Beginning in July, 2007, the Lord decided to start a new thing – a deeper study of Scripture.  The Lord began choosing a Scripture passage and then giving a teaching on that Scripture and helping us apply it to our daily lives.

The following consists of the date of the Prayer Gathering, the Scripture passage chosen by the Lord for that day, and His Teaching.

The Lord requests that we first read and meditate on the Scripture passage in the Bible and then read and meditate on His Teaching.




7/12/07  The message chosen for today by the Lord was 10/20/05.  An introduction to Scripture teachings by Jesus also follows.


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and ask you to offer all in this day for the conversion of souls and the opening of hearts to Me.  Today I ask that you be at peace, that you live this day in joy, for all that has been promised is unfolding. 

To the world and to My enemies all seems lost, but We* are just beginning.  Today at noon your Holy Mother and I will come.  Your Mother will give Her teaching and I will bless those present along with petitions and articles.  Remember to have Fr. (Francis) bless them.  Keep the same routine as at Holly Oaks.  Ask Fr. Francis for his permission to do this.  Do what Fr. Francis tells you exactly as he tells you and I will bless and protect all here.

I bless every effort made to gather souls with Me this day.

I bless you.


*Jesus and Our Holy Mother.


After reading this message, Jesus spoke.


My children gathered, I have called you here this day to begin a new thing.  Child is more surprised than you.

Today’s message was given the day after the other Spiritual Directors decided to close Holly Oaks.  This was not My intent, but I allowed all things to walk out.  When your Holy Mother was not permitted to appear at the usual place, it was decided by the Father that what had been prophesied to one of the sisters would now come to be.

Your Mother, Mary Most Holy, had told all the sisters that where child goes, She would go, and so began these precious Thursdays.

Many have wondered how those so close could be separated.  The reasons are many, but I have promised, it will be, that all hearts will be united and all hearts and wills will conform to Mine.

Today the new thing We begin, with Father’s (Francis) permission, is a deeper study of Scripture.  Over the last few months, at the retreats, much Scripture has been covered, but not all can make arrangements to come more than once a week, so with Father’s permission, I will teach each week a passage from Scripture, and help you apply it to your daily lives.

I AM will teach you because Scripture was given to you to teach you to know, to love and how to serve your God and your fellow man. 

Often the Old Testament is dismissed as not being important, but every Word of God is important and was meant for all generations.  The lives of those of the past, and the history of nations, teach lessons that are just as valid today as then.  The spoken Words of God are Living.  All prophecy has lessons for every generation, so today, with Father’s permission, I will start with the story of Joseph.

(At this point, Fr. Francis was asked for, and gave, his permission.  Jesus thanked him.)

Joseph was one of twelve; twelve who would become a foundation, through their descendents, for the nation of Israel which would be created to be a holy nation with God as its ruler.  But eleven were jealous of the one, for he had been given gifts from God, and because of his nature, he was loved by the father to the discontent of the others.  They were treated well.  They were loved and shared in the father’s wealth, but pride, envy, jealousy grew in their hearts, so they set about to get rid of the one that pricked at their pride.  Not all brothers were guilty equally, but all sinned, and so they got rid of him.  But God loved Joseph and used him for a greater good.  He allowed Joseph to be sold, to suffer, so that many in the future could be saved in a time of great adversity.

As you read this morning*, eventually God moved Joseph to a position of authority that would save not only the lives of the Egyptians and surrounding nations, but would save the lives of the eleven brothers.  Joseph, who had been so badly used, did not hate.  He saw God’s Hand in all that had happened to him.  He saw God’s Power and God’s Mercy, and gave thanks to God for permitting him, Joseph, to serve the Lord and help so many.  He forgave the brothers and rejoiced in seeing them again.  As the story goes on, the twelve brothers will settle in Egypt and grow most numerous until they are enslaved because the Egyptians grew to fear them because of their numbers, and God would draw them and form them until they are led out of Egypt; no longer just twelve tribes, but a beginning of a mighty nation dedicated to God.

How does this apply to you?

God often allows what seems unfair.  He sometimes permits the innocent to suffer so that a greater good can come about.  God does not instigate the trials and sufferings, for God never condones sin, but He will use one who loves Him and trusts in Him to help many.  God is fair.  He rewards now and, especially, for all eternity those who remain at peace and trust in His Will and in His Goodness.  If Joseph had not loved God and abandoned to His Will, you, too, would be different, for your heritage is part of his story.

I, Jesus, come from the tribe of Juda, one of those brothers.  Your faith is based on the teachings that God gave to the tribes that became the nation of Israel.

I, Jesus, Man, was a part of that nation; so were the first twelve Apostles, so was the great Paul, and from him comes most of the New Testament. 

Do you begin to see how important Scripture is to you?

I, Jesus, bless you.


*Reading for today’s Mass: Genesis 44:18-21, 23b-29; 45:1-5.



7/19/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


JOSHUA 10:1-15


Today’s Teaching is from the Book of Joshua.  It deals with a great battle where the allies of Israel were going to be attacked by neighboring kings because these kings were afraid of the alliance made with Joshua and the nation of Israel.  Joshua is true to the alliance and comes to the defense of Gibeon.  He is successful, not because of the size of his army, but because God is with him and the nation of Israel.  Joshua asks for the Lord’s help and, because he is the one appointed to lead, God answers him, not only by giving him victory, but granting great signs and wonders which were witnessed throughout the land.

It is recorded in Scripture that never before had God answered a man’s prayer in such a wondrous way.  The sun stood still and a great darkness fell upon the land, and not until the twentieth century, when God granted the miracle of the sun at Fatima, was such a wonder granted again.

Joshua’s prayer was heard because of his faith, trust and obedience to the Lord Most High.  A simple victory would have rejoiced Joshua’s heart, but all he prayed for was granted, and more.

At Fatima, little Lucy asked for a sign.  She was appointed by God to speak for the children and she was granted a sign no one was expecting.  The very sun moved in the heavens and spun and descended toward the earth, drying the rain-soaked ground in seconds.

My children who say: ‘Where is God?  He is not near us.  He does not hear prayers anymore.’, look at what God has wrought for you in your own day.  It was not so many years ago that this miracle was granted to you.  Since that time, many miracles have been granted all over the world, and I ask ‘What benefit have you garnered from them?’  Have they built up your Faith?  Have they enflamed your love for God and made you grateful for His mercy, goodness and love, or have they only served to pique your curiosity, and then you went on your way the same as before?

Signs and wonders are granted to increase Faith and to bring you closer to God.  They should lead you to conversion, repentance and atonement.

My children gathered here, you have seen many miracles granted here.  The most important miracle is the opening of hearts to God.  Be grateful for what is given you and share with others that God is with His people and is faithful to His promises.

Those who say they believe in God and follow His Ways, turn from all that leads you away from God and witness with love and humility that God is with His children today giving victory over every evil to those who trust in Him.

I, Jesus, bless you.



7/26/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




Today I wish to speak to those gathered about treachery and honor.

The Book of Esther deals with the greed and treachery of a man who wants power.  He hates the Jews because one stands in his way – Mordecai.  He is willing and determined to destroy a nation in order to get what he wants.  What eventually defeats him is the Faith and Trust in God of a woman.  Esther is queen, but Haman, who does not know her background, does not worry about her.  He is a man full of pride and ambition.  Esther, in truth, does not have power, but she does have the love of her husband.  Esther suffers greatly because the fate of her people and because of the jealousy of her husband who, for a time, believes a lie.  Esther’s courage in speaking up for her people is truly magnificent.  Few men would have had the courage, under the circumstances, to speak to the great king and reveal to him the enemy who he has trusted.  Esther, with only her Faith as a guide, her Trust as a shield, is able to change the outcome of a devious plot.

This Book of Esther is a part of Scripture to show the people that Faith and Trust in God is the most powerful weapon on the earth against evil.  No man can stand against God and, often, God uses the littlest and weakest to bring down the powerful and the mighty.

Children gathered here today, it is the same today as in the time of Esther.  Those who think themselves mighty, and that they think they can hide behind lies and deceptions, will find themselves defeated by the littlest and those they despised.  Do not trust in the ways of the world, for that way leads to ashes.  Have Faith and Trust in God.  Use your Faith and Trust to change the course of mankind.  Like Esther, bring hope to those suffering.  Renew what has been laid waste, which is man’s belief and trust in God.

Today I have chosen this lesson because My children are oppressed from all sides.  You are the Esthers who will bring down God’s help, and all the people will be delivered and given peace.

My children, stand fast.  Offer your prayers as Esther did and witness with courage, and I will do the rest.

I, Jesus, bless you.



8/2/07 Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




Today I wish to speak to My children gathered about this section from the Book of Esther.

My children, My prophets of today have received many words and have been given many dreams about this time in the history of mankind.  My prophets have stepped out bravely to speak My Words and to warn of the things to come.

First, and primarily, I have warned that the world has turned from God and has created many false gods, be it money, pleasure, greed of all kinds, especially the greed for power.  These gods have taken possession of much of the hearts of mankind.

In Mordacai’s dream, one is raised to bring about change and correct the evil that threatens God’s people.  In Mordacai’s day, it is Esther who God puts into position as queen to help her people and to bring about the end of those who do evil.

In this day, the Father Almighty has sent the Queen of Heaven, Mary Most Holy, to help Her children.  She is sent to warn them of the terrible danger they are in.  She comes to deliver them and defeat evil by teaching them how to return to God Who is their only hope.

As in the days of Mordacai and Queen Esther, today God again chose two lots.  The one is His holy children who strive to persevere in loving Him and obeying Him.  The other contains those who do evil to themselves and others for their own reasons.  This time not just one nation is in danger, but all those throughout the world who have chosen Good over Evil.  If God heard the pleas of the nation of Israel and the cry of Esther for help, will He not hear the intercession of Most Holy Mary for the children of God who follow the path of justice and righteousness?

Woe and three times woe to those who believe they need not fear God, and three times woe to those who attack, ridicule and try to destroy those who have chosen the path to God.  Every word prophesied will be fulfilled; every dream given to the prophets will be fulfilled.

For those who have chosen God, be not afraid.  God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  He will always protect His children who call to Him with righteous hearts.  And for those who have chosen their own will, or those who have freely chosen Evil, I AM warns you; Turn away now from your evil deeds while there is still time.  The Just One has counted the hairs upon the heads of those who live as His children. 

Woe to you who do not hear My Words because you are hard of heart.  You will live to rue the day you did not listen and turned away.* 

My desire is for all My children to hear My Words and enter into a new Springtime filled with peace, joy and hope.

I, Jesus, bless you.



8/9/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS 12:12-14


My children gathered here today, this passage from Scripture is as important to you as it was to the Israelites.  God will have no other gods before Him.

The Israelites could only leave Egypt and enslavement when God showed His Power in such a way that every Egyptian knew that One more powerful than their gods made of clay and stone was upon the earth, and would fulfill the promises made to those He had chosen as His own.

Children of God, today those who want to rule the world have created gods that they wish all to worship, and by so doing, make slaves out of the people of God so that those who believe that they are in control can grow fat on money and power.

I warned both My people and those who serve no god but themselves that there is a limit to what I will allow, for those who are faithful to Me are marked by My sign and you will recognize them by their love and faithfulness to the Commandments.  These I have promised to deliver from those who try to force them to abandon God.

Today I say; look around you.  Am I not again permitting plagues, floods, infestations of insects, drought to show My Power and to humble those who say they do not need Me?  Like the Egyptians of old, the hearts of those in power and those of the people will not heed My warnings and allow Me to free My people.  How far do I have to go?  How much do I have to permit before knees bend and heads bow?  This time I wish not only to deliver those who are faithful to Me, but I wish to deliver all My children from their hardness of heart and their enslavement to sin.

Just as before, in the days of Moses, I will win.  No one can stand against God Thrice Holy.  But what will it cost you if you hang on to your greed, pride and self-love?

My children, I, Jesus, came to earth a Man-God to reveal the Face of the Father; to help you to understand His love for each one of you.  I came to show you the way to Heaven, and I came to show you how to live your days upon the earth with justice, love, hope and joy.  Listen to My Words; listen to my warning.  You do not live for yourselves, you were created to live in union with God and only in God will you find peace, joy and fulfillment.

I, Jesus, bless you.



8/16/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS 13:12-16


My children gathered here today, you ask ‘What does this passage have to do with me?’ and I tell you that it has everything to do with you.

When I came upon the earth, I came to fulfill the law, not abolish it.  Instead of dedicating the first-born male, I instituted the Sacrament of Baptism, which dedicates and marks every child of God who receives it.  It is the responsibility of the parents to see that each child that is given to them is dedicated to the Lord, and it is through this Sacrament that you take upon yourselves the responsibility of giving to your Lord your entire life and all that you possess, for your life and all that you possess comes from God and belongs to Him.  You are signed with His Sign and it is through this signature that God recognizes and claims you as His own.  Every man born has God as his Father, but the sign given you at Baptism marks you as chosen.  It gives glory to God and gives you an inheritance and protection.  It is not yours by right, but a gift and you are responsible for using this gift well and passing it on to future generations.  The consequences of your Baptism should shine for others to see as if it were written on your hands and on your forehead, which means living faithfully in your thoughts and in your deeds what the Father asks of you.  And what He asks of you is to love as He loves, to be faithful to His Commandments and to live in peace and joy.

My children gathered, you live in the time of fullness of grace.  I, Jesus, came to restore grace to man.  Living in grace makes you not only a child of God, but a friend of God.  I ask you to dedicate your lives to fulfilling your Baptismal vows and to rejoice and live in peace knowing that you are following the path that will lead you safely home to Heaven.  Teach your children and your grandchildren how to know, love and serve God by your actions, your thoughts and your words.

I, Jesus, bless you.



8/23/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




Children gathered here today, I have given these two verses to you so that you may learn and grow holy.  The world, and by this I mean all people, places and things that separate you from God, must be abolished from your lives.  There is no room for anything except God in your hearts and in your souls if you desire Heaven.

Today there is compromise everywhere.  People who profess to believe in God and love Him try to live with one foot on the path to Heaven and the other in the world.  They foolishly believe they can enjoy the pleasures of the world and seek out their own self-interests and still have Heaven.  Foolish man, God will have no rivals.  He wants all of your love and your total fidelity.

I said in Scripture ‘A house divided will fall’.  A person who lives a divided life will fall to his eternal detriment.

