Beginning in March, 2007, the Lord began choosing a previous message to be read to those gathered at Yahweh Shalom for the Thursday Prayer Gathering, and afterwards would often give a teaching on the message to further explain what the message contained.

The following consists of the date of the Prayer Gathering, the message chosen by the Lord to be read that day, and His Teaching given afterwards.

In June, 2007, He expressed His desire that these Teachings be posted to the Yahweh Shalom web site in August and updated as each new Teaching was available. 


3/22/07  The message chosen by the Lord for today was 3/22/03.


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I ask you to bring peace.

I bless you.


After reading this message, Jesus spoke.


My dear children, I have asked this over and over, but My children do not comprehend My meaning.  Everyone wants peace in the world, but few are willing to pay the price for it.  Peace will not come through wars or treaties.  Man will only reach peace with his neighbor when he finds peace within himself.

Over and over your Most Holy Mother Mary asked you to pray for the conversion of souls and the opening of hearts to Me.  The first who need conversion is yourself.  The first heart that needs to be opened is your own.  You cannot give peace, bring peace to others, or live in peace if it is not first within you.

My children, the time of debating is over.  Your Holy Mother was sent here to prepare you to enter into the New Time.  This Time has been called many things; the Time of the New Heaven and Earth, the Time of Peace, the Time of the Eucharistic Reign, the Time of the Holy Spirit.  All of these are true, but what does it mean?  It means that I am bringing to fulfillment a promise that was made to mankind. 

It was first made to Adam and Eve.  It was renewed to Noah, better defined to Abraham, and taught in greater depth to the Israelites.  It is the prayer I offered at the Last Supper; ‘That they, Father, may be one as I am One with You.’  Mankind has thought from the time of Adam and Eve that he is separate from his God.  Man has felt that he is more a part of the world, physical creation, than he is a part of the supernatural.  Here in this place on this mountain, and in other places where I and your Holy Mother have come, We have been teaching you that you are a spiritual being encased in a material form.  We are teaching you how to live in the New Time, and to help others live in this time when man will have to live in union with God.  This is a time of great grace, but it is, and will be, a painful transformation.  Man must recognize that he is a child of God and to be whole he must live in grace and walk with his Creator and Father as only a few have done.  You are called, and always was called, to live the life of the Saints. 

Now humanity as a whole will begin to walk this path.  It will mean that man will have to understand what sin is and accept the consequences.  To elevate man’s thinking Heaven has been upon the earth in every country teaching men how to live and what they must do to be ready for this time of grace.

I AM is going to change the hearts of men through a correction of conscience which, I am sorry to say, will not of itself be enough to change the mind-set and the hearts of My people.  I have said that I am letting nature rebel against your sins.  It is Mercy because it shakes you out of your lethargy and makes you see what you have done to yourselves, to your world, and how you have offended and neglected your God.

After the correction of conscience, when all will see themselves and their actions as they really are, and how you have offended your Father in Heaven, squandered the Blood of your Savior and misused the gifts of the Holy Spirit, I will grant you a great Mercy; I will leave visible signs of My Power for all to see.  Even this will not turn every heart, but not every heart needs to change for God’s Mercy to descend upon you and great blessings to flow.

I told you once, and more than once, that I will not permit the destruction of My children, either by Satan or man himself.  If My Mercy is rejected, a great chastisement will follow and I tell you now that if this happens, you will have brought it upon yourself, but every knee will bend and repentance will follow.  The time of peace will be, no matter what you choose - be it Mercy or discipline.

Now, My children gathered here, you are preparing the world to receive My Mercy.  I do not expect you to understand your part in this, but your love, your prayers, your sacrifices, and your faith is preparing the world for what is to come.  Hearts and minds who would have rejected the correction of conscience will be opened because of you and because of millions like you who have heard the cries of your Holy Mother for Her children.  There are those in every part of the world, of every faith, that are praying just like you.  God the Father is using these prayers, and especially your love, to work a miracle and bring about My Prayer.  You will be one in love for God and for each other.  You will live in peace, Light and grace.  And for those who wonder: Yes, there will be those who choose as their master, Satan, for man is free to choose his own destiny, and it will be so until the Last Day.

Rejoice, for you live in a wondrous time and these children present will live in a better world and know greater spiritual happiness.

I bless you.  Rejoice.  Alleluia.  Amen.


Just as we thought the message had ended, the Lord continued thus:


Child, tell them this* is a privilege I have granted them.  As I used Moses with the Israelites, I use you.  I want them to understand in their hearts, in the depths of their beings - I am with them.  I have given you this* because you will need it.  As things unfold, take out these words.  Knowledge is a tool and a weapon; it enables you to do your work of witnessing with peace.


