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We are sure all of you are aware of the current problems concerning the environment and
Heavenís plea to begin to correct these problems in any way we can.  In light of this, as of May 15, 2007,
we will discontinue providing cups and other items that are non-biodegradable that end up in the trash. 
We would suggest that anyone coming to Yahweh Shalom bring their own cups and/or glasses for their
use of the drinks provided. This may seem like a small thing, but as the Lord says, we must start
somewhere and try to make things better.  We know this may be a small inconvenience to some, but we
hope you will understand and use this as a start of your own efforts to treat our planet better.


Yahweh Shalom
688 Apache Point Drive
Climax Springs, MO  65324


Note:  If there have been any healings or conversions through the intercession of the Virgin Victorious, please write them down and send to Yahweh Shalom, 688 Apache Point Drive, Climax Springs, MO  65324.     Father Francis will submit them to the Bishop each month as they come in.


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Last Updated: 08/15/2015