Now, today, choose.  If you want God, then live according to His Commandments.  If you want the world and do not care about Heaven, choose it.  The Father in Heaven is not deceived.  He sees all that is in your heart, so you cannot make Him believe that you have chosen Him and then act like a pagan.

I, Jesus, showed you by My Life and My Death how to conquer Heaven.  I told you that you must choose between the hard, narrow road with its trials, sufferings and renunciations, but leads to your glory and happiness, and the wide road which looks joyful, full of pleasure, but in the end leads to your eternal suffering and loss of all joy, especially the Eternal Joy, God Himself.  It is up to you to seek out and destroy the false gods in your life.  Remove love of money, power and unholy pleasures.

I, Jesus, will help you, if you truly wish to reach Heaven, but you must destroy yourselves all that keeps you bound to the world and Satan.

I, Jesus, bless you.



8/30/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




Children gathered here, your hearts beat with fear and you wonder what could this mean.  Surely the Lord does not want us to kill those who do not believe or act in a righteous way.

My children, I am Mercy, and with My coming, the severe understanding and practice of the Law was mitigated on the one hand, and yet, placed greater responsibility on you.  Love and mercy are to be shown to all.  Brother does not kill brother, and you are all brothers and sisters having one Father in Heaven, but with My coming I taught the world what was expected of a child of God.  I spoke plainly and, more importantly, witnessed with My Life and Death what it means to be obedient to God the Father.  He wants no god before Him, which means He wants your total love, obedience and respect.  No one has rights above God over you, not physically, not over your heart and your mind.  No law is above God’s Law.  No committee or assembly has the power to change one iota of God’s Law, nor does any person or assembly have the right to change the meaning of the Law as I have taught it to you.

Children of God, many are placing themselves above God by not only breaking the Commandments, but trying to do away with them through coercion and high-sounding platitudes that mean nothing before God.  Man is responsible for his actions and that which he holds in his heart.

When you stand before God, there will be no man-made laws that will mean anything, if you do not stand and be able to show that you followed God’s Commandments and were faithful to the meaning of them. 

I told you that the path leading to Heaven is a narrow one.  Love your neighbor as yourself, but do not love or condone sin - these are two very different things - and sin can never be acceptable.

I, Jesus, bless you.



9/6/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS 12:17-20


My children gathered here today, I wish to speak to you of this passage in Scripture.

Many say ‘what difference does it make if I belong to this denomination or another, as long as I am Christian?’  I have told you that I did not come to change one iota of the Law.  This command given to the Israelites was to be a perpetual institution, and so it is.  I am the Lamb of God, I am God, and so I was able to bring to perfection this command.  I was able, because I am God, to bring it to a fullness that was never dreamed of.

On Holy Thursday night, as a devout Son of the Law, I fulfilled the proscription of the Law, but as God, I was able to elevate it in both time and eternity.  I took the unleavened bread, which was to remind the People of God’s protection and His deliverance of them, and make of it My Own Body truly Present.  I took plain unleavened bread, Sanctified it and made a way that I could remain with you until the end of the world.  I am Present with you in every generation in the True Sense, a Living Food that nourishes you spiritually and physically.  Each true believer becomes a true tabernacle in which I dwell in fullness when you receive Me in Holy Communion.

Miracle of miracles; I gave you a Gift beyond all price which unites you intimately to Me and I to you, but so many, in their worldly wisdom, began to deny My True Presence, calling it only a commemoration.  Foolish man, how can you believe that I did not mean what I said when you swear by the very words of Scripture.

I, God, can do all things and I do not lie, so how can you say that I did not mean what I said at the Last Supper, or that it is not possible for Me to be Truly Present in the Blessed Sacrament?  I have given you, through the Blessed Sacrament, a way to nourish your souls and to strengthen you in Me so that you may attain Heaven.

I ask all Christians to open their hearts to Truth and avail yourselves of My Mercy and love, and come nourish yourselves through the great Gift of the Holy Eucharist.  Come with humble and purified hearts; come to the One Who loves you; come to your Redeemer and Savior.

I, Jesus, bless you.



9/13/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




My children gathered here today, this verse, and succeeding verses, deals with the promise of My forgiveness for those who, seeing their error, repent and ask for forgiveness.

Moses is given this teaching because God knows that throughout all time, man will fail his God, and in order to have hope, this teaching was given.  Very often when your generation reads the Old Testament, you say to yourselves ‘how blind and stubborn they were.  Look at all the miracles given, all the signs and wonders, and how God swept before them their enemies.’  You say ‘how could they turn away from God and from their own good?’

My children, is it any different today?  God gave to you what He didn’t give to them – Me, the Incarnate God.  They did not have God walking among men, teaching by word and action Who God is and how to know, love and serve Him.  They did not have grace restored as you have, and yet, your generation is as blind and rebellious as your ancestors in Faith.

You have no excuse, but My Heart opens to you and extends mercy and forgiveness when you come humbly and repent.  There is no end to the greatness of My Mercy.  Only you can set limits on it by refusing to see your sins and ask for forgiveness and make a firm intention not to sin again.  There is no sin that I will not forgive if you truly repent.  It fills My Heart with great joy when forgiveness is asked for and you turn to good.  My Love and Mercy cover you and renew you.  I strengthen you for the future battles.  Just come to Me in sincerity and there is nothing I will not do for you.

Be not like the Israelites, hard of heart and stiff of neck, but come running with open arms to your Jesus, Who is your Savior.

I, Jesus, bless you.



9/20/07  Scripture Teaching




My children gathered here, I, the Lord, speak to you plainly.  I have given to you every grace and blessing, I have sent prophet after prophet, and I have sent to you My Holy Mother to instruct you in My ways and warn you to return to God. 

This is the call of the prophet and the desire of the Holy Mother: to speak to you and guide you on the sure path of Peace and Joy, but, as in days of old, My prophets are hounded, dismissed and ridiculed.  Even the many apparitions of the Mother of God did not move hearts or open minds, and now you find yourself on the brink of destruction, spiritually and physically.  The greatest catastrophe is spiritual death, but most of you never think about this.  You live for the physical and material world, and even when you see the warning signs of impending destruction, you do not heed them.  You live for the moment, for what brings gratification in this second.

My children, even the best of you are not truly prepared for what is coming.  You cannot prepare by wisely investing, or storing food, or making powerful connections; the only way you can prepare is to truly know in your heart that only God is sufficient.  To acquire this knowledge and trust, you must pray, examine yourselves and repent, then begin living each day united to My Will.  Love Me above all things and all persons.  Use the things given as tools to do good, knowing that they do not belong to you, but are given to you for a greater good.  Love one another and you will show Me that you love Me, for I abide in your brothers and sisters.  Seek the good of every individual and stop trying to control and manipulate each other for your own benefit.

My children, there are not many days ahead for you to conform to My Will and learn the Law of Love.  You are not headed for the end of the world, but the world as you know it is about to be shaken and leveled so that My Path may be made straight.

Awake!  Awake!  Awake!  The time for slumber and personal self-interest is over.  Heed the warning and signs and save yourselves much suffering.  Heed the Words of Holy Mary and return to God.  Heed the words of the prophets and obey the Commandments and live the Law of Love.  Stop trying to silence them, for I tell you, one day the very stones will cry out that the Lord is God and all belongs to Him.

I, Jesus, bless you.



9/27/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




My children gathered here today, you hear the words of the Apostle Paul.  He is speaking to the Hebrews, but he is also speaking to all generations.  He is sharing with them a truth; that when they accept Me, Jesus the Christ, they are accepting salvation.

Baptism marks your souls and you enter into God’s plan of Salvation.  It is the first step of a long road that ends, for the faithful, in Heaven.  You are signed with My Sign and grace is given to you, but it is up to you to continue on the road of grace and to become more and more like Me.  You lay down your own ego and you strive to be My reflection in the world so as to live united to the Father and draw others to Me, your Savior and Redeemer.

The Christian does not live for himself, but for God’s Glory and to help Me, your Jesus, to gather souls for the Kingdom.  You give Me glory when you imitate Me in loving the Father, and loving and serving your brothers and sisters, be they far or near.  Your glory comes in being true sons and daughters of the Most Holy Father.  As you persevere in grace and love, you move from glory to glory until you are transformed into a spiritual being capable of enduring all for the love and glory of God.  The Triune Holiness will shine in you, and when you come to stand before Me in judgment, I will see Our Holiness reflected in you and I will say to you, ‘Come into Our Father’s House; all He possesses is yours.’

This last is the promise made to you at Baptism, but it is up to you to embrace My Way and persevere to the end.

I, Jesus, bless you.



10/4/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus  




My children gathered here, today We take the words of Paul, and I wish to give you understanding.

Paul is telling you that love makes you Mine.  It is the recognizable sign that you belong to Me.  It does not matter what words of wisdom, knowledge or comfort that is given to you by another, if that person does not love.  He is no more than a parrot repeating words.  He cannot give you substance; he cannot teach you the way to go to arrive in Me.  You will know the one who loves by their patience, generosity, both spiritually and materially, by their joy and their perseverance in trials.  This person can teach you to measure what is of value; that which is holy and coming from Me.

Paul’s prayer reflects holiness and generosity, for his heart is filled with love for those he instructs and for all the children of God.

Today when you try to discern if this person, or that person, is truly speaking the words of God for God’s Glory and the good of God’s children, take a look at the person, how he lives his daily life.  Is he, or she, generous with others, both spiritually and materially?  Is God’s attributes reflected within them and within their actions?  Do you see love towards all, mercy towards those who offend them?  Is there forgiveness in their hearts and in their actions?  If these are not present, then I am not present.

Generosity must be seen in My chosen souls.  They give and do not ask to receive material gain.  They sow peace into hearts and souls.  They are humble with the gifts God has given them.  They do not separate themselves and lord it over others, but follow My example and make all welcome and show mercy to those most in need.  They do not judge others, for they humbly admit that they are sinners also.  They put before people the Face of God and show them the Heart of God by their love of God and living according to His Will.  This is what it means to measure the breadth, the length and depth of spiritual things.

My children, many wolves prowl now dressed in sheep’s clothes, portraying a different Lord than the one I taught you.  They say the words of Scripture and offer easy paths which supposedly lead to Heaven.  Do not be fooled; the path to Heaven is one only, and it is narrow and hard, and all those truly on that path resemble their Lord, especially in the virtues of love, mercy, giving of self and justice toward all.  Pray for those who are deceived into wandering onto other paths that will take them away from Me.

I, Jesus, bless you.



10/11/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




My children gathered here today, I come to speak to you on My Body, the Church.

Over the centuries, My Teaching has been diluted or purposely misunderstood.  I taught you that I am the Head of the Church and you, who are its members, are the arms, legs, feet, heart and the voice.  Each member has an important place in the Body and no one person is more important than another.  I have given authority to some to minister the Sacraments and help to guide the Church, but that does not mean that they are more important than the youngest member.  Because of this misunderstanding, some flaunt it over others, some try to silence others, and some are not active because they believe that they are of no importance.  All are wrong.

Authority is given; it is not one’s by right, and all are guided by the Holy Spirit at one time or another, so all must be respectfully heard and all given equal consideration. 

Those who believe that they are of no importance and need only show up for Services and to pay their tithes are also wrong, for every member is given gifts and all the gifts are needed if the whole Body is to be strong and functioning at its best.  All must be considerate of everyone else and pull their own weight, and at the same time, allowing their brother and sister to fulfill their part with your help and prayers.  My Church is a living organism which is still maturing as the Holy Spirit guides and teaches.

Rejoice, My children, that you are a part of so great a gift to mankind.  From this living organism holiness is to grow in its individual members, and from them flow out covering the entire world, even to the Last Day.

My children, for this to happen, you must change your attitude and live for what is spiritual.  You live on the earth, but your heart, will and mind should be united to Heaven.

I bless those with ears to hear and the courage to begin anew to make My Teachings relevant to all you meet.

I, Jesus, bless you.



10/18/07 Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




My children gathered here and all those who read these messages, I, the Lord, wish to instruct on the meaning of these verses.

Children of all ages, honor your father and your mother.  For those who are still young and under the roof of their father’s house, obey your parents and show respect at all times in your words and in your actions and in your thoughts.  A parent may make a mistake, but it is not for you to correct them, disobey them, or think ill of them.  The father of a family stands in God’s place and must be respected, for this is the Will of God.  A family cannot run by consensus; someone must be responsible for the care, discipline and education of the children.  This responsibility falls to the mother and father, but it is the father that is held most responsible by God, because he is the one who is given authority to act in God’s place as head of the family.  Therefore, children owe the mother and father love, respect and obedience.

For those who are older and living in their own family units, you must continue to honor and respect your parents.  That obligation never ends.  In thought, word and action, you must be considerate, loving and patient.  He who honors and respects, especially the elderly parents, is blessed by God and many sins will be forgiven for those who lovingly and patiently care for the elderly and honor them at all times.

Parents, you must respect your children and love each one unconditionally; they are a gift from God and you are accountable for their spiritual, physical and emotional well-being.  For a parent to abuse a son or daughter, be it physically or emotionally, is an abomination before God.

The Father has entrusted innocent souls into your care.  Abuse distorts and hinders their growth, spiritually and emotionally.  On the day of judgment, you will not be asked how many toys you gave your children, or what schools you sent them to, or how much money you gave them to enjoy themselves, you will be asked if you taught your children to love, respect and obey God and to use well the talents they were given.  You will be asked ‘Did you love them and respect their individuality?’  You will be asked ‘Did you teach them to love their neighbor as themselves, and be generous to others?  Did you teach them to walk in the ways of the Lord, and did you teach them to respect themselves by giving them the physical, emotional and spiritual support they needed?’  You can only give them this if you are patient, loving, generous with your time, and show them how important they are to you and to their Heavenly Father.

I created marriage and made it a Sacrament so that children could be raised in a stable, nurturing environment where love between parents and children would open hearts to be able to know and love God, and so all the family members would not only know love here, but would be together for all eternity, loving one another and their God.

My children reading these messages, you have allowed the world to distort marriage and it has brought about the destruction of the family.  With this destruction has come the loss of many souls, because there is no respect between husbands and wives, and there is no commitment between them, in good and bad times, to stay together until one is called home by God.  The children not raised in loving, stable families, founded on love for God, caused the children not only the loss of the love of both parents in a solid home life, but they suffer emotionally, sometimes physically, and most often they are given no training in the knowledge and love of God.  Often they have low self-esteem, and so how can they love others if they have no respect for themselves?