*Jesus was referring to the above message which was given directly to those gathered.



3/29/07  The message chosen by the Lord for today was 5/12/03.


It is I, your Mother.  Child, write.

Today I come and ask you to put on your teaching cross.  I ask you to share peace with those present.  Help them to understand God’s Ways.

Child, you understand His Ways.  You desire to help them and God will help you.

I ask little one to offer his prayers and his day for those gathered.

I bless you.


After reading this message, Jesus spoke.


Child, tell My children that I thank them for gathering this day.

Child has been helping you to walk in union with Me.   It is in this union that you find peace and come to fulfillment as children of God.  When I tell child to put on her teaching cross, it is a command and an asking, for she has the right to refuse, but because she is a child of God and loves the Most Holy Trinity, she responds in the affirmative.  She understands that My Words are holy and are for a holy purpose; that I ask only for what is for her good and the good of you all. 

She has tried to show you that you, too, must trust in Me and understand that My Words to you in Holy Scripture, through the teachings of the Church, and through the prophets I sent should be accepted and lived.  You have the right to choose whether to obey or not.  I never suppress your free will, but out of justice and love, I should be obeyed.

I am sending you out into the world as an example.  You are to witness how true sons and daughters of God should behave.  If you joyfully obey My Commandments and live the words of Scripture, you will do more than all the scholars and theologians to bring peace into the hearts and souls of My people.  There can be no more picking and choosing, delaying and debating.  Today, today, today live a true life in God and share what you are being given.  You have all you need to change your lives, your families and the whole world.

Now it is a matter of doing.

I bless those with ears to hear and a will confirmed in following Me on My Path to Peace, Justice and a return to holiness.

I bless you.



4/12/07  The message chosen by the Lord for today was 9/23/04 given at Holly Oaks.


It is I, your Mother.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank all those who have gathered in response to My call.

Child, I come today to speak about love, the love of the angels and saints for the children of God upon the earth. They constantly pray for you and rejoice when they are allowed to interact with God’s children upon the earth.  The angels are given charge over you; some as guardian angels, some are sent, from time to time, to help you and teach you God’s Ways.  They rejoice when they are given this honor.  To do the Will of God and to help His children to come safely home to Him is their great delight.

The saints pray for you all, but from time to time, one is given the work of interceding for you in particular, or, in the case of a ministry for the Lord, the Saint is given the work of praying for this particular ministry.

The Mystical Body is active and ever working in Heaven and on Earth.

Little children, ask your brothers and sisters in Heaven to pray for you just as you ask those on earth to pray for you.  All are children of God.  All are brothers and sisters in God.  Ask for their help.

I bless every opportunity taken to share this truth.

I bless you.


NOTE:  Mother came as Our Lady of Beuraing wearing a white dress with white veil trimmed with a gold band.  Her Hair was dark, flowing to Her shoulders.  Her Heart is exposed in the center of Her Chest and it is gold.  It appears, also, as pink flesh.  Just as the Heart is seen changing from gold to flesh, Her Hair changes from dark to blond.  She confirmed that this is because She comes in different ways at different places.

At the end of the rosary the baskets were taken up to the crucifix area. 

The Lord appeared.  He was wearing the white robe and red mantle. He wore a gold crown and said ‘Child, I bless these baskets’.  He blessed each basket and the pot of flowers that had been placed there earlier and smiled.  He said ‘Thank you’ and smiled at the one who brought the flowers.  He then said ‘We go’, took Mother’s elbow, and They went up the hill.


After the reading of this message, Jesus spoke.


Child, today I come and bring to those gathered My Words of Love.  The message given this day I chose to reinforce once again how near to you the Angels and Saints are.  I have spoken to you about the time We have entered into when there will be great turmoil upon the earth.  I am shaking the mountains and leveling the valleys, both physically and spiritually.  I speak to you plainly, not in parables or in symbol, but clearly so that you may understand and act accordingly in your lives, and to help others.  You are seeing a great leveling.  Those who say ‘I am powerful and will not bend before the Lord’ will go down in humiliation and disgrace.  The lowly, the meek and the humble will now be raised, and it is upon their shoulders that the New Time, the time of Grace, will bring about the Kingdom on this earth as was promised in Scripture.  The Kingdom is a spiritual kingdom and in this kingdom you will not lord it over one another.  There will only be one Lord and I will give peace to the children of God.

In the days ahead, the Angels and Saints will take an active role as never before in your lives and even in the events that unfold upon this earth.  You, along with them, are to be towers of love and peace.  What I am asking of you is not a little thing or an easy thing; it will require courage, unconditional love and great humility.

I told you once the meek shall inherit the earth and so it will be.

