know you have to go to step one.You have to pray for it.When that comes about you go to step two.You donít pray for step one and then say well this hasnít happened yet so letís go to step two, three and four and see if they work a little bit better.You have to wait for the Lord to unfold things and this is where you keep your peace: one thing at a time.God does things simply one thing at a time.

It teaches us to pray with our whole selves.This is what the children are learning downstairs tonight.This is the hardest thing for us to learn to do.We pray with this (indicated head), we pray with a list, but we donít pray with our whole selves, and to pray with our whole selves is simply coming into conversation with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

First of all, most of our prayer should not be a list.First we begin with ĎHello.I love You.I have come to spend this time with You.Please come and open my heart that I may hear You.íSpeak about your day.Thank Him for the things that He gave that day.Thank Him for the trials as well as the good things that happened.Praise Him for the beauty around you and in the people that you met because they were all gifts given.Then if you have a need to place before Him, place it, but most of our lists that we come with are really nonessential things.God provides for all of our basic needs.He wants us to include Him in every moment of our day, so as youíre going through the day, ask Him to come with you.If youíre going shopping, ask Him to help you to stick to your shopping list so you are not buying out the store, or help you to choose, and the Holy Spirit will guide.You donít have to hear or have visions, the Holy Spirit will do it.It comes so simply.You will come to two things and one isnít as good in quality and costs twice as much, but it sure looks nice, well the Holy Spirit is going to tell you to use holy common sense.Buy the good quality that is going to last, buy what you need, not what you want.Thatís the Holy Spirit moving.Youíre going shopping for a car?What is your budget?You may be able to make the payments on this Rolls Royce, but if anything happens youíre not going to make the payments on that Polls Royce, so the Holy Spirit says use holy common sense; buy a car that is practical, that gives you breathing room, that youíre not going to have a nervous breakdown because you canít afford it if something goes wrong and you canít get it fixed.

Thatís how the Holy Spirit works.When He says to pray with our whole self, we pray with our mind, but most of all, we pray from the heart.Begin with what is truly in your heart and sometimes when things have gone so wrong in the day and you are really hurt and hurting, you can go to Him with that too.ĎFather, this is the most rotten day I have had and I hurt and Iím sitting here bawling about this, but I know that You will help it come out right and so I thank You for how You are going to fix this.í

Sometimes when things happen that are just awful like a death, there is anger, there is frustration, and thatís okay because you have to work through the layers of emotions to get to healing, but you never turn against the Father.You take them to the Father and place them in His Hands and say ĎFather, I am just so angry.I know that this is an emotion that you will help me get over, but I am truly angry.íJust to be able to express it is a healing in itself and the Holy Spirit helps you to release that kind of emotion.

Love teaches Who God is.We say all the words; God is merciful, God is kind, God is good, but if the Holy Spirit doesnít open up those words to have meaning, then itís just a litany of words.I told you that God is Good, God is always Good, what does that mean?It means that God never intentionally hurts.God never puts obstacles in our path that we fall.God never sets traps for us.Most of the things that happen to us, we do to ourselves. You have free will and God is not going to turn you into a zombie to keep you from hurting yourself, but you canít blame Him for what you do.And you canít blame Him for what other people do because they, too, have free will.He has shielded us so much, and even when things are terrible God is working.When we are the victim, grace is being poured into us and the way He is sheltering and comforting us is something we are only going to recognize from the other side.Today weíre looking at a tapestry and weíre looking at it from the bottom and it is all knots and strings, but if you could see it from the top as God sees it, it is a beautiful work of art.Unfortunately for us, we are just looking at it from the bottom.When you say God is good, God is always good, what youíre saying is God does know what the top looks like.He knows what the end result of this is going to be and itís going to be my good; itís going to be to the good of my loved ones.††† God always does what is best and that is what it means - He is good - and believing it.