This must change, and it will change.  This transformation can happen by turning back to God and the Commandments, and elevating marriage to its rightful place, or, if you will not do it voluntarily, the Father can, and will, arrange it through circumstances so that once again family life will have its proper place in the natural and spiritual order.

Pray that God does not have to intervene.

I, Jesus, bless you.



10/25/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 3:12-20


My children gathered here, I wish to speak of these verses and how they apply today.  These verses Paul quotes from the Old Testament and what was true then is true now.

The God of All held accountable the Israelites for not obeying the Commandments.  After the covenant was made with them, they swore to have no other God but the One, True God and to obey His Commandments.  This covenant was broken over and over again, but God remained faithful, even if His children did not.

Today you live under the New Covenant; a covenant made between the Lord, thy God, and each of you at Baptism.  I, Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity, came not only to redeem you, but to teach you how to live to fulfill this covenant.   You, too, promised at Baptism to have no other God than the Thrice Holy God.  You promised to renounce all sin and to live by the Commandments of God.  I, Jesus, taught you to love the Father above all things.  I showed you how to live chaste, honest and acceptable lives before God.  I taught you to turn the other cheek when offended and to pray for your enemies.  I taught you that if you loved and trusted in the Father, no man, or nation, could defeat you.  I taught you to persevere in goodness so that the Kingdom would be within you, and one day you would find your reward in Heaven.  I showed you that what the Father commanded was possible to live.  Others who followed Me throughout the centuries witnessed, also, that every man, woman and child could live according to the Father’s Will, but in every generation, there are always those who do not want to obey the Father, and to excuse their sinfulness, they say it is not possible to be holy and to love God as He should be loved.  It is a lie and has been proven to be a lie.  It is an excuse for willfulness and rebellion.

My children gathered here and those reading these messages, these are strong words and I, Jesus, know how weak you can be, and I know how the world and Satan can tempt you, but I have given you all that you need to live holy lives.  All man can fail from time to time and sin, but I have given you the Sacraments to strengthen you, and through the Sacrament of Penance, to be united with God once again. 

If you will to be loving children of God and abandon to Me and trust in God’s forgiveness, you can persevere and overcome all obstacles.  It is the heart of the person that I judge, so be confident, humble and loving children and you will obtain holiness and Heaven.

I, Jesus, bless you.



11/1/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




My children gathered here today, I wish to speak of these verses in which your hope lies.  Paul corresponds My Death and Resurrection with your death to sin and resurrection into Life through Baptism. 

It is true: My Death put an end to the hold that sin had upon the world and upon each of you.  My Resurrection was the proof that I had power over life and death; over both the material and spiritual world.  Through your Baptism, I give to you the keys to eternal happiness and the fullness of life in this world.  The bondage of Original Sin is broken through the giving of Supernatural Grace and Actual Grace is given to you to strengthen you, to keep Satan at bay by overcoming personal sin.  These two Graces acting together act as a fortress around your soul.  The door to your soul is marked with My Sign, and if you do not want evil, then evil, sin, cannot penetrate.

My children, in your hands is your destiny.  You are given all that is needed, and more, to reach the home of your Heavenly Father.  Over and over, Paul emphasizes that True Life is found in Me and through Me.  Paul reminds you that I have already trod the path that you are taking and if you stay on that path, I will walk every step with you.

My children gathered here and those who read these messages, it is up to you to choose God.  You cannot have the world and its pleasures, meaning sin, and Heaven too. 

There is no meeting ground between the two, but a great abyss that you will fall into if you try to live with one foot in the world and one on the path to Heaven.  It is all or nothing.

Contemplate My Words and then choose.  If you choose God, then be faithful to your choice and persevere to the end.

I, Jesus, bless you.



11/8/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 12:9-12


My children gathered here today, I wish to speak to you about the meaning of these verses.  The Christian is one who is baptized and a follower of My Teachings.  To recognize a true Christian, look for love.  Many call themselves Christians, many are baptized, but that does not make them true Christians.

God is love and I, Jesus, God-Man, came to confirm you in love.  My Life was a teaching on how to love God and your neighbor.  I told you to love the Father above all things.  I told you that if you did not love your neighbor, you could not truly love God, for it is the Will of the Father that all those who belong to Him in Spirit and Truth must love as He loves, which is unconditionally.  The Father asks that you treat all people as you want to be treated, that you encourage one another to grow in holiness, and that you provide for one another, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

These words of Scripture have been repeated once again at every apparition site by your Holy Mother throughout the centuries, but most recently your Holy Mother has come to at least one place in every nation to remind God’s children what it requires to reach Heaven.  At every place, by the command of the Father, the Virgin Mary has asked for prayer, for perseverance, not only in prayer, but living the Commandments.  She has pleaded for peace between neighbors and nations.  Your Holy Mother pleaded for love and forgiveness in families.  She has come from Heaven crying tears of blood as She has pleaded for the end of violence against the unborn, against family members and against the conflict that nations are provoking.

If the words of Scripture and the pleas of your Heavenly Mother are not heard and acted upon, the sufferings of all people will be great.  Over and over you have been warned that the consequences of your actions, and the refusal to open your hearts to love and forgiveness, will lead to a catastrophic event that will force you to change.  If this event happens, it will be by your own hand, for you will not have listened, repented and changed.

Once again I, Jesus, ask you to listen to My Words and the Words of your Holy Mother.  We ask you to pray for the conversion of hearts, for the opening of all hearts to Me.  Repent and love.  Put others before yourselves.  Make peace with God and with your neighbor.  There is little time left. 

For those who have heard and acted, I give you My thanks and the protection of My Sacred Heart.  Do not lose courage and persevere in prayer, for your prayers have mitigated many of the natural catastrophes that have happened over these last few years.  Prayer said with love can change everything.

I, Jesus, bless you.



11/15/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




My children gathered here today, I wish to speak of the truth of these verses.

All gathered here are members of the Mystical Body.  I am the Head of this Body; the Spirit is the Heart.  The Holy Spirit grants at Baptism His Gifts.  All the Gifts are given, but one or more is given in abundance for the good of the whole Body.

Too many today either do not know about the Gifts of the Spirit, or do not use them for one reason or another.  People are not taught as they should be about each Gift of the Spirit, and few meditate to see what Gifts they have been granted and to pray on how to use them according to God’s Will.  Most sit back and allow others to do all the work.  These are Christians in name only.  Some are like putrid flesh, just hanging on to a living Body.  Their complacency causes disease and a weakening of the whole Body.  Some are like atrophied muscles who, because they are not worked, are of no use to the Body and a hindrance to the functioning of the whole Body.

Each member of My Mystical Body must be alive and healthy, which means in the state of grace and functioning in the manner to which they are called.  No one Gift is greater than another, for all are vital and dependent on one another.

There is such mediocrity, if not loss of Faith, because the Baptized think of themselves as a member of an organization in which they can choose to participate, or not, if they only pay their dues.  I do not want your money; I want your hearts, your wills and your perseverance in seeking to live whole and holy lives.

This Mystical Body of which I am the Head spans time and eternity, so you must be spiritually, physically and emotionally involved.  I need alive and holy members to bring the reign of peace upon this earth and to crush Satan and demolish the evil that has claimed the hearts and minds of many of the children of God.

Awake and heal!  Awake and arise!  Awake and join the battle for the hearts and minds of God’s children.

I, Jesus, bless you.



11/22/07  As there was no Prayer Gathering today, Thanksgiving, the Lord did not give a Scripture teaching this week.



11/29/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 12:12-19


My children gathered here, I wish to speak to you about what it means to be My Follower.  My Ways are not the ways of the world.  To reach greatness, My Followers must follow a way opposed to the thinking of the worldly.  You must humble yourself before God and man.  My Followers treat equally the great and the small of the world.  They seek to see Me in each person and treat each person with the same respect and dignity.  They must treat each person as if I was standing before them.  My Followers seek peace in all situations.  They do not seek revenge for harm done to them, for they know that they, too, are sinners and only God can give out true justice. 

My Followers are not weak.  It takes great strength, both spiritually and morally, to live as I ask.  Christianity is not for the weak, the self-centered or the worldly.  What man believes is strength and power is nothing but ash that blows away with the first gust of wind.  What My Followers possess can stand against whirlwinds and earthquakes, for they do not rely on the things of the earth, but the things of God.  Virtue is greater than gold.  Grace is stronger than any man-made thing and a heart open to God is a fortress that cannot be breached.

It is said in Scripture (Isaiah) that the world is My footstool.  I, Jesus, tell you that My Followers sit beside Me and Heaven and earth is theirs.  The cowardly need not apply to join My army filled with love, compassion, humility and perseverance in all trials.  I gather the meek and the humble, for they are far stronger than the rich and the powerful by worldly standards.

My children gathered here and all those who read these messages, stop and meditate.  Do you truly belong to Me, or a follower in name only?  Do you wear My breastplate of love and carry the shield of humility, or are you arrogant and self-seeking? 

Today is the day of choice.  You cannot stand with your feet in the world and still proclaim to others that you belong to Me and are My Follower.  I will tell you that I do not know you.  If you want Me and all I have to offer, then choose Me and all I demand of My Followers.  Decide today and act accordingly.  Decide today if you want to belong to the army of Heaven, or encamp with those in darkness who are being led by Satan far from God and Heaven.

I, Jesus, bless you.



12/6/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 13:12-14


My children gathered here today, these verses apply to your times as never before. 

Lewdness, promiscuity and impurity in all of its forms has been in every age, but never was it acceptable throughout most of society.  Your generation truly lives in spiritual darkness, for society has accepted as normal what in all other generations was known to be evil.  Living together without marriage is sinful.  Producing children willingly outside of a stable marriage is sinful.  Having sexual relations outside of marriage is sinful. Accepting all forms of perversion as a life-style choice is sinful.  Whenever has a people needed to be told these things because they were so ignorant of God’s Laws and the natural laws?

My children, so many are so far from God and basic Truth that it amazes Heaven and even surprises Hell.  This disregard of God’s Commandments, and what reason tells you is true, comes from willfulness, selfishness and pride.  Many believe that they know more than God.  Many choose the cry of Satan: ‘I will not serve!’  And many have made themselves their own little god, answerable only to themselves.

Pray for Light to shine in this darkness.  Pray that grace may penetrate hearts hardened to the calls of God.  Pray that the Father does not have to chastise this generation in order to save it from itself and from an eternity in hell.  All of the deadly sins are being embraced and holiness is being ridiculed and, by some, called insanity.  How disconnected from reality you have all become.  There is only one Reality* and no one can change this Reality by willing things to change.

My children gathered here and those reading these messages, take a stand and witness to the Light and to Truth.  Do not allow yourselves to be shouted down.  Have mercy on yourselves and this generation by standing and repeating that God lives and that He must be loved and obeyed for your sakes, for the sake of the whole world.

I, Jesus, bless you.




12/13/07  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 14:12


My children gathered here today, this is the point to which your life is tending.  When you breathe your last, you come to stand before Me. 

Every soul comes before Me, for the Father has given into My Hands the right to judge.  Some fear this moment with good cause, for they did not want God or His Ways during their lifetime.  Some did not have time for Him, for they were busy seeking their own self-interests and placing their desires above His Will.  Some, in their pride, believe they know more than God and, to justify their actions, declare that He does not exist. 

When these souls stand before Me, they experience God in His Infinite Love, in His Infinite Mercy, in His Infinite Goodness, and in His abundant Justice.  These souls cannot stand the Light that penetrates their souls and shows them what they have become, what they were offered and what they rejected.  They willingly send themselves into the Abyss (Hell), for they understand and accept that this is their Just Place.  They wanted the Darkness.  For all eternity they will remember Who they could have been united with in joy and peace, and this is the greatest part of their pain and suffering in Hell – that they did this to themselves.

Other souls come before Me having been lukewarm all their lives, not rejecting God, but doing only the minimum necessary to avoid Hell.  These souls did not have a passion for Good or Evil.  They were content to live only to a certain point; they never loved heroically God or Man.  They kept the Commandments, but there was no love that raised their acts to true virtue.  Before the Eternal Fire of Love, they see how complacent they were; how nothing was done with their whole heart, their whole will, or their whole strength.  They realize, with My help, that they do not deserve Hell, but neither are they ready to enter into union with their all-Loving God.  Their souls are not ready to abide in God, to enter into the Ecstatic Vision, so these souls willingly enter into a state of purification known as Purgatory.  During their time of purification, they will learn to love and burn with the desire to attain union with God.  These souls are at peace, for they know it is just that they are made perfect so as to enter Heaven.  There is also a sense of joy, for they know they are saved and it is just a matter of time, in a sense, until full union is reached.

For those few souls who have understood the Scriptures and meditated on God during their life, and have chosen Him before all things, they come before Me with joy and anticipation.  These souls have lived the Theological Virtues of Faith, Hope and Love.  They have been merciful to all others and shared what they have possessed in knowledge and material wealth with their brothers and sisters.  They have persevered through all trials, remaining faithful to God and living holy lives.  These souls are strong in virtue because they have practiced virtue.  They have persevered because they sought, and found, their strength in God.  They accepted the ridicule of the world, the attacks of Satan, and did not count the cost as long as they could love God and have Him for their Friend.  These souls do not fear God, for they understand the Heart of God and trust in His Mercy.

My children gathered here, and those who read these messages, in what category do you fall?  Today I ask you to take this time of Advent to focus on your spiritual life.

Most of you, almost all of you, do not fall into the first category, or you would not be here or reading these messages.  If you search your souls and find that most often you are complacent, then ask Me to help you, and during these weeks of introspection, start on the path of love and commitment to God.  If you are already striving with all your heart, mind, will and strength to love the Triune God, then I say ‘Bless you and continue on this path.’  All that you need to reach your goal will be given to you in abundance, for the desire of the Father’s Heart is to have all His children with Him for all Eternity, and that you come to Him running into His Arms when you draw your last breath.

I, Jesus, bless you.



12/21/07 – Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 13:5-7


My children gathered here today, I wish to speak to you of authority and the respect due to authority.

My children, too many of you believe you can pick and choose what you will do or not do when it comes to legitimate laws.