I am meek and humble of heart and you see what it cost Me to bring redemption and salvation to mankind.  It will cost you to bring about this New Time.  I need warriors of love, gentleness and compassion to transform this world.  I have called you here to raise up an army that will stand between the Enemy, the world, and defend your weaker brothers and sisters and those who do not know Me yet.

Courage, courage, courage.

My promise to you is that I will defend you and supply you with all you need.  I will go before you to show you the Way and I will never abandon you.  All that I have will be yours.  There is no greater love that you can give to Me than to bring Me souls through your trials, sufferings and perseverance.  I work and you will work. 

I tell you what I told My disciples; if you cannot do this, you may walk away and Heaven can still be yours.  For those who commit and follow Me, the way will be difficult, but My Heart will be yours for all Eternity.

I bless you all.



4/19/07  The message chosen by the Lord today was 5/13/05.


It is I, your Mother.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you both for your work yesterday.  Those gathering at Holly Oaks find comfort from you and from the sisters.  I ask that you continue on this path of service.  Today I ask that you both pace yourselves physically.  Use this day for God’s Glory.  You will help others, both near and far away, by your offerings and obedience.

I bless every opportunity taken to gather souls with Jesus this day.

I bless you.


After reading this message, Jesus spoke.


Child, today I wish to speak to My children of love and obedience.

Many of you here have been coming since the beginning of the public messages.  You gathered both here and at Holly Oaks.  From the beginning I asked all those gathered to love unconditionally and to obey My Commandments, the teachings of the Church and the Words of your Holy Mother which only affirmed Scripture and the Teaching of the Church.

For many, the occasions of the gatherings were more to satisfy their curiosity and to seek supernatural phenomena.  For some, like you who have persevered, you took My Words to heart which I gave through your Holy Mother.  You have found, as the sisters found, that it is difficult to live in love at all times.

Today you are witnessing in this nation and throughout the world what happens when the Commandments are not obeyed, when love is not in the hearts of My children.  I have, through this prophet, told you of the desires of My Heart and what you need to do to end war, famine and plagues; it is to love one another and Me, your God.  Not words of love, but acts of love are needed.  I have been teaching you to look beyond yourselves, to look at your brothers and sisters throughout the world with My Eyes, and I am teaching you to love each other with My Heart.

My children, I am asking you to step out and risk much.  Speak out and tell the world that the time is past when you can look at one another and see race, creed or national origins.  You are in the struggle for the survival of the human race, both physically and spiritually.  Wars are a distraction from the true peril which is the loss of your very planet; not from some cosmic event, but because of greed, be it for money, mineral resources, land, or the desire to dominate others, to impose your will and beliefs on them.

Child has told you over and over that I do not see race, color or national origins when I look at you.  You are the children of the Father, one family with the same needs, the same desires and the same destiny.  When you speak out, you will find intolerance, hatred and a million excuses, but speak out anyway.  Love of God and neighbor, who is your sister and brother, is the only hope left to mankind.  Sin has done this to you and every man is a sinner, so no one can be self-righteous.

I bless every effort made to carry the torch of love to your brothers and sisters.  I have told you peace between God and man will come, but you truly are the ones who will determine the cost that will be paid before the victory is manifested.

I bless you all.



4/26/07  The message chosen by the Lord for today was 6/3/03.


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for your faith; it has moved the mountain.  Yesterday you gathered in prayer and in support of your sister and your brother.  You would not move until you heard that God had taken care of them.  It is this faith that I ask from all My children.  It delights the Heart of the Father, gives glory to the Son and rejoices the Spirit.

I ask that you continue to help all those coming to rejoice in the promises made upon this holy mountain.

I ask you and little one to offer your prayers and all in this day for the opening of all hearts and the conversion of all souls.

I bless you.


After reading this message, Jesus spoke.


Today I, Jesus, come to speak of the promises given for this mountain.

Child has told you that this is the mountain of Faith.  I have raised this mountain to restore faith in this nation and around the world.  From this place My Words and the Words of your Holy Mother have gone out through this country and through many nations, and before the Time of Peace, they will reach every nation.

I sent My Mother to open the way for the Time of Peace.  She came to teach you how to be true believers, how to live in God and how to allow Him to use you to witness to the world His existence, His love, His Mercy.

I have made certain promises to the sisters that deal with the world.  I will speak today of these promises.

