Scripture Teachings by Jesus


We respectfully recognize and accept the final authority regarding apparitions and locutions presently being reported around the world rests with the Holy See of Rome to whose judgment we humbly submit.  Pope Paul VI’s directive on October 14, 1966 states that with the abolition of Canon 1399 and 2318 of the former Canonical Code: ‘Publications about new appearances, revelations, prophesies, miracles, etc. have been allowed to be distributed and read by the faithful without the express permission of the Church and no longer require a ‘Nihil Obstat’ or ‘Imprimatur’, providing they contain nothing which contravenes faith and morals. 

Finally we shall also abide by what Pope Urban VIII stated in the 1600s.  ‘In cases which concern private revelations, it is better to believe for if you believe and it was proven true you will be happy that you have believed because our Holy Mother Church asked for it.  If you believe and it should be proven false, you will receive all blessings as if it has been true because you believed it to be true.’

‘Blessed are they who believe and yet have not seen.’  (John 20:29)


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Entire Listing in Order of Date Given


By Books of the Bible:

    Old Testament -

           Genesis:  22:12-18,  44:18-21& 23b-29; 45:1-5

           Exodus:   12:7-10, 12:12-14, 12:17-20, 13:12-16, 17:12-16, 20:12-26, 23:7, 23:17-19a, 23:17,24, 23:24-26, 27:13-21, 27:21, 32:17-20, 27:12, 30:12-13, 33:20-23, 37:12-16

           Deuteronomy:  12:1-2, 12:12, 12:12-14, 12:17-28, 13:7-12, 30:1-4, 32:1-11   

           Joshua:  10:1-15

             Esther:  4:12-16, 7, Epilogue (Chapter F)

           Jeremiah 12:17, 19-23

           Baruch: 3:10-22

           Ezekiel: 10:7-8,18-23


    New Testament -

           Romans:   3:12-20 (x 2), 7:12-25, 12:1-10, 12:9-12, 12:12, 12:12-19, 12:17, 12:17-19, 13:5-7, 13:12-14, 14:12, 15:12-13, 15:17-21

            Ephesians:   1:12-14, 3:12-13, 3:13-19, 4:12-16, 6:1-4

             Colossians:   2:12-15

            1 Corinthians:  10:12-13, 12:7-11


Note:  If there have been any healings or conversions through the intercession of the Virgin Victorious, please write them down and send to Yahweh Shalom, 688 Apache Point Drive, Climax Springs, MO  65324.     Father Francis will submit them to the Bishop each month as they come in.


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