My children, God grants authority to men who hold public office.  They should recognize their obligation to God and man.  They enter office taking an Oath and they are bound by that Oath, and they will answer to God for that Oath.  If they fulfill that Oath, it is to their spiritual benefit as well as to their physical benefit.  If they break that Oath for personal gain, or power over men, they will answer when they stand before God, and the judgment will be severe.  Because they have such great responsibility, they must be respected in the office they hold.  What legitimate laws are passed must be obeyed, be they deal with great things or small things.  They must be obeyed whether you personally agree or not.  I am speaking of legitimate laws.

Illegitimate laws are another matter.  These may be laws that are contrary to Natural and God-given laws; the Ten Commandments.  Anything legislated that is against Natural Law, or the Commands of God, have no authority over you or others.  Man’s conscience may not be infringed by anyone.  No law takes precedent over the Will of God. 

Many have laid down their lives through the centuries in order to stay faithful to God and to what they know is morally right.  Each person must take a stand for what is Just, what is morally right, and what has been commanded by God.  These three things are always in agreement, for God is Lord of all.  He has put understanding in the hearts of men for what is morally right, and justice is only done when there is freedom to follow God and to seek the good of all.

Today, as never before, has a blizzard of laws been written which confuse morality and immorality, justice and injustice, and the rights of God over man.

My children gathered here today, and those who read these messages, there is no opposition between God and Just, man-made laws.  The conflict only arises when men put their own self-interests above God’s rights and the rights of the individual to live in peace with God and neighbor.

It is the duty of all to take an interest in what laws are being passed, and voice dissent when they are not good and work for justice for all.  When they are good laws, you have the obligation to obey for the good of all.  Seek Justice and Peace for all mankind.

I, Jesus, bless you.



12/27/07  - Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 3:12-20


My children gathered here today, you may think this is an odd choice during this holy Season when all are rejoicing and celebrating, but it is not.

I came not only to redeem man, but to teach him how to live.  Just to observe the Law is not enough to come into full union with God while you are here on this earth.  If you live only to avoid God’s Wrath, you will not stay faithful to the Law.  Fear, or the promise of some distant reward, is not enough to make you a Just person.  Eventually you will go your own way in order to obtain earthly reward.

Love alone gives you strength, not only to be faithful to the Commandments and persevere in justice to the end of your days, but Love gives you insight and understanding of the Wisdom, Justice and Truth contained in the Commandments.  Love opens the heart, the mind, and gives strength to the will.  Love enables you to overcome all obstacles to reach the One Who is all-Good.  Love reaches out to Love and a bond stronger than time and eternity is formed.  It connects forever your heart to the Heart of God; your mind and will becomes one with the Mind and Will of the Father.  Unity is reached here* when Love is the driving force behind your thoughts, words and actions.  You are purified and restored through this Love that abides in you.

On the day I was born, Love breathed upon His creation.  On the day I was born, I, Eternal Love, began to lead you to the Arms of your Father by showing you how to live virtuously, how to live by Spirit and Truth, and how to be able to surrender yourself, your life, your will in order to obtain true unity with the Triune God.

This time of year is not about a sweet little Baby in a manger, but about a God Who so loved His children that He sent His Son, God, into the world to bring you out of sin, to heal you and to give you true peace, joy and your eternal inheritance.  Thank the Father for His Infinite Love and His Infinite Mercy.

I, Jesus, bless you.

*During your lifetime on earth.



1/3/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 12:17-19


My children gathered here today, these words are the core of Christianity, and yet, they are seldom, if ever, followed.

God is Love; He is All.  The Father has commanded His children to love one another as they love themselves.  What this means is treat others as you want to be treated.  When you hurt someone, you want to be forgiven.  You want there to be healing so that you and the person who was hurt can move forward to build a better life.

Wars happen because there is no forgiveness.  A leader of a country, or a person of great power, may want to make war for personal gain, or for the gain of his nation or group, but it takes people to make a war, and so the leader of the nation or group begin to incite the people by recalling past offenses and building fear and hatred against those the leader wants to attack.

If people truly forgave one another, and treated one another as they should, they would not listen to the voices of violence and hatred.  People would say: ‘This was in the past, we have been living in peace.  We want to raise our families in peace and security, and I know my neighbor wants the same, so let us see if there is any truth in what is being told to us, and let us speak neighbor-to-neighbor to find truth and establish peace.’  If this were done, there would be no wars.  Instead of being carried away by lies packaged with emotionalism and fear, people would stand firm and find those like-minded and build bridges instead of coffins.

My children, even if a whole nation – every single person – was intent on evil, God is your only protection and He will protect those who seek to live in peace and justice toward all.

How many times in Scripture did God defeat the enemy for His people who sought Him and His protection?  Whole armies were destroyed overnight without so much as an arrow being fired, but you say ‘That doesn’t happen today.’

My children, if it does not happen, it is because no nation is living by the Laws of God.  Think about this.  You determine your own destiny.  Each nation determines its own destiny.  No man, no group, no nation, no treaty signed by all will give you peace and justice for all.  Only God can give this peace and justice, but He must have your hearts and your obedience.

Today the shouts for war, revenge and blood are heard all over the planet.  Turn to God with trust, with your hearts, and you will see the greatest miracle that man has ever hoped for; a planet where peace reigns and love abounds.  I have told you how to get it and now it is time to decide.  Do you really want peace and all the terror, fear, killing and injustice stopped, or do you really want war?  I, the Lord, tell you the choice is yours.  I will give you peace if you will seek peace, or I will bring you to peace, but the entire world will pay a great price for it. 

The Father has declared ‘Enough!’  You have crossed a line and you can return across that line freely and easily, or you will be brought back across it for the sake of future generations.

I, Jesus, bless you.



01/10/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




My children gathered here today, this passage has great meaning for you.  I have designated this place as a place of gathering for offering praise and glory to the Most Blessed Trinity.  I, Jesus, have formed you into a family that meets each week to celebrate with joy, peace and laughter, the goodness of your Triune God.

My children, in this place you have learned to set aside your prejudices and opinions.  You have learned not to judge one another, but to accept all who are called here as true brothers and sisters.  You see each other as all belonging to the Father with the same rights, the same needs, especially the need to be accepted and loved, as each of you are.  Because you have listened and acted upon the Teachings of your Holy Mother, peace not only fills you, but is flowing out into the world.

My children, I tell you this because often in your prayers you ask Me if you are doing enough to love Me and to love others.

My children, you are the Delight of My Heart.  So few listen and act upon My Words and the Words of your Holy Mother as they are being given throughout the world.  Many go to the apparition sites and are touched and they begin to pray, fast and frequent the Sacraments, but they do not hear and respond to the core of the messages, which is to love unconditionally and bring peace into every situation of your day.

My children, so many do not understand that prayer and fasting, and even going to the Sacraments, without love for God and neighbor is futile.  Love is what God asks for and loving marks you as His children.

I ask those gathered here today, and those who read these messages, to continue on the path of love, unconditional love, and you will have peace while you are here on earth and for all eternity in Heaven.

I, Jesus, bless you.



1/17/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




My children gathered here today, I wish to dwell on this verse once again.  The sign that you are children of the Father, united to His Heart and Will, is a joyful spirit.

My children, I know that there are many circumstances in your lives that are less than joyful, but that does not mean that you should not be spiritually joyful.  To be spiritually joyful, you must have a firm knowledge that God is your Father Who protects you and sees to your needs with infinite love and mercy.  You must trust in Him, which means that in your heart of hearts you know that He is always faithful and will not leave your side for an instant, and you must love Him above all things, including yourself.  It is at this last point that you most often fail.  You can believe that He is your Father and you can trust that He will be with you, but the rub comes when He does not give you what you want when you want it.  When His Will is contrary to yours, you do not humbly, peacefully, joyfully acknowledge that He is perfect in all He does and you, who can do nothing on your own, must grasp His Will for your own good.

Today as never before the motto of so many of God’s children is ‘Me first’.  There is no humility, therefore, when you do not get what you want, you blame God and say your Father has failed you after all your believing and trusting in Him.

My children, you bring such grief upon yourself through your pride and self-centeredness.  Would not your cross be lighter if you were at peace and sure in the knowledge that a great good will be given to you at the proper time and in the proper manner?  This, also, is what it means to have the heart of a child.  Storms come and go, but a child truly believes and trusts his parents and loves them unconditionally – no strings attached.  It is only adults, in the worldly sense, who love only when it is convenient and only as much as they feel they are loved.

My children, I bring this before you for, if when you pray, you would bring a heart full of spiritual joy and peace, not only would your prayers be answered, but the Father would give you such graces that you could walk through life untouched by Satan and the world, and the victor over every obstacle in your life.

Meditate on this, live this, and the Father will open to you all the treasures of Heaven.

I, Jesus, bless you.



1/24/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




My children gathered here today, and all those who read these messages, I come this day to give you strength and courage.

My children, the days that are approaching will be devastating to many and a trial to all others.  So many in power, be it governmental or Church, do not want to see what is before them.  They ridicule and try to silence everyone who tries to sound the warning and prepare others for what is to come.  They call those who try to make you see reality doomsayers.  They say do not listen, do not act for your own good and the good of others, but believe that greed, uncharitableness and loss of faith in God can go on forever, and there will be no consequences.

My children gathered here, I have been warning for over a hundred years, in every nation of the world, that repentance and change must come to avoid great suffering.  Satan has convinced you all that this does not pertain to you; that somehow you may be exempt from suffering and trial, or that it may happen to others, but not to anyone you know; or his biggest lie – that God has not been sending warnings, but these are just religious fanatics, diseased and sick human beings seeking attention.  I tell you this because when the trials fall upon you and the prophesies are fulfilled because no one listened, or so very few did, I want you to know that God has not abandoned you and He will be there to assist you and guide you.

Just as Satan wanted you to believe that God was not sending messages with words and pleas to help you avoid what is coming, he will now tell you that God has abandoned you and you must rely on yourselves, and, finally, he will try to convince you that there is no hope.  He is the Father of Lies; do not listen.

Remember the words of Scripture: ‘No trial has come to you but what is human.  God is faithful and will not let you be tried beyond your strength, but with the trial He will also provide a way out so that you may be able to bear it.’

I, Jesus, bless you.



01/31/08  NOTE:  The Lord has asked that the following message from Our Blessed Mother be given for the people this week in place of a Scripture Teaching.  (Due to the snow forecast, there was no Prayer Gathering on 1/31/08.)


6/17/06  8:40 A M


It is I, your Mother.  Child, write.

Today I come and ask you to offer all in this day for the conversion of souls and the opening of hearts to Jesus.  Today I wish to speak to My children about Our Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

I have taught you, My children, about the preciousness of this Gift.  I have spoken to you about approaching this Sacrament always in the state of grace, and to do so with reverence, focusing on the fact that it is God you are receiving.  I have spoken of the benefits to the soul from this Sacrament, and I have spoken of its healing powers.  Also, I have spoken to you of the personal interaction between Jesus and you when you receive Him in Holy Communion.  I have told you that through this Blessed Sacrament it is possible to be in true unity with God on earth.

My children, I wish to speak to you about defending the belief of the True Presence of Jesus in this Sacrament.  It amazes Heaven that many Christians do not believe in the True Presence.  They can believe that God became man for their redemption, but will not believe that He made it possible for His followers to have true communion with Him through this Sacrament.

To be without Jesus in this vital Sacrament is like trying to live on bread and water all your life.  You may stay alive, but your health and well-being are so greatly diminished that there is little quality of life, and in truth, you will succumb to spiritual starvation quickly without the Sacraments.  I told child once that there are many who call themselves Christians, but there are few true believers left, and this is because so few believe in this Life-giving Sacrament.  If the followers of Jesus truly believed and understood that God is present, the churches would be full and overflowing into the streets, and the spiritual hunger for their God would overcome all obstacles to their receiving the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.

My children, I am speaking bluntly because there is very little time left before decisions will be made by all of you for God or against Him, and the time for division is long past.  You will either stand together with all the help Heaven has provided or you will be too weak to stand against the world and Satan.  Satan has planned to take you away from God over the issue of sacredness of life.  It is a grievous affront to God to take out of His Hands life and death, but that is what is happening, and if you do not bow in humility to one another and stand together, the Lord will allow you to reap what you have sown, and the whirlwind will cause such destruction that all mankind will cry for help.

My children, listen to My Words and the plea that comes from My Motherly Heart.

I bless those with ears to hear.

I bless you.



2/7/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 12:12


My children gathered here, and those who read these messages, this line expresses the heart of a true Christian.

A true Christian, a true Believer, trusts with all their heart, mind and will in his God.  No matter the apparent circumstances, no matter how dark or impossible a situation may look, a true Believer knows in their heart and to the depths of their very being that God can do all things, and will do whatever is necessary to bring about good for those who trust in Him.  Therefore, the true Believer is at peace and a spiritual joy is present; that which no one can take from him, because he is confident in God.  A true Believer does more than endure in affliction; he uses it to his spiritual benefit and to the benefit of others because he knows that God is faithful and will deliver him.  A true Believer perseveres in prayer, which means he does not stop praying, communicating, with God.  A true Believer knows that prayer is a conduit by way of lifting his thoughts of love, adoration, thanksgiving and petition to the Father, and what flows back is God’s love, protection, mercy, forgiveness and help as needed.

My children gathered here, always think of prayer in these terms.  Prayers are not just words, but a power that is vibrant and alive in the spiritual sense.  When you understand this, you do not come timidly, hoping to be heard, but expectantly, joyfully, knowing that you are heard, understood and responded to.

My children gathered here, and those reading these messages, I have opened to you a powerful gift; a gift that will help you proceed joyfully and confidently all the days of your life.  I have given you the gift of understanding what prayer is.

I, Jesus, bless you.



02/14/08 - Due to the fact that today was treated as a retreat day, the Lord did not give a Scripture Teaching for this day.


2/21/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 15:12-13


My children gathered here today, I have given you these two verses on which to meditate because they deal with the Virtue of Hope.

Hope is that Virtue in which you trust that God will be faithful to His Word.  In the theological sense, hope equals trust that is based on knowing without a shadow of a doubt.  Isaiah is affirming that the Messiah will come from the line of Jesse, which all Israel believed, but he is also telling them that the Messiah is not coming only for Israel, but for all people.  This not all the Jews wanted to believe.  Some tried to interpret the words to mean that He would rule over the Gentiles as a conqueror, but they would not share in the blessings He would bring.  Isaiah is speaking for God, telling them and the Gentiles that the Messiah would come for all people and all would benefit.  This was a promise made through Isaiah from God to His people Israel and to all mankind.