I told the sisters that many would come here to receive healing, physically and spiritually.  I have used child to help you understand that spiritual healing was the most important gift I could give you.  Through spiritual healing, I have strengthened and fortified you for the fight against Evil that is now under way.  Satan systematically began over a hundred years ago to destroy man’s belief in God.  He knew that if he could do this, he could destroy mankind spiritually and physically.  It was the greatest way he could find to strike at God Thrice Holy.  He could strike at the Father by destroying not only the knowledge of God, but, most of all, love for God.  The Father loves you all infinitely.  To find no return of love from you strikes, in one sense, at the Heart of God.  We are self-sufficient, but Love desires a return of love.  Satan strikes at the Son by making the Incarnation and Death of the God-man of little value, or no value, to many, and he could strike at the Spirit by killing love in the hearts of mankind.

I promised the sisters that if they would give Me their hearts and their time, I would renew Faith and Love in the hearts of mankind, and the flow of Faith would start from this mountain.

Child has prayed that the correction to come may be softened by My Mercy.  I have asked a lot of all the sisters and I have asked, and am asking, much from all of you, for you are part of this mountain, for you, too, work, pray and offer sacrifices for the conversion of the world and a return of love and justice to the hearts of men.

I have promised never to leave you and I have promised an abundance of grace and a deepening of love in each of you, and I have promised that if you persevere in Love and Faith, the Kingdom is yours.  No greater gift can I give you than this promise.

I bless you all.



5/3/07 The message chosen by the Lord for today was 7/12/04.


It is I, your Mother.  Child, write.

Today I come and ask you to offer all in this day for the conversion of souls and the opening of hearts to Jesus.  I ask you and little one to bring peace and the knowledge of God to those God brings into your day.  The time of teaching has begun in earnest.  From this day forward, the Lord will use both of you as never before to teach others about Himself.  Bring peace into every situation so all may see God in you and hear Him through you.

I bless every opportunity taken to share the Lord with others.

I bless you.


After reading this message, Jesus spoke.


My children, today I have gathered you here to affirm once again that love and peace is what is needed in the world.  So often My children do everything but love and be a source of peace.  Do you not understand that the world created by the Father, and the Church founded by Me, have as their foundation love?

Love is a supernatural virtue, a theological virtue, meaning its source is from God.  The Father’s Love permeates through all of creation.  The Church was founded in Love; it cannot function without love for God and for each other.  No amount of laws, committees or individualized effort will make the Church holy and function united to God; only love will do this.

The earth was created good, and is still good because it works in harmony, united to God’s Will.  It is man who is making the earth dysfunctional because of his lack of belief and his lack of love for his God.  If you truly loved, you would keep the Commandments and no other laws would be needed. 

If the Church, My Mystical Body, lived in love, there would be no need for laws and courts.  These came about only when Christianity stopped living in love and began to adapt to what is called ‘the world’, which is nothing more than pushing away the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

Here in this place I teach you how to live united to the Most Holy Trinity and to live in love as true brothers and sisters.  You are mocked and ridiculed because most hearts do not want to live in this kind of love, for it demands sacrifice and that you be meek and humble of heart.

The world cries out, and by this I mean the peoples of the earth.  They say ‘God save us; bring peace to us; bring justice back into our lives’, but they really do not mean it, for it would mean obeying the Commandments, all of them, and it would mean seeking the good of others before your own wants, and justice…what they really want is retribution.

I warned that every word and act said and done against a brother or sister would fall back a hundredfold upon your heads, and is it not happening? 

I gather you here each week, My little lambs, to teach you, strengthen you and to make you a holy people that I can send out to witness and to touch hearts so that your brothers and sisters can be saved, both spiritually and physically.

You are the Light of the world.  You are My Peace sent into the world.  Share what I give to you and do not count the cost, for Heaven is yours.  Do what you can in peace and I will do the rest.

I, Jesus, bless you.



5/24/07  The message chosen by the Lord for today was 9/13/04.


It is I, your Mother.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for coming each morning in response to My call.  Today I come and ask you to offer all in this day for the conversion of souls and the opening of hearts to Jesus.  I ask that you use this day to finish projects.

I bless every effort made to bring peace, joy, and love into every situation of your day.

I bless you.


After reading this message, Jesus spoke.


Child, I ask you and all present to take this message to heart.  When your Holy Mother came each morning to give a message, it was serious.  No matter how long or short the message, each word was a serious matter.  Heaven does not reveal itself in such a direct way unless what is being communicated is vital, and a response is expected.  In this message of a few words you are asked to be a part of saving the world.  How often I heard ‘Is there nothing new?’

My children, did you think this was a game?  Did you think I sent My Mother each day to satisfy your curiosity? 

Heaven was flooded with prayers asking for the stopping of suffering and death upon this planet.  People prayed for the conversion of their loved ones, but prayer is a two-edged sword.  Every prayer is answered, but you have a responsibility also.