He teaches us who we are and thatís the hard lesson to learn.(Group member asked if the Holy Spirit was being spoken of now.)Yes, He teaches us who we are.There are times in all of our lives when all of a sudden we are seeing ourselves from the outside, hearing ourselves speak to someone else.Itís Godís way of letting us see ourselves.It happens most frequently when we have lost our temper, we are griping, we are dissatisfied with everything that person has done.All of a sudden we can hear ourselves.It is the Holy Spirit saying ĎYou think you are so perfect; listen to this.íSometimes it will be an inspiration to look into the eyes of the person that youíre dealing with, your husband, your wife, your child, whoever it is you are yelling at, and all of a sudden you will glimpse in their eyes what you look like and sound like, and that will stop you faster than anything.He will teach you humility.Sometimes you will look at them and you will see they are children.You are putting responsibilities, and you are demanding emotions and reasoning from them that they are not capable of, and all of a sudden you will realize that is what you are doing.

He will teach us how the Kingdom works.This is a lesson that the Lord has been using in this group.The Kingdom of God is made up of people, and it is so hard to get this in our hearts.We would like it to be a private kingdom, if possible, or only those that we get along with to be in this kingdom, but the Father looking down sees each of His children as individual beautiful little flowers who have unique qualities, unique fragrances, and for the Kingdom to be beautiful, they all have to come to the Kingdom.Our responsibility is to be praying and loving and helping and supporting, not criticizing, not belittling, not degrading, not dividing, not confusing, but gathering for the Kingdom.That means the little violets, the roses, the stinkweeds, all belong in the gardenAll flowers are natural, we only decide that some are more beautiful, some are more precious, so we are going to dig up the yard, put a little fence around it, plant our lilies because we like them, weíre going to plant our roses.We donít want the dandelions, which are flowers, and we donít like the violets, and we donít like this and we donít like that, and we try to do that in the Kingdom of God.We are all children of God.He equally loves each one of us.His desire for each of His children is to be with Him in the Kingdom for all eternity.As His children, as they are our brothers and sisters, it is our responsibility to help them to get there.The Holy Spirit keeps bringing individuals in front of you until you learn you must love with the Fatherís Love, then you can begin to help.The only person you have any hope of changing is yourself with the help of the Holy Spirit; on you own you canít even change yourself.

Love teaches that growing and learning never ends here because God is infinite and there is so much to learn and there is so much growing to do.If we do not keep growing spiritually, we will not continue to learn.

So often you will hear people say that I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I am saved; work is all done.Well, I donít know how to break it to you, but the work has just begun.It is the Holy Spirit that teaches us that the work is just beginning and it is part of learning humility.Weíll never have all the answers.We learn and we learn until the day we die, and if we are in God and God in us, we are learning, but we are never going to learn it all.We travel a path.The path is the same for everyone, but the journey along it is done in stages according to how God created us emotionally and physically.It is according to the circumstances that happen in our lives.We never know, even with the people that live in our own house, how things affect them.We donít know where they are in Godís plan.

He gives grace to every one of His children.There is no such thing as a Christian denomination that does not have God present with them; that the Holy Spirit is not guiding.When two or more are gathered in prayer, the Lord is there.If two pagans get together and pray to the only god they know, God is present and grace is flowing, He is leading His children, so we have to take our hands off.We evangelize by witnessing.The greatest conversions, whether it was with the Indians or in Africa, came from holy people living their faith, not talking about it.Once youíve lived it and they have seen it, then they will listen to what you have to tell them about what you believe, but they; are never going to listen to you if you donít practice what you are preaching.People are never going to want to know Jesus if, at every turn, you are putting them down.Neither is any of the other Christians going to really want to know about the Church if youíre always hacking them off at the knees before they can even come to an understanding of what you are trying to say.