Children gathered here today, this promise was trustworthy then and is trustworthy now.  Today I come again through My prophets to remind you that I died for all men and that I seek the salvation of all men; not just Catholics or Christians, but all men.

I asked My Apostles and disciples to take the news of My coming to restore mankind to God and that in believing and living My Teachings, peace and joy would come to all mankind, to all those who would place their trust in Me.

Today, as in previous generations, instead of bringing love and a knowledge of Me to others by living faithfully what I ask of you, people use belief in God, belief in Me, Jesus, as a weapon.  In the name of God and under the banner of being My follower, brother kills brother physically and drives them away from God because of hatred, greed and pride.  Where is unconditional love?  Where is true love for God and obedience to His Commandments?  Believe and trust in what God has promised to all His children.  The day will come when, through the power of the Holy Spirit, all words of Scripture will be fulfilled, but how soon peace and joy is there for all men depends on you now living fully a true life in God.

I call all My children, Christian and non-Christian, to open their hearts and lay down their weapons.  Let the time of peace be upon the earth.  It is yours, peace in your lifetime between God and man, and between brothers, even your most distant brother, if you will hear God’s Voice calling you to live according to His Will.

I, Jesus, bless you.



2/28/08  Passage and Scripture Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 12:17


My children gathered here today, I give you this verse because it is extremely important.  Today you live in a culture of death.  There is the obvious; people killing people for revenge, money, territory, material resources, and the killing of the unborn and the elderly in order to preserve a way of life that you consider worthwhile.  These are easy to see and recognize for what they are: murder physically.

There is another kind of killing that most of you are totally blind to; it is the killing of souls.  Some of you may say you cannot kill the soul, it is immortal, and in that sense you are correct, but the Soul was created for Life.  It is given to every person so that one day body and soul will be united in Heaven to the glory of God and your own good.  But the soul, in a sense, dies spiritually when grace is not present.  It is without Supernatural Life, which brings it to the fullness for which it is created.  Man, through his own will, robs the soul of Supernatural Life when he commits grievous sin and, to a lesser degree, through venial sin.  If a person dies in the state of mortal sin, the soul appears before Me in judgment with no Supernatural Life within it.  There is no reflection of God within it Who is Light and is Perfect.  The soul that is without Light cannot stand to be in the presence of Perfect Light and, so, throws itself into Hell.  As I said, a person can freely choose to do this to the soul.

There is another way man is led to Spiritual Death.  It begins through the instigation of those around him.  He may be taught the ways of Evil from his earliest years, if parents do not follow the ways of God and obey the Commandments.  They teach their children not to obey the Commandments and not seek God, or through circumstances where a person is brutalized through war, torture and man’s inhumanity to man, he may rebel against God and do evil out of desperation and vengeance.  This is what I wish to speak of today.

My children gathered here today and those who read these messages, the world is aflame with injustice, tyranny and sufferings beyond your imagination caused by those who have set a course to obtain, and hold on to, power and wealth at all cost.  It has driven large portions of societies to genocide and horrific attacks at the very sanity of man.  Those in great pain, physically, spiritually, emotionally, are striking back, doing evil in order to survive and take revenge.  Too long those not directly affected have stood by thinking themselves safe.  They commensurate with those suffering and even aid where they can with physical and material needs, but the voice of all humanity should have cried out against this, perpetuating suffering caused by a few.

I told you to pray, to make sacrifices and to stand up and witness for justice for all.  So few have done it and now you are on the brink of this evil spreading all over the planet.  You who thought you were safe will find it knocking at your door.  It will come for some through war, for some through natural disasters, and for some through social upheavals.  The only way to stop it is for all humanity, every man, woman and child, to cry ‘Enough!’  Then turning to God Who alone can give you true peace and justice, the world will change and a renewal spiritually will flow upon the earth.  This spiritual renewal will lead to the very healing of the planet itself.

My children, you cannot conceive at what lays before you.  For over a hundred years, God has sent the Queen of Heaven, and hundreds of prophets, to warn of these days and to give you the way to prevent them, but neither those in the world, nor in the Church, took seriously these warnings.  I gave you Popes who were holy and warned the world, and the Church, but so few listened and even fewer acted.

Now, My children, with this word of hope, with this promise of hope, the Father will protect you from universal genocide and His plan of salvation will go forward and the era of peace will come between God and man.  To mitigate the sufferings, love one another, respect one another, and return evil with good, for good always defeats evil.  It is the lie of Satan and the world that evil is powerful and can overcome good.

I have given you everything to mitigate these days of darkness.  Will you now listen and help yourselves by loving instead of hating, by bringing peace instead of war to your brothers and sisters in other nations?  Will you seek Justice for all, regardless of race, color or creed, for God sees no difference between you?  You are all His children.  To those that much is given, much is expected.

I, Jesus, bless you.



3/6/08  Passage and Scripture Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS 17:12-16


My children gathered here today, I give to you this reading for it is an important reminder for your time.  The Lord, you God, calls forth people in every generation to fight against evil.  Victory will come because the Lord brings about the victory.

Today I have called forth many prophets upon this earth to once again be the visible representatives of the Lord in the battle against Evil.  I call forth these people by the Will of the Father and I place around them people to help them.  The Lord is their strength, but everyone needs those around them who will help them when the burden becomes great and they are weary from the constant force of the battle.

Today, here, on this mountain, I have placed My banner and each week I have through this prophet led you in the battle against Satan and his minions who try to destroy your souls and the very planet itself.

I have raised others on this mountain and soon all will work as one for the glory of the Father.  I have called you here, and those who read these messages, to be support for the Voices who speak my Words.  Your prayers, offerings and conversion of heart and soul bring down graces and blessings upon those who Witness for Me, and upon all your brothers and sisters throughout the world.

I ask you to persevere and in faith continue to work for God’s Glory and for the good of all mankind.  Victory will come; joy and peace will be yours.

I, Jesus, bless you.



3/13/08  Passage and Scripture Teaching by Jesus


GENESIS 22:12-18


My children gathered here, I give to you this passage in Scripture to meditate on.

Often when a soul loves God and perseveres in seeking and obeying the Will of the Father, God tries this soul; He refines it like gold through trials and tribulations.  These trials and tribulations are given so that the soul may be purified and strengthened and reach deeper union with God.

The spiritually blind often say ‘What good does it do to obey God and love Him, for those that do seem at times to have more difficulties than those who seek their self-interests?’  What the spiritually blind do not see is that God is blessing that soul, making a thing of beauty which has strength, and at the end of the trial, joy and peace is given to it, which no man can take away.  This soul more clearly mirrors the reflection of the Father and the Father delights in this child of His.  Through these trials, the soul accumulates and perfects Virtues that are treasure for now and for eternity. 

The Father pours forth blessings on a soul that is perfected in Him and, for generations, others will receive blessings and bless the one who has found favor with God, because spiritual blessings and graces are not limited by time; they are outside of time and matter and, therefore, are fruitful for generations to come.  The world understands nothing, but one perfected in spirit shares in the wisdom and knowledge of God and understands the value of all that happens to him and blesses God now and for all eternity for God’s goodness to him.

Wisdom, be attentive!  These words have great meaning and value to a soul in union with God.  A soul has the Virtue of Wisdom when it is attentive in every moment, seeking God, His Will, His Blessing and His Mercy.  On the Last Day, these souls will burn brighter than the sun with love, gratitude to God and shine with holiness that will give splendor to Heaven.

My children gathered here, God does not seek your obedience for His sake, but for yours.  He does not permit trials just to watch you suffer and to see if you will be true to Him, but to see if you will find true riches that are hidden in crosses that come along during your lifetime.  Will you profit and grow?  Will you seek to find wealth that is real and that will aid you to be happy forever?

My children, do not run from the cross; do not abandon to fear, but be wise and trust in your Father’s Love and follow His Way.  Heaven will be yours and, even now, you will find true happiness, true peace and the true fulfillment of yourselves that God wants for you.

I, Jesus, bless you.



As 3/20/08 was Holy Thursday, there was no Prayer Gathering because the Lord desires all to attend services this day in their parishes.  The Lord did not give a Scripture Teaching for this day.



3/27/08  Passage and Scripture Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 13:12-14


My children gathered here today, I give to you this day the guide for your life.

My children gathered here today, you are living, in a spiritual sense, in the time of great darkness.  You have arrived at this time by living opposed to the Commandments.  Today, living promiscuous lives has become a natural thing.  Your culture begins teaching your children that the Virtue of Chastity is obsolete, and even harmful to their mental well-being, from the earliest years.  Sex education begins in kindergarten, and even before that they are taught through television and books that deviate sexual behavior is not only acceptable, but must be allowed so that all may be looked upon as equal.  On the one hand, you make stronger and stronger laws to protect children while you daily expose them, through the media, to the very thing you want to protect them from.  You are so surprised that so many adults are committing sexual crimes while you parade sex as something to be sought after and is a personal right.

Today drunkenness, lying, cheating, gambling, stealing are glorified on television and the movies.  Marriage is a joke.  Fidelity is ridiculed.  All the vices are in your programs, and instead of being scandalized, you applaud them as works of art.

I will bring an end to these days of darkness.  The Dawn is arising, but each of you must choose to follow Me, your Lord, and to reject the desires of the flesh and all the Deadly Sins.  Lip service is not enough.  You cannot go to church on Sunday and pray that the evils of this world disappear and then leave the church and go to movies, watch TV programs and go to places where these very sins are committed. 

You are either My follower, or you follow Satan.  It is that simple.

Today, on this Easter Sunday, I ask you to live in My Light and reject the Darkness.

I, Jesus, bless you.



4/3/08  Passage and Scripture Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 12:1-10


My children gathered here, I have chosen this passage because I wish to instruct how the members of My Church are to act toward one another.

For the Church to act as one in harmony and perfection, each member must act according to the Will of the Father.  His Will is that you are made into My image and likeness. 

Just as I sacrificed Myself for you, you must be willing to sacrifice yourself for one another.  This means setting aside your will for the good of all.  It means loving each other unconditionally.  It means serving one another.  It means using the gifts God has given you with humility, patience, love and perseverance.  Each member of the Church must be allowed to use their particular gifts; not lording it over anyone, but in mutual sharing for the benefit of all.

You are brothers and sisters.  You are members of God’s family and your first concern must be to love one another according to the Father’s Will and working for the benefit of each other to the glory of God.  Do not seek honor and praise, but seek to grow in humility, love and in all the virtues.  If you do this, you will have peace, joy and Heaven on earth.  You will have the joy of the first Christians who drew others to themselves and to God because their way of life gave hope and meaning to those around them.

Today, more often than not, the Church is looked at as an organization that people join like any other club.  It is not an institution that does good works; it is a spiritual Body that I have created to form men in holiness, to teach them to know, love and serve their God, and by so doing, to know happiness here on earth and forever in Heaven.

My children gathered here, you belong to a living organism that is meant to live in holiness and is meant to reach out to spread the Good News.  You are, by your lives, united to Me to overthrow the kingdom of Satan in the hearts of men by your loving example of fidelity to God and your love for all people.

I exhort you to live your Baptismal promises and to live My Teachings in Scripture.  I promise you that I will bless you and every effort you make to live according to My Way.

I, Jesus, bless you.



4/10/08   The Lord did not give a Scripture Teaching for today; however, the Blessed Mother did come with a message.



4/17/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 7:12-25


My children gathered here today, these verses seem difficult to understand.  What Paul is saying is that the heart and mind may want to do good, to live a virtuous life and do all that God commands, but human nature, because of Original Sin, wants what is easy, comfortable and what looks advantageous at the time.  So Paul describes it as a war between the effects of Original Sin and the will that wants to do good and to be good.  Paul says, and correctly so, that victory comes through Me, your Jesus.  I have conquered sin for you by restoring Grace to you.  Grace enables you to overcome the effects of Original Sin and the lure of the flesh and the world.

My children, you must persevere in grace because grace builds strength within you and heals the wounds that previous sin, both Original Sin and personal sin, has given.  To do this you must pray and receive the Sacraments often.

I have given you the Sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion.  These two Sacraments renew and build grace within you.  They, also, help teach you how to make these graces alive within you and how to let them flow outward in order to help others.

Many believe they do not need any Sacrament beyond Baptism and Marriage.  These children of Mine have lost a vital truth; that all of the Sacraments were established to help you live fully here and to obtain Heaven.  Some say prayer is enough.  Prayer is always good, but to win the victory in the fullest sense, you need more and that is why I gave you the Sacraments. 

For those who profess to believe in all the Sacraments, I ask you; why do most of you not take advantage of what I have given you for your own good?  Do you believe you know better than I do what you need?  Is it fear or pride that holds you back?  If it is fear, be not afraid.  I am a merciful God and those who represent Me try to help you when you come repentant and sorrowful.  If it is pride, I ask you for your own sake to set your pride aside and realize all men are sinners and all men need help.  You do not refuse the help of a doctor when you are physically ill; why do you refuse the help of your Jesus through those appointed by Me to serve and help you?

I desire, with all My Heart, for every one of you to spend eternity with Me.  I love you infinitely.  I have laid down My Life for you.  Can you not respond to Me and accept My help?

I, Jesus, bless you.



5/1/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ROMANS 15:17-21


Today I come to speak to those gathered. 

This place I, your Jesus, have set aside.  This place is where I reveal Myself once again to the children of God.  Each week either I, or your Holy Mother, give to you words through this child to help you to know your Thrice Holy God.  I take the words of Scripture and I give to you the meaning of the words and I teach you how to apply them just as I did in the synagogues while I was upon the earth.  I help the Sacred Words to have meaning and understanding.  I show you that with God His ways are always the same, His desires remain always the same; and that is that you know Him, love Him and that you follow the safe path to your home in Heaven.

Today, as in My time, so many say ‘I see’, but they and those of your generation do not see.  True spirituality has never been taught to them and so they are deaf and blind and have no understanding.  I come each week, or send your Holy Mother, to this place for you.  How many really take advantage of it?  I hear so often My children say ‘If only Jesus was with us now, I would go anywhere, pay any price, to hear Him’.  But I hear each week many of you say ‘I want to go and hear the Lord’s message, but I must do this or that, it is too hot or cold, next week I’ll go.’

My children, the people of My time said the same thing, gave the same excuses, and one day it was too late; I was gone from the earth.  My time upon the earth was over.  The time will come when the convenient time to learn will be over, not only here, but in all the places where your Holy Mother and I appear.  Take advantage of what you have and this time given to you.  Push the world away and come to learn. 