My children, I heard the prayers of your Guardian Angels who prayed for you and for those you love.  I sent My Mother here on this mountain, and to many other places in the world, to let you know your prayers are answered, but, also, to teach you what it means to be My follower, to call yourselves Christians, to call yourselves believers.

When your Holy Mother asked that you pray for the conversion of souls and the opening of hearts to Me, She was asking you to first pray for your own conversion and the opening of your hearts to Me.  For your prayers to be truly efficacious, you must be solidly in Me and I in you.  Then, and only then, can you bring peace, joy and love to those around you.  You cannot give what you do not possess.

Many of you here are striving with all your hearts, wills and strength to do as your Holy Mother asked.  It is because of your response and through Holy Mary’s intercession that I teach you so directly now.

It is always so; the Holy Virgin always precedes Me, for She is a true Mother, and because She is holy She leads Her children to God.

I told child once that there is an easy way and a hard way in coming into union with Me.  The easy way is to abandon to your Holy Mother and allow Her to teach you and show you the way.  Blessed are those who listen.

I, Jesus, bless you.



5/31/07  The message chosen by the Lord for today was 9/14/05.


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you, child and little one, for your humility and peace.  I have found two who have understood My Teachings.  For you Scripture is alive, the Commandments are followed, and you have persevered on the path I set you on.  You will not know until Judgment Day what you have moved in Heaven and on earth by your forgiveness and your openness to Me and those I have entrusted to you.  Few have withstood the persecutions that I have allowed to fall upon you both, but as you thanked Me last night for every grace, blessing, and trial that has brought you closer to Me, there radiated from your hearts true thanksgiving and love.  You took what I had permitted but never wanted, and learned to see and react as I would have. 

Last night child asked Me to make her heart like to Mine.  I tell you it is already so.  Continue to grow in My Light and enjoy the peace that no man can take from you.

I bless you.


After reading this message, Jesus spoke.


Child, I say today ‘Rejoice!’  So much that has happened on this mountain has been covered because of your humility and your love for others.  Over this last week I have told you I am lifting My Hand.

I gave to you Isaiah 12 for your reading yesterday.  This has been the walk of those on this mountain.  There has been a great purification.  This purification will also walk out in the world and in the Church.  The days of those who call themselves My followers, acting without love, are over.  I have repeatedly asked all on this mountain to love unconditionally.  There have been many ups and downs and, in the end, I had to step in and make correction.  This is what will happen in the world and in the Church.

Laws and regulations mean nothing to Me if they are not based upon love.

My children, I am Love.  You were created to be in My image and likeness.  What good are words or acts if there is no love?  What good is power, authority or charisms if there is no love?

I began anew to work with you all through the teachings of your Holy Mother and My own Words given directly to you to build an enclave where love abides in full and flows out to others.

My children, you are the Church.  You are the foundation on which I have built so that the world can be created anew.  This time love shall prevail; humility shall be honored; Truth shall be sought after.

I know that you do not understand My Words, that you cannot see how you can change anything, but Me in you and you in Me makes all things possible.  It takes Faith and trust to believe and to persevere, but you are well prepared and I will continue to prepare you.

Blessed are those who have persevered.

Today My Mother has spoken of a new thing, a more intimate way is being given for you to grow spiritually, and for all those who will avail themselves of this gift, I do this because I need strong warriors.  (Jesus smiled at this point.)  I know your hearts.  Some say ‘I am too old’, some say ‘I am not worthy’, and some say ‘I don’t think I belong here’, but I tell you, in Me you are not too old, in Me you become worthy and if you are here, you are called.

Rejoice, the long drought is over!  My Hand is lifted and this mountain will go forth to bring Light, Hope and Love to all those waiting in darkness.

I, Jesus, bless you.



6/7/07 The message chosen by the Lord for today was 6/13/06.


It is I, your Mother.  Child, write.

Today I come and ask you to offer all in this day for the conversion of souls and the opening of hearts to Jesus.  Today I wish to speak to My children of peace.  I have spoken of peace in your family, in your nation and in the world.  Today I wish to speak of inner peace.

So often in Scripture Jesus said ‘Peace be with you’.  Only a few understand what He was saying.  Most think that He meant He was wishing them an undisturbed life, but it meant so much more.  What He was offering was His presence with them for He is the Prince of Peace.  This peace He speaks of is an interior peace that is spiritual.  This peace comes only when you are united in heart and will with God.

When God abides in you, He begins to strengthen you and to teach you Who He is.  He teaches you to trust Him and abandon to Him.  You begin to see the world for what it is - a passing thing which cannot influence you or hurt you as long as God is with you. 