Love teaches that we must not expect happiness and peace in the worldly sense.They do not exist.Our society tells us if you buy this, you will be happy.It you weigh 110 pounds, you are going to be happy.You are going to have peace in your house if everybody takes Geritol and runs a mile.If you invest in this corporation, you are going to have peace of mind in your old age.These things do not exist and the Holy Spirit tells us they do not exist.He tells us to store up treasure in Heaven.You canít take it with you from here, but there are things you can send ahead.You can bank regularly at the bank of the Holy Spirit and he will teach you how to do that, and we do it through prayer, through love, through sacrifices offered for the conversion of our brothers and sisters and for peace in the world.We do it through the simplest things.Here is a poor mother with a screaming infant in the cart in the grocery store and the line is so long and she is right behind you.If you want to put a deposit in the bank of the Holy Spirit, let the poor woman go ahead of you.When someone cuts in front of you, pray for them and say ĎBless youí and mean it.These are very simple things.The kids had all evening to get there school work together, but five minutes before the bus comes theyíre yelling ĎWhereís my papers?í, and your first instinct is to say ĎHow many times have I told you?íYou can talk to them about it that night, but that morning instead of getting them so upset and you upset, say ĎCalm down and letís get this into your schoolbag, and tonight we are going to talk about getting this into your bag tonight so that tomorrow we donít do this.íHold your temper, keep peace and deposit in the bank of the Holy Spirit.

He teaches us to give over everything to have true peace and happiness, now and forever; and that is a hard one because it goes back to having enough humility to know that you do not have the answers to all the questions, to have the humility to know that you do not have the right to demand to have what you want when you want it.When you learn that, then you have peace.We try to teach our children that.Donít we tell them would you please wait just one moment while mother feeds Johnny and I will be right back to you.You donít have to scream, you donít have to stomp your feet, Iím coming right back.Somehow, when we reach twenty-one, we begin to act like we did when we were two years old Ė if Iím an adult, give me want is mine.This is our attitude and we have this attitude sometimes, although most often unknowingly, with God.Itís pride; itís selfishness.You donít treat your Father like that.How often do your children say ĎWell, Dad didnít let me do that; why canít he be like other fathers, and they start on a tiradeí and you just look them in the eye and say Ďyou do not speak in that tone of voice about your father.íYou teach them respect.We owe that respect to our heavenly Father, and as we begin to be adults, we forget.Believe me, on the day of judgment, you are not going to stand before God with your hands on your hips and say ĎWhy didnít I get that raise?íItís going to be the farthest thing on your mind.(At this point the tape ended and had to be turned over and some of the talk was apparently lost.)

If we are not united to God, we are in true darkness.For those of us who went off the deep end sometime in our life and then the Holy Spirit brought us to conversion, it was like we truly left darkness for light. When I went through conversion, all of a sudden everything had meaning.It had meaning personally to me.I saw how Jesus worked.This is how Iím supposed to work and the world wasnít different.The world has been the same since the Fall.It is only the Christians that are trying to change it and the Lord was showing us how to change it and the Holy Spirit gives us the light to understand it.He is the rope.There is a section in Poem of the Man-God that says Jesus is with two small children and they are at a little pond and He was trying to teach them how we stay connected to God.These were very young children and He said ĎLet Me make two little boatsí and then He tied string to the little boats.He told them to push the little boats out onto the pond, but to hold on to the string and then they could walk the boats up and down the shore.Then He sat them down and said ĎThis is what God does with you.He creates you and then there is a string that connects you to Him, and even if the waters get rough, as long as you make sure that your string stays in His Hand, you will never be separated from the Father until you come safely to the shore.íThat string, or rope, is the Holy Spirit.When you stay connected to Him, seeking His guidance, seeking His wisdom, using His gifts, you will not be separated from the Father.The only way itís going to happen is if you untie the string from your end.Through the Holy Spirit comes gifts, comes grace.All of this comes through that little string to you and Heís that string.But that rope does something else.One boat on a stormy sea has a rough time, but if you connect your boat to the boat next to you, and the boat next to him and the next boat and so on, and you form a flotilla, you can outlast a hurricane because all the strings together hold you together and hold you anchored to the shore.Thatís what He does with us.He becomes the connecting strings between us, and especially baptized Christians because when we are filled with sanctifying grace, God is present within us, in my sister and my brother, and He speaks through us,He speaks through us and we become that flotilla that moves together.It becomes the Mystical Body of Christ.The only time the Mystical Body gets into trouble is when parts separate.Weíre not connected, thereís holes.