The message given is important, but also, the sharing of each one’s experience of living and growing in Me is important, for it witnesses to Truth and you learn from each other.  You gain support and courage from each other which you will all need in the days ahead.  The world cannot help you, and will not help you, in times of distress.  Only those united in Me are able to help one another.  The Holy Spirit unites you all and makes you one in Me.

Wisdom, be attentive!  Hear and respond.  Do not wait and be among those who cry in grief and say ‘If only I had known and understood, I would have made use of the Lord’s Blessings’.

I, Jesus, bless you.



5/22/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


ESTHER 4:12-16


My children gathered here today, I give to you these verses to meditate upon. 

You were created to serve in these days, to help bring about the renewal.  Whether you choose to fulfill your destiny, or not, the time of renewal will come.  If you choose to obey the desires of your Father in Heaven, you will not perish in the sense that Eternal Life will belong to you and no one can take it from you.  If you choose to hide from your responsibilities, to seek what seems most comfortable and safe, you will find that you will lose all you desire to keep in this life and you will lose your place in Heaven for all eternity.  There is no middle course.  There is no way to make a truce with Evil.  You either stand firm for what is right and just, or you will lose everything.  It has been so from the beginning, and it will be so until the Last Day.

Your generation, for the most part, has not taken a stand against Evil.  It has tried to rationalize and minimize what Evil is doing because to stand against it, you must give up what is comfortable and sometimes stand alone.

I told you through child some time back that no longer can anyone sit on the fence and pretend that they are good, and doing good, while they let Evil have its way.  You are either with Me, or you are against Me.  It is that plain and that simple.  There are no grey areas; there are no ‘buts’ or ‘maybes’, it is either God and His Commandments, or the Devil and Perdition.  I cannot make it plainer.  If you choose the Devil while you live here on this earth, you will experience the effects of Hell.  Is not war, hatred, division, despair what you experience in Hell?  If you choose the Devil, you will experience this more and more until you cry out to God.  And for those who will not cry out to God, they will have their master, Satan, now and for all eternity.  Evil prospers when good people do nothing.  But are you really good if you do nothing?  The Good will stand with God.

My children, much is unfolding in this nation and upon the earth.  The battle is engaged between Good and Evil.  Choose your side.  If you choose Good and listen and obey your Heavenly Father, Evil will be crushed quickly and so much suffering will be averted.  If you, through complacency, choose Evil, Good will win, but the suffering that you and the whole planet will endure is beyond your imagining.

I AM has spoken.  So be it.

I, Jesus, bless you.


5/29/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


BARUCH 3:10-22


My children gathered here today, I give to you these verses to show you that history repeats itself because men do not want to change.

History repeats, not because you are incapable of change, but always most of your hearts chase after the things of the world, which are dust and ash.  You do not seek true treasure because to acquire it and keep it means acquiring Wisdom.

Wisdom is acquired through work, through persevering, through times of tears and times of joy, always keeping before you the path of Truth.  Justice and love are the rails on either side of the path and they help you to reach your destination.  In every generation so very few have sought this path and persevered to attain their goal, and because so few have been able to renounce the world and strive for Truth and Wisdom, the world has known death, destruction, suffering and an ocean of tears.  You cry out to Heaven for Justice, Peace and love between brothers, but your actions call forth pain, suffering, war and the destruction of countless souls.

God, Triune and Holy, has tried every way to show you the folly of your behavior.  He has tried every way to show you the way to Peace and Justice, but you do not want to see and hear.  You stop up your ears with the noise of the world and say ‘God does not speak to me’.  You put a blindfold over your eyes and say ‘I do not see God with us, trying to help us.  He has abandoned us.’

Foolish man, when will you realize that if God truly abandoned you, you would cease to exist and most would find themselves living in the Hell that their actions are driving them to?  Today the world has tipped over a precipice and the Father in Heaven is allowing you to experience results of the choices you have made. 

Once again the Father asks ‘How is it, Israel, that you are in the land of your foes?’*  Your foes are Satan and a world that lies and deceives you into following a path of pain and destruction. 

The Father says ‘So be it’.

The Son says ‘So be it’.

The Holy Spirit says ‘So be it’. 

The Trinitarian Will is One, always and forever.

I give you this promise: The days will be shortened for the sake of the few who have chosen God and live according to His Commandments.  For your own good, hear My Words and flee from Satan and all the glitter and false promises of the world, and run into the Arms of your God, Triune and Holy.

I, Jesus, bless you.


*Verse 10 of today’s Scripture passage.



6/5/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




My children gathered here today, you wonder what all this has to do with you.  This was given to the Israelites, and you are under a new covenant.

It is true in one respect that you are under a new covenant, but it is more correct to say that the old covenant was fulfilled through Me and in Me.  I took the old covenant and renewed the life of it.  I brought to fulfillment through the Eucharist the perfect offering.

At the Consecration, My Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, are offered at the altar to the Father; a Perfect Offering for the sins of all mankind, and at the Consecration I am given back to you under the guise of bread and wine to sanctify you, heal you and nourish you.

This is the new Covenant; that not only is God given the first-fruits, adoration, praise and thanksgiving, but the Father, through the Son, gives to you the gift of participating in the Triune Unity.  When you receive Me in Holy Communion, you are truly in holy communion with your God, Triune and Holy.  I am in you and you are in Me and where the Second Person is present, so is the Father and the Holy Spirit.

The Israelites were given rules (proscriptions) on how to approach their God and how to most please Him when making their offerings and when they come before Him.

Today seldom are the people reminded that they, too, have rules that must be complied with when approaching their God.  At the Sacrifice of the Mass and when receiving God within them at Holy Communion, they, too, should approach the Sacred Mysteries with awe and reverence.  They should offer the best of the first-fruits, which is for you purified hearts and souls without serious blemish.  A contrite heart brings down God’s Mercy and cleanses you and makes you worthy to approach the altar of the Lord.  A soul that is free from serious sin is the only one who can approach and receive his God without it being a blasphemy.

These are strong words, but few teach your generation Truth.  Not to warn a person of serious danger and to leave them ignorant of what God expects is a great and serious offense against both God and the people.  The Sacred must be held with great reverence and it is up to both the priest and the people to give to God what is His due.  Approach God as worthily as possible and then trust in His Love and Mercy.

I tell you, if you do this, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit will come to you and rejoice with you and dwell with you now and forever.

I, Jesus, bless you.



6/12/08   Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS 12:7-10


My children gathered here today, the eating of the Passover Meal has been sacred since the time of Moses.  The spreading of the blood of the lamb ensured that the Angel of God would pass by and death would not enter.  The eating of the lamb and the herbs prepared the people for the physical journey they were about to undertake.

Generation after generation remembered and celebrated God’s great mercy toward them and their deliverance from slavery.  These generations did not understand that the first Passover was only a foreshadowing of a greater Passover that would be celebrated until the end of time.

On Holy Thursday night, after the ritual Passover Meal was partaken, the new Passover began.  On Holy Thursday night during the meal, I took wine and bread, consecrated them and brought about the most wondrous Miracle and Gift that God could give to mankind.  I changed ordinary bread and wine into My Body and Blood.  They still looked like bread and wine, but I, God, made Myself Present under the appearance of ordinary bread and wine.  I was leaving the True Food and True Drink that I had promised that would give you Eternal Life.  But this was only part of the Gift, for on Good Friday I became the True Paschal Lamb and I freely laid down My Life so that you could have Eternal Life.

I, Jesus, freed you from the slavery of sin and sin is the greatest slavery of all.  I freed you so you could choose God and Life.  My Body and Blood opened the way to Heaven for you all, and through the institution of the Eucharist, you were given the Perfect Food and Drink to nourish your souls during your earthly pilgrimage so that you could arrive at the end of your days in a state of grace and with true knowledge and love for your God.  This would make you ready to enter into the Heavenly Kingdom and find Peace for all eternity.

The Eternal Father has through Me bridged the abyss that separated you from Him and through the Sacrament of My Body and Blood I make you worthy to approach your Heavenly Father.

My children, read and understand Scripture.  It is the history of God’s Love for mankind and His Mercy toward you all.  Your God, Triune and Holy, loves you.  Use well all that is given to you to bring you safely Home, and, while on your journey, to have peace, joy and the continuous Presence of God with you.

I, Jesus, bless you.


6/19/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS  23:7

(As the teaching began, Jesus was standing, dressed in a white robe and He had a sword with the tip resting in the ground.)


My children gathered here today, the time of the great shaking is here.  One side of the blade that I hold will cut down all the tentacles of evil that are holding My children prisoner.  Before the end of the allotted days that the Father has set for this cleansing, men and women, and even children, who have been caught in the web of sin will recognize that there is a God and their only hope is in Him.

The greed, perverse sexuality and pride that has allowed the Enemy to entrap you will be cut away through the natural disasters that are befalling you.  The saint and the sinner are both experiencing the same, for it is not God punishing, but the lifting of His Hand.  He is allowing you to reap what you have sowed.

The other edge of the sword I hold is protecting, spiritually and to a degree physically, those whose hearts and wills belong to the Father. 

The evil that has taken possession of so many of the hearts and minds of the Father’s children must be made plain to see.  Responsibility for your actions must be accepted and your behavior changed.  We are talking about the salvation of souls.  ‘What profit a man to inherit the world and lose your soul?’  The soul is the only thing that matters.

Awake, My children!  Do not ask ‘Why is God doing this?’  Ask what you have done or failed to do that you have lost the Father’s protection. 

Repent, repent, repent.  And you, My children who have repented and love your Father in Heaven, be not afraid.  Take courage in the knowledge that you are loved and you are held in the Palm of His Hand.

I, Jesus, bless you.



6/26/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


JEREMIAH 12:17, 19-23


My children gathered here today, in every generation I send prophets to reinforce the Will of the Father and the words of Scripture.  I send them because man’s mind wanders from truth and, like a child, runs after all that glitters and what will seem to give him prosperity.  There are moments in history when I raise great prophets who are to stand and speak My Words to whole nations and the world at large.  They are not sent to just remind people to stay on the path of God; they are sent to warn of impending danger, spiritually and also at times physically.  They are sent when man has turned his back on God, on Truth, on Virtue, and has fallen into the sin of Lucifer which is Pride, which leads to disobedience and arrogance before God.

The prophet is always condemned and tried to be made silent, for those in disobedience do not want to hear the Words of the Lord and they do not want others to hear, for they will be recognized for what they are, which is self-serving, arrogant and harmful to others.

When whole nations turn away from God, what do you think the consequences will be?  What do you think the consequences will be when the greater part of the population of the world has sold its soul for material goods, power and control over the peoples and over the very resources of the earth? 

This greed and arrogance does not even look to the future.  No one says ‘What will we do tomorrow in order to survive if we take and abuse each other and the resources of this planet now?’

If the Father in Heaven chastised severely a nation during the time of Jeremiah for lesser sins, what do you think He will do to bring correction to the peoples of this planet?  You are even more responsible for your actions, for the Word of the Lord has spread all over this planet.  You proclaim loud and clear that you are so much more intelligent and educated than your ancestors; then, are you not doubly responsible for doing good and following the Commandments of the Lord and living Truth for the benefit of your souls?

Satan has encouraged you, and you have joyfully accepted, to live the lie that truth is a grey area and everyone has the right to live as he pleases.

The time is upon you when the prophet will not be silenced, mainly because prophecy is being fulfilled right before your eyes.  Listen now and repent.  Change now before the Father’s Hand descends and the very earth reels.

I, Jesus, bless you.



7/10/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EZEKIEL 10:7-8,18-23


My children gathered here today, I have chosen these verses as a warning to all who believe that God will tolerate their behavior and remain with them in all of His Power and Glory because He has made a covenant with them.

The Chosen People believed that, because God had made a covenant with them, protected them and showed great signs and wonders to them and the rest of the world, they could do as they pleased and God would remain with them.  They expected God to be faithful to them while, time after time, they refused to be faithful to Him.  The treasure of the Ark of the Covenant was lost to them because of their disobedience and pride.

My children, God did not abandon them, but never was it the same again when the visible sign of God’s Presence with them was taken from them.  It is a warning to this generation that, although a covenant has been made and God is faithful, the covenant must be upheld on your end.  God will be with His Church until the Last Day here on earth, but to have His protection, His signs and wonders of predilection, you must keep His Commandments and be faithful to My Teachings.  You must humble yourselves and trust that what I taught while here on earth is still the one and only path to salvation and to true peace and happiness on earth.  Too many, in their pride, believe they can twist My Teachings and the Commandments to fit your new, modern world.  Your abandoning truth is creating a hell on earth.  Your pride is pushing the Father’s Hand away from you and leaving you vulnerable to destruction, both spiritually and physically.

I asked ‘Would I find anyone of Faith left when I return?’  I ask you now: Will I find anyone of Faith or are you like the ones in Scripture that call ‘Lord, Lord’, but I do not know you?  Stop and repent.  Return to the teachings of Scripture and stop changing My Words and trying to explain away their meaning in order to do what you want.

Keep God as your Friend and love Him and obey all that has been given to you.

I, Jesus, bless you.



7/17/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus (see also 07/24/08)


EXODUS 23:17-19a


My children gathered here today, I give you these verses because they are still applicable.  I ask from you, each of you, that you give Me your first-fruits.  This means that you give to Me what is the most important in your life.  I am to receive your love; you are to love Me more than you love yourself, other people and material things.  You are to give to Me the fruits of the gifts that I give to you, which means that you use your gifts to give Me glory, and the way you give Me glory is to use them for the benefit of yourself and others.  The benefit is to do good unselfishly.

You are to give Me your time.  In your day, prayer should be first and then you go about your work.  At the end of the day, prayer should close the activities of your day.  In the morning, offer Me your whole day and ask My blessing and protection.  At the end of the day, give thanks for all the benefits given, for every grace and blessing.

Many believe they fulfill the command to offer their first-fruits to Me to mean giving money to the Church or charitable organizations.  Most often even that is what you have left over after you have paid your bills and spent money on yourself, or your family, for things that give you pleasure.  If you give money, it should not be left over; it should be money that is set aside that is given first while trusting that I will help you to meet all your needs.