The hurt I speak of is spiritual hurt which can be everlasting.  All other hurts will pass away, just like the world, only the spirit, the soul, is forever.  The Holy Spirit gives you understanding of this spiritual peace.  Once understood, you can abandon totally to God, for you know He is your Rock, your Fortress, your Good, your All.  With this understanding and certainty, the world and all of Hell could come against you and you would not be disturbed, for what are they compared to God Who is Infinite and All-Powerful?  With this knowledge and the grace of perseverance, truly Heaven is within you while you are still upon the earth.

My children, your prayer each day should be ‘Come, Lord Jesus, come’.

My children, stop seeking pebbles that look like diamonds, but elevate and begin to seek what is priceless and imperishable.

I bless those with ears to hear.

I bless you.


 Following the reading of this message, Jesus spoke.


My children, today I gather you so that I may speak of interior peace.

My Saints who are now with Me in Heaven did not acquire this peace overnight.  It can be a struggle that takes most of your life.  What makes it so difficult is that you do not understand that God is All.  You know that I am infinite, that I created all things and sustain all things, including you.  You know this mentally, but it is not in your hearts.

Man struggles with the seen and the unseen.  The heart is afraid to trust what it cannot see.  Every person is afraid of being hurt or disappointed.  You experience, almost from your first breath, hurt, be it emotional or physical, and almost as soon as you are aware, you experience disappointment from those around you.  No matter how much you are loved and cared for, those around you are finite and flawed, as are you.  Over time you unconsciously begin to expect to be disappointed or to be hurt by others.  It almost becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  This anticipation grows as you mature and experience life.  This crosses over into your spiritual life.  You know all the right answers to theological questions, but your heart has a hard time in accepting truth.  I cannot fail you, but often circumstances seem to point to the contrary.  It takes deep Faith and Trust to believe and live to the contrary.

I am Good and will only permit what good can come from.  Man, in his sinfulness, can do terrible things, but I can bring good out of everything if you will trust Me.

Here in this place, on this holy ground, I teach you to see beyond your limited vision, your limited life experiences, and see things with spiritual eyes and live in Me and I in you. 

You, each of you, every one of you, has been given a great grace.  You have lived to see the day when the Almighty has bent over the earth and is speaking so directly to His children.  Not since Moses and the Prophets has God interacted on such a scale.  When I, Jesus, was upon the earth, I lived and interacted with man, but so few had contact with Me.  I have used the Prophets of old and the prophets who have come after Me to remind the children of God that I AM is present with His children, but today I am doing more.  I am instructing the whole earth through My prophets on how to know, to love and to serve their God and, more, how to abide in unity with the Triune God now, not just in Heaven.  I am making the earth My footstool.

Do you know what that means?  It means you personally can approach your God, your King, your Savior, in an intimate way, for I am with you in a very personal way.

I AM is conquering Evil and this day let it be known that every knee will bend and every lip will proclaim that Jesus is Lord.

Rejoice, My children, and pray in thanksgiving to the Father Who is revealing to you many mysteries that have been hidden for ages past.

I bless you all.



6/14/07  The message chosen by the Lord for today was 9/4/03.


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and announce tidings of great joy.  The day has come when the work will be open to its fullest.

Child, we have walked far together.  You have walked with Me and, for the most part, you have walked without seeing what has been accomplished.  From today you will see, you will understand what your Lord is about. 

You have prayed that the signs and wonders be manifested first among your sisters.  I tell you, they will be manifested among you all.  Your heart seeks to comfort your sisters and to give joy and peace to all My children.  For this reason your prayers have been heard. 

I ask you and little one to be at peace, to be open and guide the others as these signs and wonders unfold.

I bless you.


Following the reading of this message, Jesus spoke.


It is I, Jesus.

My children gathered here, today wonders were seen.  Throughout these years I have given tangible proof of My presence and the presence of your Holy Mother.  There have been healings, spiritual and physical.  Rosaries have turned gold, Angels and Saints have been seen, and, especially the young have seen your Holy Mother.  I give these signs and wonders as a affirmation of My presence so you will trust the Words of your Holy Mother and those I give to you through this vessel.  We are at the time of gathering.

First were gathered those who were believers and teachable.  These were gathered so that I could teach you all the way to holiness and how to witness to the world.  I told you I would send you out to gather your brothers and sisters who are lost in darkness.

In a few days you will celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Heart.  Your Mother’s Heart is the Ark I have sent to be your refuge in a time of distress, but unlike Noah, you do not enter the Ark and stay for your own safety.  This is a spiritual Ark, and where you go, you find yourself still in it, but go you must in order to save others.

Some (Jesus was laughing) have asked ‘What is my mission?  Tell me, Lord, what is my mission.’  Your mission is to live a holy life and live each day open to those I bring to you.