He teaches us thankfulness. We learn to worship in spirit and in truth.The Lord told the Pharisees that they had to learn to worship in spirit and in truth.They knew the truth; they didnít worship in the spirit.Many of us are in that same boat.We know all the right answers to the Catechism questions.(One of the group asked about the worship in the spirit.)The Holy Spirit teaches us how to live with and in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and the only way it can be done is through prayer which is nothing but conversation, rather it is reading out of a prayer book, meditative, or contemplative, it is a conversation.If, when people teach about prayer, they would just simply say up front that this is a conversation between you and this Person, right away all is put into focus.To have a conversation with a person you have to connect with them.If I wish for you to do something, I have got to make myself understood.If I really want you to do something, I have to build a relationship with you so that youíre willing to do it.God willingly does all things for us because He is Infinite Love, but that doesnít absolve us from the responsibility of making that connection, of going to Him with our needs, going to thank Him for what He has given.He doesnít owe us.We donít merit what God does for us, and this is what the Holy Spirit teaches us.He teaches us how to come into this loving communion with God where we can have this conversation, an intimate conversation.That is praying; that is worshiping in spirit and truth.Itís coming from the heart.When you pray, you give praise, worship, glory, love, thanks, and you may ask Him for things, but there is a response needed from us, and that response is to live the truth.When we live Godís truth, then God is able to bring all things around without all the hassle, the obstacles and blocks we put in His way.Many times our prayers arenít answered, or we think are not answered, because we have put so many blocks in Godís way it couldnít come about.Itís not that He couldnít do it, itís just that we wouldnít permit it, but when we worship in spirit and truth, those obstacles are gone.Then we become what is called the Temple of God; a house, a temple where praise and glory is given to God.When we are humble, obedient, loving children, then we give praise and glory to God.In every temple there is an altar and our hearts are the altar.What we sacrifice is our will and our egos.We say to the Father ĎYour willí and we mean it, and every time we do that in every action, that is a sacrifice that goes up to God.It is what brings down the graces on this earth.Thatís why the Lord told us in Scripture and St. Paul said it over and over again; ĎOffer and acceptable sacrifice unto the Lordí.The acceptable sacrifice is not a burnt offering, but a contrite and willing heart.Thatís the acceptable sacrifice.In Isaiah it says the acceptable sacrifice is not the blood offering, a holocaust, but a contrite heart.St. Paul says we are a royal priesthood, a holy nation.The royal priesthood we are called to is to be these temples of God where the sacrifice of love is offered.If every Christian would do this, it would lead to the New Heavens and the New Earth.Together the Spirit forms us into a holy nation, a new Israel, a new Jerusalem, the Kingdom of God.

God is Love; the Kingdom is Love.It is all about love.In 1Cor13 it says there is Faith, Hope and Love, but at the end of time, there will only remain Love.No one needs Faith and Hope in Heaven, there will only be Love.If we cannot love here, we will not have the Kingdom.

The Lord has drawn you all together to begin practicing how to live in the Kingdom.We are in the times of brothers who donít know their God and He is going to bring them to us.If we cannot love one another who are like minded, how are we going to love our brother?If we cannot help one another without being asked, if we cannot be attentive to one another, if we cannot take the time to listen to one another, how are we going to love our brothers and sisters who are not like us?These are the ones we are going to be asked to account for.

When you were called to Yahweh Shalom, it was a great excitement the first time to get messages from Mother, to hear the words of Jesus, to spend time together in a place where everyone could pray and talk about the same things and be understood, but, oh, were you handed a deep responsibility, and I told you then, and it is coming more and more strongly to you, that you must live the love that you are receiving.God has opened Heaven to you to see the Face of God.There is a responsibility, and it is not just to love God back.The only way that we can return that love in a way that is so pleasing to Him is to love one another.And now that you have been given the gift; that you have been given the graces and the opportunity to learn Ė and you will be given more and more the opportunity to learn Ė remember that you must share because love is a living thing.If it is not shared, it will die; not Godís Love, but the love that is in your heart and you will be accountable for it.

And remember, the Holy Spirit teaches you in every moment of every day in your heart.Be silent and believe it.When you pray, you must enter into it with the attitude that you are speaking to a Person Who is trustworthy, Who loves you infinitely, Who seeks only your good, and then listen because He speaks and He speaks clearly.Keep that in mind as you are praying.He speaks when you are quiet.