But money is the least I want from you.  I want your heart.  I want to be part of your workday.  I want you to appreciate that all you are, and all you have, and all that you can do, comes from Me.  If you understand this and live accordingly, your whole life will change.  You will have peace of mind, for you will know that you are doing your best to love and please your God, and that you are serving your brothers and sisters the best you can and for all the right reasons.  You will have joy, for you will see clearly how good your God is to you, to all creation.  You will know how best to accomplish all that you set out to do, for the Light of God will guide you.

My children, most of the time life is difficult because you have your priorities mixed up.  Life becomes simple when you put God first and you do not feel guilty over your actions.

I ask you this week to think about your priorities.  Ask yourself ‘Is God first?’ in your heart, in your day, or do you try to quiet your conscience by doing the minimum in prayer, in your daily work, in your charity towards others?

I, Jesus, bless you.



7/24/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus (see also 07/17/08 and 08/07/08)


EXODUS 23:17,24


My children gathered here today, I give you these two verses to teach you something of the utmost importance.

Through Baptism God comes through grace to dwell within you, so in a sense, you are always standing before God.  You may not be in a particular place, but in spirit and truth you are always before the Lord.  God indwelling within you has placed the Holy of Holies within your soul and there, Triune and Holy, He resides.  He will not allow any false gods to reside within this Sacred place.  You either worship the Triune God and keep sacred the place He dwells within, or you worship Satan, and God will not abide where Evil reigns.  It is up to each of you to demolish any false gods that you may have placed within the Sacred place where God alone wants to dwell.  These false gods are anything, or anyone, who comes before God and His Will.  All sins against the Commandments are as so many little false gods that desecrate the Temple of God, your Soul.  When greed, lust, covetousness, lying, stealing and disobedience become part of your actions, or dominate your thoughts, they become the gods of evil that draw you away from God.  They kill grace within you and instead of holiness, peace and joy, you experience evil, confusion, hatred and obsessions of every kind.

You must regularly check the Holy Place of God through examination of conscience and sweep clean any evil that has taken up residence by going to Confession often.  If you do not daily examine your conscience to see where you have failed to love and obey God, and to go to Confession frequently, it becomes easier and easier to dismiss sin and, eventually, to become spiritually blind.  Then Satan strikes and you have no defense.  With God present within you and grace sustaining you, the Evil one cannot penetrate, deceive, or ruin your soul.

When I said in Scripture that you would worship in spirit and truth, this is what I meant; that God would not only be found in the Temple, or in churches, but that He would be found in your hearts and souls, loved and worshipped with your every thought, word and action.  And through this love and obedience, you would be united one with God, here on this earth and for all eternity in Heaven.

My children gathered here, I wish for you to progress quickly in holiness, and the way to do this is to make the examination of conscience a part of your daily prayer.  Evaluate yourself honestly.  Ask pardon for your failures and omissions, and give thanks for the times you succeed with God’s help.  And go often to Confession for the forgiveness of your sins, for help to eliminate your faults and to obtain the graces awaiting you, so that you may grow in love and knowledge of God and to be able to serve Him faithfully.

I, Jesus, bless you.



7/31/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS 32:17-20


My children gathered here today, I give you these verses as a reminder that people do not change without constant supervision and teaching.

Moses left the people for a holy purpose.  He was called by God to fast, pray and then receive the Commandments.  He went up the mountain believing that Aaron and the elders of the tribes would be able to guide the people and keep order.  When Moses did not return quickly, the people fell back into their pagan ways, and those that Moses had entrusted the people to were not strong and vigilant.  They did not take strong action against the first signs of the people turning away from God.  Aaron tried to placate and guide them with gentleness and giving in to the first signs, thinking they would go no farther.  He awaited Moses’ return so that Moses would solve all the problems.  He awaited the return of Moses so that he (Aaron) did not have to assume authority and responsibility.  Aaron, and many of the other leaders, feared the reactions of the few instigators and, by sitting by, he allowed the vast majority, who were looking for leadership, to fall into grave sin.  The people knew what was being asked of them, so they were not blameless, but if Aaron and the elders had done their job, the majority would have stayed faithful.

Today the world, which has been evangelized, is once more falling into paganism.  Those who call themselves Christians are once again falling into the sins of the Israelites.

I, Jesus Christ, came into the world to lead the people out of the bondage of sin.  I defeated Satan and set you free.  I taught you all you needed to know to love your Heavenly Father, to know His Ways and to reach the Promised Land – Heaven.  I entrusted through Peter and the Apostles the continuation of the care of My people.  Through them this care would go on for all generations until the end of the world.  In every generation there have been great leaders and lax leaders, but for the most part, the faith of the people has been constant.

But now, My children, those who have been given the responsibility to protect, teach and guide My people are failing to do so.  Not all, but most, have compromised with Satan and the world.  There are magnificent churches, but in most instances, the people that go there are fed a diet of compromises and sermons that do not mention sin, or your obligation to put God before all other things.

While humanism is being preached, My people are making golden calves.  They honor and revere money, possessions and their own intellects.  They no longer believe that they must listen to, and follow, the teaching of the present Peter.  They believe they know more and can pick and choose.

Who is standing up and telling them they are wrong?  Who takes responsibility for the souls that are being led to perdition?  All must take responsibility and act.

Cardinals, bishops and priests must remain loyal to Peter and teach those under them to be faithful.  They must love and care for the souls I have placed in their hands. 

And those among the laity who follow Me and follow the path to Heaven, you, too, have the responsibility of witnessing.  Witness with your lives and gentle instruction.  Be not afraid to speak the truth to those who ask to know the truth.  Speak up when the truth is being twisted.  Do not hide the gifts of the Spirit.  The Church is not just the hierarchy; all baptized persons are the Church.

I, Jesus, ask you present, and all those who read these messages, to take My Words to heart and act on them.

I, Jesus, bless you.

8/7/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus  (see also 07/24/08)


EXODUS 23:24-26


My children gathered today, I have chosen these verses to reaffirm the truth of these sacred words.

Because your generation worships materialism, rationalism and Satanism, you are all plagued with wars, sickness, plagues for which there are no cures.  You place your faith and your trust in Science – man-made science – and you find yourself with one new plague after another.  Satanism is socially acceptable, but not prayer in public schools or public functions.  Always Satanism requires a holocaust of blood and suffering, and your ‘enlightened’ generation has given it to him through contraception, abortion, genocide and wars big and small over this planet.  You have decreed that life and death is in your hands and you are permitting experimentation to increase the span of life, not for all, not for the unborn, or the handicapped who are also being covertly used for experimentation.

You were promised by God, the only Lord of Life and Death, that if you obeyed Him, loved Him and worshipped only Him, He would bless you with all the necessities for life.  He would remove sickness from among you; that He would give you a full span of life and that your children would be blessed with life and good health.  But like the Israelites, you choose to believe Satan and to follow your own course, depending upon yourselves.  God cannot lie or deceive, but Him you choose not to believe.  Satan, who is the father of lies, you choose to believe because you get what you want, or so you think, but Satan will turn on you.  He hates you because God loves you.  He will lead you to spiritual and physical destruction.  The proof of My Words is visible all around you.  Each day more and more die from starvation, plagues, wars and open genocide.  Your hearts are hard and your neck is stiff.  You will not accept the truth before your very eyes.  You listen to everyone but your Heavenly Father.

God can do all things and He is faithful to His Words.  The end to all your suffering will only come by returning to your Heavenly Father and believing in His Words, trusting in the One Who is Trustworthy.  There is no grey area; it is either/or.  You must demolish Satan’s hold on your hearts, minds and the world around you by repenting and returning with humble, loving hearts to the Will of the Father.

Meditate on My Words, both in Scripture and in this lesson.  Where does your Faith, trust and love fall short?

I, Jesus, bless you.



There will be no Scripture teaching on this Thursday, Aug 14.  However, the Blessed Mother did come with a message this day and is as follows.


NOON at Yahweh Shalom


It is I, your Mother.  Child, write.

Child of God, I come this day at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child of God, Heaven is celebrating with you the birthdays of Fr. Francis and little one.  I pray for them this day for God’s continued blessing upon them both.

My children gathered here today, I come to ask you to pray for peace in the hearts of men.  The evil one constantly stirs in the hearts of men pride, greed for material things and the lust for power.  The leaders of nations cannot, or will not, guide their countries in the way of peace.  They seek military solutions to problems that can only be solved through goodwill, humility and by seeking the best for all peoples.

Can you not see how small and defenseless your planet is?  You have many pictures taken from outer space showing you how there are no lines imprinted defining the boundaries of nations.  The Father has allowed you to see with your very own eyes how interconnected you all are and how precious the earth itself is, but instead of working together to protect this small planet and to share all of its blessings with all mankind, you continue to do violence to each other and to this planet.

The days are drawing near when you will cry to Heaven and beg forgiveness, for your blindness, greed, both for material things and for power must stop now.

I have repeated this over and over in every place I appear.  All agree in principle, but very few act upon My Words.  Very few heed the warnings that the earth itself is giving you.

My children gathered here, we are on the downward slope of the second year and all over the world the signs of impending disaster are increasing.  Your scientists warn, but few listen.  Many do not want to believe because they would have to change their ways. 

Listen to your Mother.  Pray for God’s protection and begin to demand peace among peoples.  This demand must come from the lowest levels of society because those in power are not heeding.  Peace is not only possible if men will repent of their ways, but it is assured.  If peace is in the hearts of men, God’s protection will hold you secure, and this planet will begin to heal itself because God will bring about the healing.

My children, act now.  Pray and trust in the Power of God and not in the power of men.

I, your Mother, bless you.


NOTE:  Mother came as Virgin Victorious.   As She left, She blew a kiss to the people.



8/21/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus 


EXODUS 27:13-21


My children gathered here today, I give you these verses because they still have meaning today.

The Lord, Father of Heaven and earth, was most explicit in how He wanted the Tent of Worship to be constructed.  Down to the last detail He gave instructions.  ‘Why?’ you may ask.  Because He wanted the people to understand that this Dwelling was sacred because God made Himself present there in a way that was visible.  The Ark of the Covenant would rest in the Holy of Holies whenever the Israelites made camp.  Into the Holy of Holies Moses would go to consult with God Almighty, and in His Mercy, God would respond and guide His people.  Never, since Adam and Eve left Eden, did God dwell with His creatures as with the Israelites.

Today, once again, God dwells with even greater intimacy with His children through the Holy Eucharist.  Not only can you, the people, come into My Presence by being before the Tabernacle, but you can receive Me, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

I, Jesus, Second Person of the Triune God, am present, and where I am, so is the Father and the Holy Spirit.  We are One, Triune and Holy.

The Israelites were not permitted such closeness and intimacy with God, yet they believed and reverenced the Presence of God in the Holy of Holies.  You, who are granted so much more, do not often offer even a minimum of respect when you come into My Presence.  Some take no notice at all; some offer not even a prayer, yet, when it is time to receive Me in the Sacred Host, all will approach and receive Me.  For many, this sacred moment has no greater meaning than any other action of their lives.  They have no concept of what they are doing and no true belief in this Miracle of miracles.  I asked once, ‘Would there be anyone left of Faith when I returned?’  The answer seems to be – very, very few.

If the Israelites were terrified to even touch the Ark because of its holiness, how can you approach Me with indifference, disbelief and with souls covered with sin?  Few go to the priest to confess their sins, yet when they go to Mass, they go to Communion.

My priests, spend more time in the confessional and teach your people the necessity of this Sacrament.  You know what a blasphemy it is to receive Me in the state of mortal sin.  You must teach the people, for so many have lost all sense of sin.

And for you who truly believe and try to receive Me with reverence, adoration and love, I ask you to continue to go to Confession frequently for the good of your souls, but, also, as an example to others, and I ask you to make frequent acts of Faith, Hope and Love in reparation for those who receive Me with cold and indifferent hearts and souls black with sin.

For this, the Father will reward you a hundredfold.

I, Jesus, bless you.


8/28/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus 


EXODUS 27:21


My children gathered here today, I wish to speak of this verse and give it meaning in your life.  Your souls are like the lamps and grace is the oil that fills the lamps.

In the New Time, which began with My Resurrection, the Father in Heaven is to be worshipped in a more profound way than ever before.  Before My Death and Resurrection, Sanctifying Grace was not given through any of the rites of Old Israel.  Under the old covenant, the Commandments were to be obeyed and the rites of worship were proscribed.  Men understood what God wanted, but they worshipped more by fulfilling the Law as given than in spirit.  By this I mean to obey the Commandments out of love and to make your heart a temple where adoration, love and true worship is constant.

In the Gospels you read how the Jews and the Samaritans fight over where true worship should be given.  I told them the day would come when neither the Temple, nor any other place, would be the choice of God, but that God wanted first to be worshipped and loved in your hearts, thoughts and actions.

To do this in the way pleasing to God, your soul must be filled with grace.  Through grace you would come to a true understanding of Who God is and how to love Him and serve Him.  A soul filled with grace is more alive than all created living things put together.  A soul without grace is more dead than a decaying corpse.

The Theologians will say a soul cannot die once it is created, and that is true as far as its existence is concerned, but if the soul is not united by grace to the Triune God, it is an abhorrence.  It exists, but does not live, for Life is found only where God is.  Man cannot comprehend what a soul without grace is, and no man can comprehend what a great loss occurs when, through its own fault, a soul ends in hell, separated for all Eternity from Light, Health and Everlasting Joy.

I come this day to plead with you to renew and to build upon the graces that you need now and for Everlasting Life.  Do this through frequent confession of your sins and faults, and by receiving Me in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  It is up to you to tend to your soul.  If you would take as good care of it as you do your mortal life and your possessions, no one would be in hell.

Heed My Words and know great peace and joy.

I, Jesus, bless you.



9/4/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus




My children gathered here today, Paul is speaking to the Ephesians about a great truth.  It is through Me, your Jesus, that you have access to the Father.  I am your Way, and because I am Head of the Church and have authorized you to go forth to evangelize in My Name, making Me known, you are able to speak out boldly, for you are called and sent.  Because you are both called and sent, you may with confidence expect God’s help.

My children gathered here, every member of the Mystical Body is called and sent to witness to the Truth.  You are to proclaim by word and deed the Father’s Love for all mankind.  You are called and sent to proclaim that Salvation has come through the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.  You are called and sent to proclaim My Resurrection and the Life to come through Me, your Jesus.  You are called and sent to witness to the power of the Holy Spirit indwelling within you.  You are called and sent to proclaim that Satan’s hold upon mankind has been broken, and you do this by living holy lives.  By imitating Me through unconditional love for the Father and your neighbor, you make My Image visible to all around you.