Children, do not look to the future for some great mission that might happen if it’s My Will, but your true mission is to live and witness as children of God.  This is what will save the world and save yourselves.  Tomorrow belongs to Me; today is My gift to you.  If you live it well in holiness and love, you will accomplish all I desire of you and Heaven is yours.

Child, tell them life is short from one perspective, but I am the Lord of Time and no one needs to fret or worry that they will not accomplish all that I desire.  Trust Me, Love Me and stay in the Heart of your Mother and all joy and peace will be yours.

I, Jesus, bless you.



6/21/07  The message chosen for today by the Lord was 9/13/04.


It is I, your Mother.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for coming each morning in response to My call.  Today I come and ask you to offer all in this day for the conversion of souls and the opening of hearts to Jesus.  I ask that you use this day to finish projects.

I bless every effort made to bring peace, joy, and love into every situation of your day.

I bless you.


After reading this message, Jesus spoke.


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I have gathered you all together to speak of this simple message which should be the heart of your spiritual journey.  You are asked to pray for the conversion of souls and the opening of hearts to Me.  You are first praying for your own conversion which is a daily journey and will last until you draw your last breath.  You are a spiritual being encased in flesh.  Your souls are immortal and are capable of tremendous spiritual growth.  You were created in the image and likeness of God.  Your spiritual journey, which began at conception, is to grow day by day to be a clear reflection of your Father in Heaven. 

Each day grace is given to you and each day you choose whether to use it well or to dismiss it to your own great harm.  Each day the Holy Spirit molds you and teaches you the Ways of God.  If you allow Him, the Third Person of the Trinity will make your souls shine like the sun.  He will give you spiritual eyes to see the Father with you in each moment of the day.  He will give you understanding of My Words in Scripture and they will be like a light to guide you on your way and protect you from all evil.  This is conversion; this is your journey.

You are asked to pray for the conversion of all souls, not just for those you love, for those you know, but for everyone, for you are all brothers and sisters.  You are asked to pray for the opening of hearts to Me.  The Father has given into My Hands the authority to judge you all.  I do not want to be your condemnation, and by this I mean that those who call Me Lord, if they fail to follow the Will of God and to love their neighbor as themselves, they bring about their own condemnation, because they call upon Me, profess to love Me, but do not act as My followers should.

When your Holy Mother asked child and little one to use the day to finish projects, it was not just a statement to them, but a lesson.  If your heart is open to Me, then whatever you do is done in a holy way and all will be completed in union with Me, and will be done well.

You were asked to bring peace, joy and love into every situation of your day.  What you are being asked to do is to bring Me into every situation of the day, for I am Peace, Joy and Love.  When I abide in you fully, I am able, through you, to extend My peace to others.  I am able, through you, to teach others what love is, how to give it, how to receive it, how to live in My love, and when a person lives in My love, then joy is their all the days of their lives.  It is a spiritual joy which time and circumstance cannot rob you of.

In this short message, which on the surface seems not to contain much, is a treasury of spiritual gems and the guide to Heaven.  It is so because your Holy Mother’s Words are My Words to you.

I ask you, My children, when you read Scripture, or when you hear it read at Mass, that you understand that the Words of God are a vast treasury given to you to lead you to life everlasting and so that you may be happy here until you come to Me.

Hear with spiritual ears and read with spiritual eyes.

I, Jesus, bless you.


6/28/07  The message chosen for today by the Lord was 7/17/03.


It is I, your Mother.  Child, write.

Today I come and thank you for the joy in your heart.  So many come to prayer seeking help, seeking comfort, and I desire them to come for I am their Mother, but as all mothers, My Heart delights in seeing My child joyful, peaceful and trusting.

Child, today you teach about the scapular and My visit to St. Simon Stock.  You understand the link through history of God’s Wisdom in sending Me.  He is merciful to His children.  He never leaves them without aid in troubling times.  Again He has sent Me to aid His children in this time of darkness.

Child, share the good news that Heaven protects her children.

I bless you.


After reading this message, Jesus spoke.


Child, today I come and thank those who are gathered for their faithfulness and their trust.  It will soon be four years since this message was given.  Much has transpired since that time.

Through the years, your Holy Mother has been teaching, both here and elsewhere, the way to Heaven, but, more than that, She has been teaching you to be able to live in Heaven now.  So few understand about Heaven and there is no way to explain it fully to you, but what makes Heaven ‘Heaven’ is living fully in God and God in you.

When God lives fully in you, there is peace, joy and a fullness.  When you have God, what else is there to want?  Man sees darkly, even the holiest among you.  There are many reasons for this, but the greatest is that if you saw clearly, you would die instantly from longing and happiness.  You can live in the Trinity here.

You have seen in the lives of the Saints how their unity with God brought them great peace, joy, wisdom, understanding – a fullness of all the spiritual gifts.  Many suffered greatly, physically and from persecution, because they were not understood and they were an affront to those who wanted to live in sin, but because of their unity with God while on earth, no one could really disturb their peace, or take the joy they felt in their hearts, because their treasure was God Himself.

Man is like a child who cannot understand the wealth of great things, of truly important things.  A child wants what satisfies his senses and is shiny, even if it is dangerous. 

In this message from your Mother, She says child understands the link through history of God’s Wisdom in sending Holy Mary to His children.  Your Mother Mary would not have to come if the children of God truly sought after the greatest treasure, God Himself, but like children, you forget Him, you chase after what pleases your senses and builds your ego.  The Father, in His Mercy from generation to generation, has sent Heavenly help through your Holy Mother and through the Angels and Saints to call you back to safety, and teach you what is truly precious and will last forever.

Those who say they do not believe in visions, they do not believe that God sends Holy Mary and the Angels and Saints, are the ones who are the most blind.  They believe they need no help and that man is alright and needs no help.  They excuse sin.  They seek what is comfortable and what they can control.  Like the Pharisees of old, they will not accept miracles.  They fight against anyone who says repentance is needed, for they are self-satisfied and do not see a need to change or to give others the opportunity to change.

Woe and three times woe!  On the head of these Pharisees will fall the Hand of God.

Little children, your hearts are open.  You listen to your Holy Mother and you are grateful for God’s help.  Rejoice!  Heaven is yours.

I ask each of you to pray that all hearts may open and witness to the truth that repentance is needed and God is in the land.

I, Jesus, bless you.



7/5/07  The message chosen for today by the Lord was 9/7/05.


It is I, Jesus.  Child, write.

Today I come and ask My children to pray, to sacrifice, and to love unconditionally.  There is rising in the world a tyrant who will ask My children to give up their civil liberties in order to be safe from terrorism.  The truth is he is behind the terrorism and he is using it to rise to power.

Today, child, you saw on TV where those in the European nations are being told that if they want to be safe, their civil rights must be handed over.  This is the beginning of what has been warned about; not only in some of the messages of my prophets, but by many who follow world events.

Children, no one can protect you but Me.  You have seen one tyrant after another over the last one hundred years come to power by promising to protect the people, physically and financially.  When will you learn and stand up against tyranny?  Those in Europe have passively set by and allowed a replay of events that has caused two World Wars.

Dear children, the one who guides the tyrant in sheep’s clothes is none other than Satan, and he will show you no mercy.  This tyrant and those who support him are planning world domination.  Do not sit by and freely give up your rights which has cost the lives of so many to procure for you.

Child, I ask you and little one, and all those who read these messages, to be attentive to My Words, and pray and sacrifice that hearts may be opened and eyes see what is unfolding.  Love each other unconditionally.  Love unconditionally all My children and Satan will not be able to bring destruction this time to My children.

I bless every effort made to live My Words in hope and trust.

I bless you.


After reading this message, Jesus spoke.


My children gathered here today, many of you have heard these words in one form or another for many years.  I gave this message almost two years ago and you did not understand that you could be affected.  Somehow you believed that these things would come about, but affect other people.  You have seen the warnings I gave about the weather come to fulfillment.  If you do not believe Me, turn on the TV tonight.  Disaster, disaster, disaster, not only in this nation, but all over the planet.

 I warned you that terrorism was being used to subjugate My people.  Two years later the whole planet lives in fear, but still My children do not turn to Me, their only hope, because what I ask of them they do not want to give.  I asked for unconditional love, but love is never given in the way I ask.  Unconditional love is loving without expecting a return.  I said prayer, repentance and doing penance would change everything, but the most important thing it would change is the way you love.

My children, it is not enough to pray for peace; you must bring peace into your lives so that you can bring peace into the world.  Are you still harboring grudges?  Do you refuse to forgive?  How do you expect peace within yourselves, within your families, much less peace throughout the world, if your hearts are hardened?

Pride is the root of unforgiving.  You want Me to forgive you, but you will do nothing I ask if it pricks at your pride.

My children, you who are gathered here have heard My Cries.  You have heard the Words of your Holy Mother.  You have seen and experienced miracles here.  If your hearts are not open, how do you expect Me to open the hearts of unbelievers, of those who are lost in the world, and those who are in the hands of Satan?

I ask you to renew your efforts to love, to forgive, to respect one another.  I love you all.  I have laid down My Life for you and would do so again.  Please, love your brothers and sisters as I have loved you.

I, Jesus, bless you.