Today, today, today stand up and be a light to guide all into the Arms of the Father.  Count no sacrifice too great to bring God to others who are still caught in the nets of Satan, the illusions of the world and ignorance of God.

My children gathered here and those who read these messages, I send you forth with My Blessing.  Have courage and persevere.

I, Jesus, bless you.



9/11/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS 27:12


My children gathered here today, you may well ask ‘Why is the Lord giving this verse; what does it have to do with us?’  This verse deals with the Court of Dwelling and I have referred to this verse before.

In Scripture, numbers have meanings.  Fifty is used several times.  It signifies jubilation.  It signifies completion, fullness and balance.  You will read where the Father asks that every fiftieth year would be a jubilee year.  It would be a time when those who had sold themselves into slavery would be freed.  Those who had sold land out of necessity could obtain it back.  Even in your generation, the fiftieth is a golden anniversary, signifying its importance; a time of celebration giving thanks for blessings received.

Ten is a foundation number and, again, what has that to do with you?  The Father has given you Ten Commandments, and with these Commandments you have a solid foundation on which to build your spiritual life, and a solid foundation upon which to build your daily lives.  They are ten pillars which are your protection.  They give you moral strength and guidance to right judgment.  If you live by these Commandments and obey them out of love, you will come to live each day in the spirit of the year of jubilation.

The year of jubilation has to do with love of neighbor, redressing wrongs, giving hope to the downtrodden and giving balance to the whole community.  The Father asked for the celebration of the jubilation year because He knew unless He mandated it, men would not act with justice; that greed would lead to theft of other’s property and suppression of freedom for those who fell into debt.  The Commandments would be lived by the letter of the Law, but not the spirit.  Of course, the Israelites never really celebrated the jubilee year, for greed for power, money and control over others caused them to dismiss what God asked for.  You who are My followers are called to live the Commandments faithfully and with the spirit of love that was intended. 

When I came, I made every year, every day, a call to live what was asked in that jubilation year.  You are called to enslave no one physically, spiritually or emotionally.  All are to live free to fulfill their lives and to know, love and serve God.  You are called to see that no man or woman lives in poverty.  You are called to bring justice to all.  And you are called to share what you have, not only for the good of your community or nation, but for the good of all your brothers and sisters everywhere. 

To follow what I have taught is hard, but there is no other way to justice and lasting peace between brothers and sisters on this earth, and there is no other path that leads to Heaven.  The Kingdom of Heaven must first be formed in your hearts and in your minds and through your actions before you can expect to live there for all Eternity when you pass to the Father.

Remember My Words and follow My example.

I, Jesus, bless you.



9/18/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS 33:20-23


My children gathered here today, I give you these verses to help you understand the holiness of God, the power of God and how God interacts with those who are called into His Presence and then speak His Words to you.

No man, while on this earth, sees God as He is, for the holiness and power of God, His Majesty, would so overwhelm the physical senses that the person would not be able to live.  On Mount Sinai, when Moses was called to an intimate relationship with God, he was told that the Almighty would protect him and shield him so that he might live to return to the people and give them the Lord’s Words and act as go-between between God and the Israelites. 

Even unto this hour there are those chosen to act as go-betweens between God and His people.  These who are chosen do not see God Face-to-face, but are drawn into a spiritual relationship which allows the Thrice Holy God to communicate His Thoughts and desires to His children.  The Father chooses who He wants for His own reasons, and those chosen are free to accept, or reject, what the Father desires from them.  It is a great weight and responsibility to speak what God gives, and throughout history, for the most part, those chosen have a very hard road to travel.

It has been the history of man to reject those sent because the children of God do not want to hear what God has to say.  His Ways stand opposed to the glitter and temptations of the world.  It takes courage, discipline and perseverance to turn your back on evil and the world, to live holy lives, to be obedient and humble children before God.  The prophet is almost always met with hatred, envy and ridicule, and what hurts most is that often the hatred and envy comes from those who should be most open to God and supportive of those sent by God.

The mystical relationship between God and man has been going on since the creation of Adam and Eve, but it is no better received today than at the beginning.

Test every spirit, but do not be hard of heart and stiff of neck.  Listen to the Holy Spirit through those chosen by the Father to give His guidance and to remind you all of who you are, why you were created and where you are destined to go.

My children gathered here, your hearts are open; keep them open.  Help others to be open to God and not to close out all movement of the Spirit because of fear, intolerance or jealousy.

I, Jesus, bless you.



09/25/08 There was no scripture teaching for today.  Instead the Blessed Mother came with a message.





9/25/08  NOON at Yahweh Shalom


It is I, your Mother.  Child, write.

My children gathered here today, I come at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.  Today I come with sorrow in My Heart.

My children, over these last years the Most Holy Trinity has sent Me to remind you that you are children of the Most High and that God’s Law must be obeyed for your own good.

I warned that greed would lead to great suffering for the peoples of this nation and for the peoples of this world.  I asked you to put God back into your daily lives and into the life of this nation.  The warnings were, for the most part, not heeded.  Greed and pride flourished.  Humility and obedience to God through the Commandments were ridiculed and pushed farther and farther from your hearts, and the integrity of those in power was compromised.  Now you see the results and you will live with the repercussions for some time.

You were told that you would witness the fulfillment of prophecy, and so you are.

My children, you will need to reach out to your brothers and sisters with love and with spiritual and physical help.  As you live through these days of correction, you will need to step forward to feed the hungry, to find shelter for the homeless, and you must be a spiritual rock for others to cling to.  By your lives and generosity, witness to your belief in God and your trust in Him.  He is close to all who call upon Him in Faith and Trust.

Remember, you will receive a hundredfold when you reach out in charity to those who are suffering, bewildered and lost.

God has blessed this nation.  To continue to receive His Blessing, you must return to His Ways.  The Triune God loves you infinitely and desires your salvation and the blessings of this life.  It is up to you to choose God.

My children, love one another, be patient with one another, help one another.

I bless you.


NOTE:  Mother came dressed as Virgin Victorious.

After this message, Mother said that if anyone had any questions, the messages of the last twelve months should be read and obeyed.





10/2/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS 37:12-16


My children gathered here today, I give these verses to you to remind you of the sacredness of all things that have to do with God.

The Ark, the table and the accessories were either covered with gold, or made from gold.  Gold signifies purification.  Gold is held in highest esteem by men and, therefore, thought worthy to be used in sacred ceremonies.

Through the history of the Church gold has been used for the chalices, patens, candlesticks and other sacred objects.

Scripture also says that God tries those He loves like gold in fire.  When gold is purified in fire, all base metals are removed.  When God tries those souls who love Him, He helps them to remove all that stands in the way of perfection.

Normally a soul is purified through the daily trials and sufferings that are a part of life.  If a soul seeks God, these trials are stepping stones that allows the soul to climb higher and higher on the path to perfection.  Rarely does God permit trials outside of the normal occurrences in life. 

Some souls are tried beyond the norm when they seek their God with their whole heart, their whole mind and their whole will, and the Triune God has a special mission for that soul.  If you truly love your God and seek to be with Him for all eternity because of His Goodness, you will learn to use all in your day, the trials, sufferings and, also, the daily joys and blessings, to help you to grow closer to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Only those who have been purified and have used their days wisely immediately enter Heaven upon their physical death.  If you want Heaven immediately, then make of yourself a worthy vessel by being patient and flexible as the Father molds and shapes you. 

Do not ask ‘Why, God, do You allow this?’, but thank the Father and ask Him how to learn and grow through all He permits for your good.

Be attentive to My Words and listen to Wisdom.

I, Jesus, bless you.



10/09/08 - There is no Scripture Teaching this week as Fr. Francis has not been available to approve the teaching.


10/16/08 - There is no Scripture Teaching this week as Fr. Francis has not been available to approve the teaching.


10/23/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS 20:12-26


My children gathered here today, I have chosen these verses to remind this generation that the Father has set forth laws and regulations which are binding to the Last Day.  No man can change them or interpret them for his own benefit.  What was written on Sinai is to be followed until the end of time.

In every generation since Moses stood before the people there have been those who have flagrantly broken these Commandments and regulations.  Many, many more have secretly broken them, but never as today has the greater portion of the people openly dismissed these Commandments, and God Himself, as being irrelevant.  This is not only a great blasphemy, but it is a course that, if continued, will lead to your own self-destruction.  Not since Noah has the greater portion of humanity lived such sinful lives.  Not even in the time of Noah did the people of the earth believe that they did not need their gods.  They may not have known and worshipped the One True God, Thrice Holy, but they did believe that there was a deity, or deities, greater than themselves.

In this generation man secretly worships himself.  He may go to Church on Sunday, or to the mosque or synagogue, but in his heart he believes only in himself and what he can obtain for himself by any means necessary.  People praise each other for their astuteness and cunning in making money off of wars and stealing from the poor and the defenseless.  People choose divorce when they become bored with their spouse.  They dishonor and ignore their parents.  Lying has become socially acceptable and needed to be good at profiting from business deals.  You not only covet your neighbor’s goods, your insatiable greed for new and better things materially lead you into debt and loss of your good name and, eventually, many are led to despair.  Gold and silver are your gods.  They have replaced the Heavenly Father as the desire of your heart.

The true altar of worship should be within you.  On this altar your God wishes a holocaust of your love, remorse and repentance for your sins and an offering of virtues.  The offering of your will done with joy is what is most pleasing.  When you come to worship with a soul filled with grace, you are properly clad.  If you come unrepentant and stained with sin, then you are indecently uncovered.

My children gathered here, I know how hard you try to love your God and obey Him and I bless you for this.  I ask you to help those who have abandoned God’s Law and do not even acknowledge Him.  Help them with your prayers, your sacrifices and by witnessing with love that God is real and that they will only be happy when they return to their Father in Heaven and live by His Law.

I bless those with ears to hear and eyes to see.

I, Jesus, bless you.


10/30/08 - The Lord gave no Scripture Teaching this week.


11/06/08 - The Lord gave no Scripture Teaching this week, however, the Blessed Mother did come with a message which follows.


NOON at Yahweh Shalom


It is I, your Mother.  Child, write.

Child, I thank you for your joy this day.  I thank all those present who have come with faith, love and trust in God.

My children gathered here today in such great numbers, I come at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

The Father in Heaven has ordained this day.  He has brought you here to bless you and thank you.  Your love for your God and one another is an example to the world.

In this time of tribulation when Satan thought he could conquer the hearts and souls of all God’s children, you have been the bolt that has held him back from fulfilling his plans for the destruction of all humanity.  Here in this place you have come each Thursday, overcoming all personal obstacles, the obstacles put in your way by Satan and the world.  Your Faith and love have changed many things and have saved many souls.

You ask ‘How can this be?  We are so few’.  Yet I tell you, one person of strong Faith can not only move mountains, but change the destiny of the world.  The world scoffs at this, but Satan does not.  He knows the power of love and Faith.  He has roared and tried every trick to drive people away from here and all the places that the Father has sent Me, but you have held fast and now I tell you that the Father will move quickly to renew hearts and souls and reign supreme among His children on this earth.

Our Lord Jesus told you that the Kingdom of God is found within you.  The Father intends to prove to His creation that not only is He real, but that He is All. 

Not every heart will be opened, but every knee will bend.

My children, remain simple with child-like hearts.  Trust the Father.  Trust your Jesus.  Trust the Holy Spirit.  And rely on Me, your Mother, to intercede for you for all your needs.  Rejoice! all those who have remained faithful to God.  No matter your race, color or creed, those who are faithful to God are under His protection.

Child, continue to share joy and peace.  These two virtues are the sign of God’s presence.

I bless you.


NOTE:  Mother came as Virgin Victorious.  She was barefoot and had a diamond on each foot.

Jesus came after the completion of the rosary wearing the white robe, red mantle and leather sandals on His Feet.  He said ‘Child, I bless all those present’ and made a large sign of the cross which hung gold in the air.  Then He said ‘I bless all those who wanted to be here, but could not’ and made a second sign of the cross which hung gold in the air.  He continued ‘I bless future generations who will come to this spot and give thanks for God’s Mercy’ and made a third sign of the cross which hung gold in the air.  Then He said ‘Tell Fr. Francis – Rejoice, you still have much work to do’.  Finally He said ‘We go’, took Mother’s Elbow and They were gone.



11/13/08 - The Lord gave no Scripture Teaching this week.


11/20/08  Scripture Passage and Teaching by Jesus


EXODUS 30:12-13


Child of God, I come this day to close out this course of teaching.  I have chosen these verses because, once again, the number of true Israelites is being counted.  This time it is My Angels who are doing the counting.  Those whose names that will be written down will bear My Sign.  They will have imprinted on their foreheads the Sign of the Cross and they will have paid to the Lord an offering of their lives, their hearts, their wills to the Triune Holiness.

My children gathered here and those who read these messages, We will have begun to finish the last few weeks of this second year prophesied.  We will begin, January first, the beginning of the third year.  One year for each Person of the Holy Trinity Who you have abandoned, blasphemed and sinned against in so many ways.  When I say ‘you’, I am speaking collectively, for all those above the age of reason have sinned in one way or another, and it is the sins of the peoples of the whole earth that has so offended the Triune Unity.

Those who have been marked by My Angels are the ones who, through repentance and love for their God, have chosen to follow Me on the true path to the House of the Father.  There are those who do not know Me who are also marked with My Sign because they have sought the Will of the Father with all their hearts, using their limited knowledge the best they could.

My children, this coming year will see many changes.   I come to you this final time in this way to encourage all those who are Mine to be patient and at peace.  All prophecy must be fulfilled and the Father’s Plan carried out to the end.  There are many difficult days ahead and it will seem as if God has abandoned you, but it is not so.  The Father never abandons His Own.

Many will say you are close to the end of the world, but I tell you only the Father knows the day and the hour.  Do not follow false prophets or seek Me here or there, but seek Me in your hearts and you will find Me present.  I will guide you and protect you.  There is still much that the Father plans for His children that is good, and this dark time will pass and Satan and his demons and those who worship the Beast will be defeated by the army of God.

Rejoice, My children, for God is with you and the victory is His.  The Father has proclaimed it, the Son has shed His Blood to obtain it and the Holy Spirit has been teaching you and guiding you, so all is assured.

I, Jesus, bless you.